Monday, June 4, 2012

Live results for WWE Raw 6/4/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, we are 1 week from the beginning of WWE's 3 hour Raw. What will happen tonight? Stay tuned right here, and find out. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat during Raw.

Out is Cole and Cena for a interview in the ring. Cena talks about how Big Show talked about how Cena didn't protect him, but Cena was trying to get rid of Laurinitus, and get Show hired back. Cole tells Cena its not all about him, that Show took the road that granted him the correct path. Cena says that Show took the easy road, that Show turned his back on the fans, turned his back on everyone in the WWE. Cole brings up that Cena must be jealous that Show won his match Wrestlemania, that Show wasn't a punching bag to Lesnar for 20 minutes. Cole then tells Cena he is overrated, Cena looks to hit Cole, but Cole reminds him he can't hit a announcer. John Laurinitus comes out and tells Cena that he can choose whoever he wants to face, but tells Cena that Big Show is not here tonight, and that he (John Laruinitus) is retired. Cena turns around and points at Cole, and says see you tonight.

1st match
Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus via pinfall after the brogue kick

After the match, Alberto Del Rio attacked Sheamus at the top of the stage, and kicked his head in to the steel. Del Rio then put the armbar on Sheamus as he hung off the stage.

Backstage we see David Otunga telling John Laurinitus that Vince McMahon is returning next week to give Laurinitus a job performance evaluation.

2nd match
Sin Cara vs Hunico
Winner: Sin Cara via pinfall after the headscissors smash

3rd match
Ryback vs 2 local jobbers
Winner: Ryback via pinfall on both jobbers, via double samoan drop

4th match "There must be a winner"
CM Punk vs Kane
Winner: Kane via pinfall after a chokeslam and interference by Daniel Bryan who was sitting at ringside.

5th match Tag Team Match
Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs Tyler Reks/Curt Hawkins
Winner(s): Kofi Kingston and R-Truth via pinfall after Kofi hit the trouble in paradise and got the pinfall

6th match "If Tensai wins, the Cole vs Cena match is a no DQ match"
John Cena vs Tensai
Winner: John Cena via pinfall after a AA

7th match NO DQ, NO countout
John Cena vs Michael Cole
Winner: John Cena via  pinfall after the AA

During the match, Cena made Cole apoligize to Jerry Lawler, to Jim Ross, and then pours JR's BBQ sauce all over Cole. Tensai then comes in the ring as Cena tries for a AA, and chokeslams him. Cole goes for the pin, but Cena kicks out, and hits the AA on Cole for the pin.

And thats Raw, what a great show. Next week they start the 3 hour Raw, hope it turns out to be a great show, next week as Vince McMahon returns to give John Laurinitus a performance eval, should be interesting. See you guys next week.
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Vince McMahon Returning To Raw

Vince McMahon will return to WWE television next Monday during a three-hour Raw, the promotion announced Monday before this week's Raw. McMahon will return to "evaluate John Laurinaitis's job performance" during next week's show.
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Sid Vicious Says He's Been Offered A "Big Offer"

Credit:PWInsider Sid Vicious noted that he received a "big offer" for a major appearance on his Twitter. WWE started approaching former stars for Raw 1000 over the weekend, so he could be one of those invited