Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TNA And Scot Steiner Possibly Heading To Court Over Twitter Comments

Credit: A Twitter feud between pro wrestlers Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan has spilled over into a Davidson County courtroom. Nashville-based Total Nonstop Action Entertainment, who Hogan works for, filed a verified complaint Monday in Chancery Court asking for an injunction to stop Steiner’s “disparaging remarks.” Steiner made headlines on wrestling blogs and websites in April when he launched a social media campaign to “save” TNA. In a series of tweets, Steiner bashed TNA, Hogan, and TNA wrestling booker Eric Bischoff. In additional to critical, sometimes profane, comments on Twitter, Steiner called TNA “bush league” and compared them to the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling organization. TNA is claiming that Steiner’s comments violate a contract he signed with them in December 2010. The contract specifically stipulates that Steiner is forbidden from making public statements, including tweeting, concerning TNA or any of its officers, wrestlers, or other individuals without prior approval. TNA claims those acts constitute a breach of contract. “In blatant disregard of the parties’ Agreement, Steiner has engaged in a concerted effort to disparage TNA, its wrestlers, and other talent and cast them in a negative light,” the lawsuit stated. TNA formally demanded that Steiner stop the tweets on May 10. Steiner responded on May 15: “Havent tweeted lately bcuz I got a letter from a lawyer representing hogan n [Bischoff] basically saying... They take my tweets seriously and if threats continue they will take to law enforcement....really hogan my.. Tweets scare you,Ive said worse in interviews on tv,LOL.” After the official notice, Steiner also took shots at Hogan’s daughter, Brooke, whom he called a whore on Twitter. Steiner, who turns 50 next month, has more than 54,000 followers on Twitter. According to his contract, he was paid $2,500 per pay-per-view performance during his time with TNA. The lawsuit by TNA accuses Steiner of breach of contract and asks for injunctive relief. TNA hasn’t, however, filed an order for injunction, so no hearing on that matter has been set.
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Plan For WWE Raw When It Moves To 3 Hours

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter The current plan once RAW moves to three-hours in July is to spend the first 50 minutes or so hyping up a top-of-the-hour match on both TV and Twitter, then kick it off at 8:55pm to run through the top of the hour. WWE will go with another big match or segment right around 10pm and the final angle will close out the show during the overrun as usual. RAW will apparently have a more structured feel to it.
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News On Mick Foley/Dean Ambrose

Following their internet war of words, it appears Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose are no longer at war. Mick Foley tweeted: Finally had a talk with @TheDeanAmbrose . Unique type of cat. We'll probably never exchange holiday cards, but it was good to clear the air.
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Update On Amazing Red/WWE

It was reported that former TNA talent Amazing Red had a WWE Try