Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Show "Fired" From WWE

During WWE Raw, John Laurinaitis fired The Big Show from WWE
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Audio: Wrestling News Live Following WWE Raw 5/14/12

Tune in tonight to the SNS Radio Network ( ) starting @ 11:25pm Est, 9:25pm Mst as Wrestling News Live (WNL) returns to the airwaves with "The Outlaw of the IWC" The TreyDawg & "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. Tonight the boys are joined by Former StrikeForce champion and latest signee to both Bellator and TNA Wrestling "King" Mo Lawal , also the boys rundown the latest episode of RAW with "The Bonx-Father" Tony Mirabella , plus the latest "News of the Week" sponsored by , plus JJ and Trey have a topic that they want you the fans/listeners to chime in on as once again WNL finds itself under attack so The boys want your thoughts tonight as they take your phonecalls to (501) 588 7957 or your emails to and join the "Live" chatroom to be an interactive part of the broadcast.
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Live results for WWE Raw 14/5/12

So, what gonna go down on the go home show for WWE before this Sunday's Over Th e Limit PPV? Only one way to fins out, keep checking this post out to find out!

We start with Triple H backstage gearing up to appear when John Laurinitis makes an appearance and says that even he was apparently appaled by what Lesnar did a few weeks ago. Looks like Triple H is coming to the ring as the Raw intro plays.

HHH does come the ring saying that everyone wants to ask him about Lesnar, he says that he is offended by Lesnar wanting to bring 'legitimacy' to WWE, especially the talent both past and present being offended by Lesnar's comments & actions. He adds that he's embarrased to have fallen for the crap that HHH fell for with Lesnar the first time around in 2002, and how, when faced with trouble, he quit to move info UFC, and when he got trouble from enough of his competition in UFC, he quit there too.

Cena, on the other hand, never quits, HHH adds, saying he stays true to the slogan on his shirt.

Lesnar's music hits and once again, Paul Heyman makes his way out with some individual in a suit. Paul states that the contract that Lesnar & Laurinitis agreed a few weeks ago was legitimate. So Brock feels agreived and so is suing WWE for millions of dollars for not granting his contract. HHH grabs Heyman's face and says to Heyman that Brock will be getting all that he deserves.

Paul Heyman now lines up lawsuit no. 2 against HHH for 'assault & battery' for coming into physical contact with Paul Heyman and using the classic phrase... 'See You In Court'

We now get a recap of Big Show making fun of Laurinitis from last week. Big Show must apologise to him about this otherwise he will be fired, plus he will also be facing Kane later tonight. Plus, there's going to be a face-off between Laurinitis and Cena leter tonight as well.

'Cult Of Personality' hits and CM Punk is making his way down to the ring. We get a recap of last week with Punk's match with Tensai, plus Daniel Bryan's post match beating. Punk will be in tag team action with Santino Marella, taking on Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes after the break.

Match 1 - CM Punk & Santino Marella Vs. Cody Rhodes & Daniel Bryan
Finish comes when Bryan leaves the ring to avoid being hit by the GTS from Punk, which Cody tries to capitalise on by attacking Punk. Punk powers out and pushes Cody to his corner where Santino prepares the Cobra, which Cody avoids, only to run into Punk's GTS to get the win.
WINNER - CM Punk & Santino Marella

John Laurinitis will apparently be making an announcement regarding something to do with the future of WWE later tonight.

We are back from break, and Alicia Fox is in the ring ready for Divas action as the music for the Glamazon hits.

Match 2 - Alicia Fox Vs. Beth Phoenix
Quick little squash match with Beth getting the win with the Glam Slam.
WINNER - Beth Phoenix

Beth continued to attack Fox, but Layla, who watched the match from the stage, came down to the ring and chased her off.

We now have a 'Make-A-Wish' promo with John Cena, followed by another Big Show recap regarding his apology to Laurinitis.

We're back from break and they're hyping the Youtube pre-show for Over The Limit, with the match on it being Zack Ryder Vs. Kane... yes, they're doing that story again, it seems.

Video package recapping last week's action with Laurinitis and Big Show. Laurinitis and a returning David Otunga is making his way down to the ring as we go to break.

We're back with Laurinitis sat at ringside ready for the Big Show Vs Kane match as both make their way down to the ring.

Match 3 - Big Show Vs. Kane
Finish comes with Laurinitis interrupting the match wanting his apology now, which helped Kane to chokeslam Show for the win.

Laurinitis comes in the ring saying he either gets his apology or Big Show's going to be fired. Big Show says he's done it all over the past 18 years of his career from his start in WCW right up to his Wrestlemania moment a few months ago. He has passion for the business and says that he's not bothered no matter what happens, whether he's fired or not, but he hopes that Laurinitis has the decency to keep him in.

