Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo: WWE13 Cover Featuring CM Punk Revealed

The following was showed on WWE Raw:
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Update On Don West Leaving TNA

Credit:PWInsider The reason Don West gave notice and is departing TNA is that he was offered and accepted a position working as the General Manager of the Wenatchee Wild hockey team in Wenatchee, Washington. West will be heavily involved in all aspects of the team and was offered a great deal that he just could not have reasonably turned down, according to TNA sources. There is not heat on West for leaving and the relationship is ending with everyone on good terms. West is expected to finish up with TNA this month
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Live results for WWE Raw 5/28/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its me, the SensationalSequel, Sean, and I am back for this week. Tonight we have Raw, live from New Orleans. Will there be fallout from Brock Lesnar being at UFC ppv? Will their be more fallout from Chris Jericho's suspension? And what about this Revolution that WWE has been on about? Well, stay tuned right here and we will find out together. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat during Raw. See you guys there.

First off they show a amazing tribute for Memorial Day.

Out now is the Big Show, who talks about he is now doing his job, how he made people smile. He was a business man, who also happened to be a giant. Big Show beings talking about his contract, and the fans start saying What?!?, and Big Show mocks them for that. Show says that he has ironclad contract with a big fat bonus, and says that he can do whatever he wants, because no one is on his level. Show mentions that no one came to his aid about Laurinitus. And then moments after Big Show gets fired, Brodus Clay is out there dancing in the ring. Kofi and Truth laughed at him, and Cena did nothing to help him either. His one friend, basically joked behind his back instead of helping him. Everyone must think he is one big joke. Cena will be standing across the ring from a giant, at No Way Out, Cena will experience pain, embarrassment, and surprise all at the same time.

1st match
Alberto Del Rio vs Santino Marella
Winner: Alberto Del Rio via submission with the armbar

Backstage, Eve tells Big Show he gets to choose his opponent tonight. Show throws Alex Riley into a concrete wall as a message to the rest of the locker room.

2nd match Tag Team Match
Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler
Winner(s): Kofi Kingston/R-Truth via pinfall

We see a bit of a break up between Ziggler and Swagger, with Vickie yelling up at Dolph as he walks away.

Backstage we see Santino being helped by the trainer, when Big Show walks up. Big Show grabs Santino around the face, and asks him what would he do if he chose him. Brodus Clay walks up and tells Show to choose him and see what happens tonight.

Come back from commercial and we see Laurinitus in the ring, with the sheet over a picture, and he pulls off the sheet to show the cover of WWE 13, which has Laurinitus face on it. Punk comes out, and says that there is someone that looks a whole lot better on the cover, and we have a explosion, and down drops the CM Punk cover for WWE 13. (Side note: it looks awesome) Punk tells Laurinitus to get out of the ring, because he has a match to come. Laurinitus steps up to Punk, but Punk stops him saying that he can't really change his match, because its already signed. And Laurinitus doesn't want to give the Board of Directors any more ammo to fire him with.

3rd match
Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk
Winner: Daniel Bryan via pinfall after a head smash on a exposed turnbuckle

4th match
Christian vs The Miz
Winner: Christian via pinfall after a frog splash

Miz is still in the ring, talking about how he should be the WWE Champion because he won the final fall at WM. Randy Ortons music hits and out he comes, hits the RKO on the Miz, and leaves the ring.

5th match
Sheamus vs David Otunga
Winner: Sheamus via pinfall after the brogue kick

6th match
Brodus Clay vs Big Show
Winner: No Contest

Before the match even started, Big Show harpooned/speared Clay outside the ring, and as Big Show beat up Clay, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth run down to to try and help Brodus, but to no avail and get decimated themselves. Clay is beaten with a large piece of the announcers table, Kofi is thrown through, yes through a piece of the retaining wall at ringside. R-Truth is then thrown into the stairs to take him out. Big Show then delivers the WMD to Brodus to end the brutality at ringside. Show walks up the ramp, and at the top, John Laurinitus is waiting, and raises Shows hand in approval and shakes his hand as Raw goes off the air.

Wow, first Raw back in a while, and it was amazing. WWE showing that a heel Big Show is just what the company needs as a heel right now. And thats Raw guys, thanks for tuning in. Don't forget that Wrestling News Live has moved to Tuesdays now, so check it out tomo