Tuesday, April 24, 2012

*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 4/27/12

Credit:PWTorch Daniel Bryan opened the show cutting a promo. He talked about getting rid of A.J. and his guest referee job on Raw. Alberto Del Rio interrupted and said he would be the next World champion after Extreme Rules. Big Show interrupted and cleared both men from the ring. He then chokeslammed Ricardo Rodriguez. (1) Alberto Del Rio beat IC champion Big Show in a non-title match. Del Rio won via Cody Rhodes outside interference. Damien Sandow talked on-screen about the age of enlightenment. (2) New Divas champion Nikki Bella beat Alicia Fox after Twin Magic. (3) Darren Young & Titus O'Neil beat Yoshi Tatsu & Ezekiel Jackson. Michael Cole interviewed Randy Orton about his rivalry with Kane ahead of Extreme Rules. Jinder Mahal then interfered and ate an RKO. (4) Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) beat Tyson Kidd in a try-out match. The same Brock Lesnar hype video from Raw aired. (5) Great Khali beat Cody Rhodes. (6) Ryback beat local wrestler Jacob Kaye in another squash match. They recapped A.J. attacking Natalya last week after D-Bryan dumped her. (7) World Hvt. champion Sheamus beat Mark Henry in a non-title match.
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TV Rating For WWE Raw 4/23/12

Crediy:PWInsider The 4/23 edition of Raw did a 3.0 rating, with 4,388,000 viewers during the three hour period. During their usual time period, they did a 3.3 rating with 4,752,000 viewers. That is up from last week and a good sign for the Brock Lesnar-John Cena feud. The show did hours of 2.48, 3.22 and 3.41.
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Update On Beth Phoenix From Raw

Source:PWInsider.com WWE sources this afternoon confirmed that the Beth Phoenix injury was last night was actually just a work to explain the title change. She did a hell of a job, to the point that a number of wrestlers thought she was hurt backstage. Beth Phoenix actually sold the injury after leaving the building last night and in the Detroit airport this morning while she was in front of fans.
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Buff Bagwell Hospitalized Following Car Crash.

Credit:PWInsider We don't have much in the way of details, but the word making the rounds among former WCW wrestlers is that Marcus "Buff" Bagwell was hospitalized and is in intensive care following a car wreck
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Why Edge Was On Raw

Credit:PWInsider WWE Hall of Famer Edge was brought to Detroit, Michigan for last night's WWE RAW Supershow so he and company officials could negotiate his new contract. As noted before, WWE had previously offered Edge a new contract and were upset that the news leaked about his deal coming to an end. Word going around is that WWE tried to lowball Edge on the new contract they offered him before he came to Detroit this week. No word yet on how negotiations went last night. To get an idea of how bad WWE tried low-balling Edge, Shawn Michaels makes around $300,000 a year under his contract with WWE and Mick Foley makes a "little less." It's said that Edge wasn't even offered close to what Foley makes.
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Audio: Wrestling News Live 4/23/12 Archived