Monday, June 11, 2012

Vader Returns To WWE

Vader returned to WWE tonight on Raw defeating Heath Slater
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John Laurinaitis Removed From Job as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations

Over on, John Laurinaitis has been removed from his role as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations so appears as if he is only an on screen talent now.
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TNA Release Press Release In Regards To Restraining Order Against WWE

TNA Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding Current Litigation NASHVILLE, Tenn -- TNA Entertainment, LLC President Dixie Carter releases a statement in regard to the recent TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) the company filed against WWE in the Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville, Tennessee. TNA President Dixie Carter states, "We were not surprised that the Court originally granted a swift temporary restraining order against WWE to prohibit interference with TNA's contracts and business relationships. I'm pleased that the Court has now replaced that temporary measure with the most recent judicial Order. The Judge's current Order sends a strong message about the importance of TNA protecting its trade secrets. Obviously, the accuracy of what WWE has represented remains important, so I look forward to the discovery process and what is revealed during litigation. As always, we will vigorously protect TNA and its brand from damage at the hands of any and all sources, no matter who is involved."
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Live resutls for WWE Raw 6/11/2012

What is up people, tonight is the start of a 3 hour Raw set, tonight is also when Vince McMahon comes back to the WWE Tv, what will happen when he sees how John Laurinitus is doing his job? We shall see, also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat during Raw tonight. See you guys there.

Out comes John Laurinitus who sets to introduce himself, before he is interrupted, by the boss, Vince McMahon is out now. Laurinitus wants to shake Vince's hand, but Vince denies the shake. Vince says he is there to give him a performance evaluation and not be friends. Vince tells him to explain 1 thing why John Laurinitus shouldn't be fired? Laurinitus calls himself a astute business man, Vince then laughs at him for that, and says your the same person who signed Brock Lesnar to a huge deal, and cost us 2 different lawsuits. He also signed Big Show to a no cut deal. Sheamus then comes out and runs down Laurinitus for everything. Laurinitus then tells Sheamus that he is going to go to the back and find someone for Sheamus to fight right now. Vince tells Laurinitus that if every match tonight is not the best match ever, Johnny is going to hear 2 words....."YOUR FIIIIIRRRREEDDDDDD". Laurinitus then walks out of the ring and up the ramp leaving his rascal next to the ring. Vince climbs on the rascal and drives it up to the stage, and then pushes it off the stage to a loud applause from the fans.

1st match Singles match
Sheamus vs Tensai
Winner: Sheamus via pinfall after the brogue kick out of nowhere

Backstage we see Vince McMahon, John Laurinitus, and Teddy Long. McMahon says thats strike 1 against Laurinitus, and then asks him who is going to take Alberto Del Rios place on Sunday as he is injured. Vickie Guerrero runs in and says that they do have 2 former champions there tonight, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Vickie runs out, and Vince looks at Laurinitus again, and asks what he is going to do. Laurinitus looks at Teddy and asks Teddy what he would do. Teddy says that there are 4 champions there tonight. Ziggler, Swagger, Christian, and Great Khali, why not put those 4 in a Fatal Four Way match and the winner faces Sheamus. Vince says thats a great idea and goes to shake his hand, but Laurinitus cuts him off and says you know thats just what I was thinking and yells at Teddy to go get them coffee.

We come back from the commercial break and see Tensai basically beating the crap out of his manager.

We go backstage and see R-Truth talking to Matt Striker, and they begin talking about Sunday, with Cena facing Big Show in the cage. Truth saying that Show will lose, and cry like before. All of a sudden a punch hits Truth and its the Big Show with the WMD on Truth. Truth is laid out.

2nd match Mixed Tag Match
Santino Marella/Layla vs Ricardo Rodriguez/Beth Phoenix
Winner(s): Ricardo Rodriguez and Beth Phoenix via pinfall with Ricoardo pinning Santino.

Daniel Bryan is out talking about Sunday, how CM Punk and Kane have their own distraction called AJ. Out comes CM Punk. Punk talks about AJ being out of Bryans league out of the ring, and in the ring Bryan is no where even close to Punk. Punk and Bryan begin just putting each other down until Kane comes out and reminds them that he is in the ring, and says that his pipebombs were actual pipeb