Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Tag Team Champions Crowned At TNA Slammiversary

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle defeated Chris Daniels and Frankie Kazarian to become the new tag team champions at TNA Slammiversary
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New Knockout's Champion Crowned At TNA Slammiversary

Miss Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim to become the new Knockout's Champion at TNA Slammiversary
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Sting Enters TNA Hall Of Fame

During TNA Slammiversary, it was announced that Sting will be the first inductee into the TNA Hall Of Fame.
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Live results for TNA Slammiversary 2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another TNA PPV, and tonight we got Slammiversary coming. Whats going to go down tonight? Who is going to accept Crimson's open challenge, stay tuned and find out. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat and a live episode of Sunday Night Showdown during the ppv.

Hogan is out talking to the crowd, pumping them up, and saying that he wants to go a little old school tonight.

1st match X-Division Title match Singles match
Austin Aries (c) vs Samoa Joe
Winner: Austin Aries via pinfall after a brainbuster. (Amazing, amazing match. If this is the opener, then we could be in for a great show.)

2nd match Singles match
Kid Kash vs Hernandez
Winner: Hernandez via pinfall after a huge splash off the top rope

3rd match Tag Team match
Robbie E/Robbie T vs Devon/Garrett Bischoff
Winner(s): Devon/Garrett Bischoff via pinfall after Devon hit a spinebuster on Robbie E and got the pin.

4th match Triple Threat match to determine who faces the TNA Champion on Thursdays Impact.
Mr. Anderson vs Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy
Winner: Mr. Anderson via pinfall after the flat liner

5th match Open Challenge Match Singles match
Crimson vs James Storm
Winner: James Storm via pinfall after the Last Call
Note: James Storm just ended Crimsons undefeated streak (470 days)

Dixie Carter is out to ask all the TNA Impact wrestlers to come out, and as they all stand at the top of the stage. At the same time, she introduces the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.....STING.

6th match TNA Knockouts Title match Singles match
Mrs. Tessmacher vs Gail Kim
Winner: Mrs. Tessmacher via pinfall with the victory rollup

7th match Singles match
Bully Ray vs Joseph Park
Winner: Joseph Park via pinfall after "Abyss" chokeslammed Bully Ray through a table in the ring.

After the match, Hogan comes out, and says he has one more surprise for the crowd, and calls out Christian Cage, and out comes Christian Cage. Christian is out there to give the #1 moment in TNA History.

8th match Tag Team Title Match
AJ Styles/Kurt Angle vs Kazarian/Christopher Daniels (c)
Winner(s): AJ Styles and Kurt Angle via submission after Kurt Angle put Kazarian in a ankle lock and got the submission.
Note: AJ Styles hits a shooting star press to Christopher Daniels who is on the outside to help set up the finish.

9th match TNA World Heavyweight Title match
Sting vs Bobby Roode (c)
Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall after hitting Sting with a bottle of beer

After the match Sting is ticked, and begins to attack Bobby Roode. Sting takes Bobby Roode up the stage, suplexes him on the stage. Sting then takes Bobby Roode up to the side of the stage, and hits a scorpion drop on Roode off the stage. Sting walks to the ring as Bobby Roode is being carted out. Cameras fade to black as Sting is in the ring.

Note: Sting missed the pad where him and Roode hit, and smashed his head on a step or the concrete floor and busted his head open in the back.

Well that was TNA's Slammiversary, and what a amazing PPV that was. This is one you need to watch no matter what. Catch you guys tomorrow night for a 3hr WWE Raw.
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Update On Alberto Del Rio - Possibly Missing No Way Out

Credit: PWInsider Alberto Del Rio was pulled from his house show match against Sheamus in Salisbury, MD last night. It appears the report that we had yesterday about him suffering a concussion at Tuesday's Smackdown taping is true. If so, and he can't work at next weekend's No Way Out PPV, WWE will figure out whether to put Kane or someone else in the World Title match this week.
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Report: Half The WWE Tag Team Champions Injured

Credit:PWInsider The word making the rounds is that WWE Tag Team champion R-Truth either severely sprained or broke his foot during the company's tour of Spain. Brodus Clay replaced him in Barcelona, Spain, defending the WWE Tag Team championship.
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Report: WWE Talent Worried About Increased Work Load

Credit:PWInsider Word going around WWE is that a lot of the RAW stars will be booked for SmackDown tapings going forward as the company needs all hands on deck due to the depth issues with the roster. The fear among the talents is all the pushing to get them to work more often is going to lead to fatigue and injuries. Another topic of conversation is how hard John Cena and CM Punk are working as they also do media appearances on top of everything else WWE asks of them.
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WWE Buy Mid-South Wrestling Video Library has confirmed that WWE has acquired the Watts video library consisting of Mid-South Wrestling, Mid-South's Power Pro Wrestling TV and the original Universal Wrestling Federation. Unlike most libraries, there were a number of complete house shows from the 1980s that were filmed and maintained along with the TV footage, allowing WWE access to lots of rare footage that can repurpose for their properties. The library, which was owned by Bill Watt's ex-wife Ene as part of a divorce settlement, was the largest known video collection now owned by WWE. There had been numerous meetings and attempts to purchase the library by WWE but the two sides had been unable to come to terms. With the Network planned to launch later this year, WWE wanted the additional material in their archives. WWE will officially take possession of the library this week. One WWE source noted that there are already discussions internally to do a DVD documentary on the promotion as well as full fledged DVDs on Ted DiBiase, Junkyard Dog and Hacksaw Duggan, all of whom were major stars for the territory.
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News From TNA 's Slammiversary Meet And Greet