Friday, June 22, 2012

News On King Mo/TNA

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter King Mo is set to begin training at OVW in Louisville sometime next month if he recovers properly from knee surgery. Mo will begin competing on television in the fall and then work on a more limited basis in the winter, since he’ll be competing in the Bellator light heavyweight tournament in January
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Latest On TNA Impact Airing Live

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter The live episodes of iMPACT! Wrestling will end on August 23, a week later than planned. TNA got Spike TV to agree to one extra week as it will work better with their taping schedule. The plan all along was for iMPACT! to go live for the summer and there is no word on if they will do so on more permanent basis.
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Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 6/21/12


We start off with a look back at last week when James Storm returned to TNA, and then Hulk Hogan's ultimatum to Austin Aries that he'll make him the next challenger for the World Title, but only if he gives up the X-Division Title first. With that, we go to the Impact Zone as Hogan comes out to the ring to say that you make a lot of friends and also enemies when things change. He doesn't know who attacked Sting last week, but he's not going to give them any publicity and he won't replay the video from last week. He promises he will find out who did that to Sting, but first he wants to talk about Open Fight Night and the Bound For Glory Series, and also hear Austin Aries' decision. Aries starts with the business part: Hogan offered him the chance to bypass the Bound For Glory Series and get a shot at the title, but first he has to relinquish the X Division Title and end the longest title reign in company history. To be the man, you have to be the World Champion, but on the other hand, the X Division Title is the one the company was built on, and some of the best wrestlers in the business have worked to make it what it is. He wants to make sure that the title is treated with respect if he hands it over, because he's worried that it'll lose meaning if he just hands it over. Hogan says Aries better have a good plan if he has a Plan C because he doesn't want any games, but Aries says that he wants to set the standard and make it so that every year, whoever holds the X Division Title this time of year can turn it in for a shot at the World Title. Hogan likes Plan C, and he's in all the way. Hogan and Aries shake hands, but Bobby Roode comes out to ask if they're kidding him. Roode asks Aries who the hell he thinks he is by trying to dictate what happens in his company, because the paper title he wears means nothing to him because the World Title is the only one that matters. Roode says Aries made the biggest mistake of his life, and if he wants to get into the main event and challenge for the World Title, then he's got it, but Aries better know that he's no X Division wrestler, he's the longest reigning World Champion in company history and he'll prove he's the best at Destination X. Aries says that if Roode is so sure that he can embarrass Aries, and since this is Open Fight Night, why doesn't he come on down to the ring right now? Roode rushes Aries and they get into a brawl at ringside before being pulled apart by TNA Officials.

Ken Anderson comes out and says he would love to watch them pound the snot out of each other all night, but he wants them to know that whoever wins between them is going to face the winner of the Bound For Glory Series...aka Ken Anderson.

We take a look at a graphic explaining how the scoring works in the Bound For Glory Series, then we go back to Anderson as he issues an open challenge for the next match in the series... Bound For Glory Series:

Ken Anderson vs Christopher Daniels Daniels,

Anderson stomps Daniels down in the corner as we see Joseph Park sitting out in the crowd. Anderson goes up top, but Daniels shakes the ropes and Anderson falls onto the top turnbuckle and tumbles into the ring. Daniels ties Anderson up in a Pepsi Twist and rams a couple of right hands into his ribs before converting it into an abdominal stretch. Anderson powers out of the hold and takes Daniels out with a clothesline as we're informed that all the BFG Series matches will have a ten minute time limit. Anderson and Daniels trade right hands in the middle of the ring, Anderson comes out on top and lays Daniels out with a series of clotheslines and then hits a Finlay Roll. Daniels blocks the Mic Check and counters to a Blue Thunder Driver for 2. Daniels sets up for the BME, but Anderson grabs his ankle and rolls him up for 2. Anderson with a rolling neckbreaker and the Mic Check gets 3.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Dixie Carter and AJ Styles are backstage and she asks if he's ready and if they're doing the right thing. AJ doesn't care what Daniels or Kazarian think, but the more he thinks about it, the less sure he is. Dixie asks what other way he can think of to do this, but he's not sure.

The Knockouts have gathered in Brooke Hogan's office, and we'll find out who challenges Brooke! Okay, we're back and Brooke Hogan notices how much fun ODB is having with her flask, and asks each of them to explain why they deserve a title shot. They all go through their reasons: Mickie has held every major women's title in the business, Madison is the longest reigining Knockouts Champion ever, ODB says she's different, and Velvet never got her rematch. Brooke tells Madison she needs to get her head back into the game and she's out of the running, and then we'll come back later as Brooke eliminates another contender.

Robbie E is in the ring with Robbie T, and E challenges anyone in the BFG Series to come and get punked out. Bound For Glory Series:

Robbie E vs Kurt Angle

Robbie jumps Angle before the bell, but Angle quickly goes behind and htis the rolling German suplexes, then quickly plants E with the Angle Slam. The straps come down, the anklelock is on with the leg grapevine, and Robbie taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle

We meet Taeler Hendrix, the contestant in tonight's edition of the Gut Check. She saw wrestling on TV and decided she was going to do that, but then she was diagnosed with cancer at 21. She wants to be the newest Knockout and hold all the Knockouts titles, and she won