Friday, June 29, 2012

Audio: Running The Ropes 6/29/12 Archived

Sorry for the delay folks! Chris just got a little too much happy juice last night and couldn’t do the show. So the guys brought it back a little late but go over a TON of news including Maxine departing the WWE due to frustration, Eve Torres on Raw, Charlie Sheen on the 1000th episode of Raw, and a big discussion on whether or not Joey Ryan truly deserves to be in TNA.
After the break, the guys go into a bit of a dismal turn as they go over WWE Raw. The talk included a discussion on John Cena’s Star Wars promo, Vickie Guerrero informing him and Chris Jericho that they were in the Money In The Bank match for the WWE title…after they already announced it in the same 5-minute period, and a discussion on Psycho Sid showing up in WWE and not some indie events that Reby Sky is involved in.

The guys then cross the line and go over TNA Impact. This works out since Chris watched it before the show. Discussions included how Jeff Hardy, RVD, and Mr. Anderson keep wrestling each other in either 3-ways or two of any combination and AJ Styles becoming the baby daddy to Claire Lynch’s unborn child.

 All this and more on the official podcast of the Unchained Wrestling Network, Running The Ropes on the SNS Radio Network!
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Results For IMPACT Wrestling 6/28/12


We start off looking at last week when Austin Aries made the decision to trade in the X Division Title for a shot at the World Title, but only if Hulk Hogan agreed to allow the X Division Champion the option of turning in the title for a World Title shot every year. We also see the cliffhanger from last week's episode when AJ Styles and Dixie Carter revealed that their secret involved them helping out a pregnant junkie and they weren't having an affair after all. From there, we go backstage to Dixie Carter telling AJ Styles that she's glad this is over and they're moving on, and AJ says he's going to move on to taking out Daniels and Kazarian tonight, and it's not just for Dixie and himself, but for Claire as well. We then go backstage as Dixie Carter is walking around with Claire, and we'll hear her story throughout the evening. But for now, let's go to the ring!

Bound For Glory Series: Ken Anderson vs Rob Van Dam

Remember, BFG Series matches have a 15 minute time limit starting this year. They tie up and go to a top wristlock, RVD goes behind with a waistlock, Anderson slips out and thy trade pinfall attempts back and forth before winding up at a stalemate. RVD goes for a handshake, but Anderson suckerpunches him and lays him out with a clothesline. Anderson with a snap suplex for 2, RVD gets a bodyscissors cradle for 2, then he takes Anderson down and puts him in the Muta Lock. RVD gets an abdominal stretch and rolls Anderson backward into a guillotine cradle for 2, Anderson tries to break free but RVD holds the cradle and Anderson is forced to elbowstrike his way out. Anderson catches RVD with a running back elbow for 2, RVD gets under Anderson and gets a northern lights suplex for 2, but RVD hits a series of jabs that take Anderson down, then he comes off the ropes with a cartwheel into a moonsault for 2. RVD goes for the split legged moonsault, but Anderson gets the knees up and quickly covers for 2. Anderson goes for the Mic check, RVD fights his way out, but Anderson gets a rolling neckbreaker for 2. Anderson gets a sleeper, RVD hiptosses his way out, Anderson picks RVD up for a Finlay roll, but RVD reverses to a crucifix for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

RVD gets onto the board for the first time with 7 points, and he's in 4th place behind James Storm in first, Samoa Joe in second, and Anderson in third.

Austin Aries is on his way to the ring, and we'll hear what he has to say...NEXT!

We're back, and Aries says that last week, he had a difficult decision to make, and it wasn't easy to give up the X Division Title, but he's beaten