Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WWE Heading To Oriental Sports Center In Shanghai, China On 8/11‏

The Shanghai Daily and the Global Times are reporting that WWE will be holding a Smackdown house show at the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, China on Saturday, August 11th, 2012. Go to and for more info. Also visit for info about future shows in Asia.
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News On Scott Steiner/Hulk Hogan Lawsuit

Scott Steiner tweeted the following: Havent tweeted lately bcuz I got a letter from a lawyer representing hogan n bitchoff basically saying They take my tweets seriously and if threats continue they will take to law enforcement....really hogan my Tweets scare you,Ive said worse in interviews on tv,LOL,I want to thank you bcuz your actions speak Louder than any words that i could have spoken,sorry for scaring you maybe I will challenge you to a game Of checkers, Just when u didnt think it could get any worse in Tna,it has and guys are pissed bcuz hogan has brought In his no talent daughter,FF'n unbelievable, When i said guys were pissed thats putting it mildly... Hulk Hogan then tweeted: Tried to be cool,not only a clown but also a liar.those weren't my lawyers they were TNA lawyers.well I guess it's time to call my guys in," "I really hope he saved his money or is making tons from the independents he's working because it's gonna get expensive,maby he's smart enough to at least figure it out when it starts getting real,what a shame,what a waste of a great talent,but u can't tell an idiot their an Idiot. It's really sad when you really thought someone was really cool. HH
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Audio:WNL Xtra 05-15-12: TNA's King Mo Interview Archived

Wrestling News Live presents an extra show for you this week on the SNS Radio Network (, as the Trey Dawg goes one-on-one with the one and only “King Mo” Lawal! In this unique interview, we truly go “For The Fans, By The Fans” as all the questions put to King Mo were submitted by fans on the SNS Radio Network Facebook page. King Mo goes quite in-depth about his past MMA work, his love of pro wrestling, and his future plans in both Bellator AND TNA Wrestling. Well over 30 minutes of a great interview, as you would come to expect from WNL. You don’t want to miss this one!
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TNA Knockout Appearing In Penthouse Magazine Several TNA Knockouts are featured in the new issue of Penthouse. Tara announced the appearance via her Twitter today.