Laurinitis says he never heard the word sorry, and then makes Show, after saying sorry, have to beg on his knees to Laurinitis to keep his job. Big Show resists, with Laurinitis not impressed, but when Laurinitis goes to the stage and starts to speak, Show stops him and goes to his knees and begs. Laurinitis still isn't satisfied and wishes Big Show all the best in his future endeavors and Big Show is fired. Big show looks absolutely devastated in the ring and in tears, as it fades out into break.

We're back with a quick recap of Show being fired. Lawler says that he's never seen anything like this in over 20 years in the business and Big show deserved better. It's worth noting that Michael Cole is completely silent through this.

'Funk Is On A Roll' is on the roll and Brodus Clay is making his way out for a 6-man tag team match. Kofi & Truth come out to team with Clay, with Miz and Ziggler & Swagger with Vickie in tow as their opponents.

Match 4 - Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (w/ The Pterodactyls) Vs. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (w/ Vickie Guerrero)
Match ends with a sweet Trouble In Paradise from Kofi, followed by a splash from Clay to get the win.
WINNERS - Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

During that match, it cut a few times to a skybox in the arena with team AW, Abraham Washington's growing stable, with Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendez sat with him as well as Mason Ryan.

Next after the break is the main event which will see Randy Orton vs the king of light-up jackets, Chris Jericho.

CM Punk is talking with Alex Riley backstage when AJ appears, wishing Punk luck for Sunday. Punk says thanks but he doesn't want to get involved in the whole relationship issues that Bryan & Punk have been having recently and walks away. AJ seems a little upset with this.

Sheamus makes his way to ringside, so it seems he's going to be joining the commentary table for the main event match, as the lights go out and Jericho enters in his old-style light up jacket, followed by Randy Orton.

Match 5 - Chris Jericho Vs. Randy Orton
The match goes to the outside, with Jericho throwing Orton into the seated Sheamus. Jericho throws Orton in the ring, only for orton to recover and hit his middle rope DDT. Orton goes for the RKO build up, but Sheamus drags Jericho out and clotheslines him for the DQ
WINNER by DQ - Chris Jerichio

Orton & Sheamus face off against each other in the ring, with the referees trying to keep them apart. The Cena/Laurinitis face-offf is up next.

Back from break and we have a reminder of Big Show being fired by Laurinitis. Eve has tweeted out, saying that Orton & Sheamus will be going one on one this Friday on Smackdown. Laurinitis is making his way out to the ring.

Laurinitis says that the world is full of losers and that John Cena is one of them, but he adds there have to be losers so that there can be winners like him. Cena makes his way out to the ring. Cena points out that his record isn't great, sure, his team won at Mania, but Punk still has the WWE title, Sheamus has the World title and Lesnar couldn't break Cena. Cue a huge Loser rant at Laurinitis. Cena asks for a show of hands for who wants to hit Laurinitis. Hands up everywhere.

Cena says that he'll bring the fight to Laurinitis, then mentions the Pittsburgh Penguins. Laurinitis says he was going to mention them too, but is constantly interrupted by Cena saying loser. Cena then tells Laurinitis to 'go Puck himself'

Laurinitis says that he's better than Cena and that he can do whatever he wants with his match on Sunday. Eve Torres come down the ramp with a piece of paper, which Laurinitis tears up. Cena picks up the pieces and it's a letter from the board of directors, saying that the match will be 1-on-1, with no interference and only win by pinfall or submission, any person who interferes in the match will be 'terminated' and if Laurinitis loses, then he will be 'terminated'. Cena then stops his music and says that he heard that Cole was talking about a huge announcement from Laurinitis, and asks him to reveal it, asking whether it's a Shamwow for $1.99, which prompts Laurinitis to slap Cena in the face. Laurinitis leaves the ring and Cena looks on as Raw goes off the air.

So a very interesting and eventful Raw go-home show. What will be the rammifications from tonight and the PPV? The only way to find out is to be here next week for the post PPV Raw... in the meantime, ASHLEY OUT
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News On Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter WWE sources indicated this weekend that officials are "in a panic" over the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H storyline and may move the match to June's No Way Out pay-per-view. The feeling among others is that they need to save the match for SummerSlam and having it in June will be a huge mistake.
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1st NXT Taping At Full Sail Sold Out‏

Full Sail University announced on Facebook that tickets for the NXT taping on May 17th, 2012 are sold out. Go to for info about upcoming shows.
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WWE Supershow In Arizona On 7/14‏

WWE will be holding a Raw & Smackdown Supershow at the Tucson Arena in Tucson, Arizon