Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Audio: Pro Wrestling Rewind 6/13/12 Archived

The Pro Wrestling Rewind returned tonight with The Power Andy Knowles going solo, as the BronxFather is on the injured list! Little Egypt joined the show to promote the upcoming GLOW movie screening in New York City, and then the show took a shocking turn as Little Egypt actually got women’s wrestling legend Ivory on the line! Please visit and for all the details on the GLOW movie and GLOW Wrestling. In the next segment, Justin Berry, the executive director of the Adirondack Pro Wrestling Federation joined the show and thanked the PWR listeners for their support. Andy then took your phonecalls to wrap up this edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind
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TV Rating Breakdown For Raw 6/11/12

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter As reported before, the 6/11 edition of WWE Raw did a 3.23 cable rating with 4.65 million viewers over three-hours. The usual two hours did a 3.46 rating with 4.99 million viewers. The show opened with Vince McMahon returning at a 2.88 rating, well above the usual start of a three-hour RAW. Tensai vs. Sheamus lost 415,000 viewers while Tensai attacking Sakomoto, Big Show knocking out R-Truth and Vince's segment with Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis gained 146,000 viewers. Santino Marella and Layla vs. Beth Phoenix and Ricardo Rodriguez and the backstage segment with Vince and Daniel Bryan gained 98,000 viewers. Bryan's segment with CM Punk, Kane and AJ Lee gained 978,000 viewers for the 9pm time slot, RAW's usual start time. The Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali vs. Jack Swagger match and Ryback's squash gained 4,000 viewers. The backstage segment with Vince and Hornswoggle making fun of Jim Ross lost 145,000 viewers. Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston in the cage match at 10pm gained 320,000 viewers for a 3.59 quarter rating. Curt Hawkins vs. Sin Cara lost 450,000 viewers while Vader vs. Heath Slater gained 324,000 more viewers, an impressive gain for that time in the show. The main event with AJ and Punk vs. Bryan and Kane lost 19,000 viewers. The final segment with Vince, Laurinaitis, John Cena and Big Show gained 721,000 viewers for a 3.99 quarter rating in the overrun.
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TNA Announces Bound For Glory Series

THE BOUND FOR GLORY SERIES: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO TNA'S ANNUAL POINT-BASED COMPETITION Twelve IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars battle in grueling series of matches with the ultimate prize on the line - a World Championship Match in the main event at October's "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View spectacular, our biggest event of the year! The wrestler with the most points at the end of the Bound For Glory Series wins and advances to the Bound For Glory main event! The 12 Competitors Find out who will be in the 2012 Bound For Glory Series during the Gauntlet match at 8pm on Spike TV! How to Get Points Points are determined by wins and losses – how you win is equally as important! Submission Victory – 10 points Pinfall Victory – 7 points Countout Victory – 5 points Disqualification Victory – 3 points Draw (Time Limit/Double Countout/Double Disqualification) – Two points Disqualification Lose – you LOSE 10 points The Type of Matches Each wrestler will battle each other ONCE in the series! These matches will take place over IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV and on TNA's live event tours across the country, with the point structure outlined above. Standings and How to Win! The standings will be updated on The standings will be "locked" on the September 6 edition of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV. The top point leaders advance to No Surrender PPV (9/9) for a one-night playoff to see who gets the Bound For Glory World Title Match!