Monday, April 16, 2012

Live results for WWE Raw 4/16/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another WWE Raw, tonight we will have a WWE Title match between CM Punk and Mark Henry, will Jericho make his mark on Punk tonight, tune in right here and find out. Also, don't forget about the live chat over at during Raw tonight, see you guys there.

1st match No Count out, No DQ match for the WWE Championship match
CM Punk vs Mark Henry
Winner: CM Punk via pinfall after a top rope elbow with a chair

Jericho appears on the titantron and says that at Extreme Rules, it will be Jericho and Punk in a Chicago Street Fight. Punk then says he will kick Jericho's tail in front of his family that Jericho has been trashing the entire time. Jericho then says he has video footage of Punk earlier, and they go to video showing Punk walking into a puib in England, and leaving later. Punk says hes not allowed to have some fish and chips in Merry Ol' England? And Jericho says Punk is in denial and the titantron cuts off leaving Punk standing there confused.

2nd match US Title match
Santino Marella vs David Otunga
Winner: Santino Marella via pinfall after the cobra

They have a video package about Brock Lesnar talking about his past, and his future, and why he is after John Cena.

3rd match
Zack Ryder vs Kane
Winner: No MATCH

Before the ref even rang the bell, Kane kicked Ryder off the apron and into the announcers table. Kane chokeslams Ryder in the ring. Kane grabs a mic, and says that he knew Orton Sr. would be easy to take out, but not the Viper, but as they say, like father like son.

John Cena comes out and starts talking about Brock Lesnar, and John Laurinitus. John Laurinitus comes out and says that tonight John Cena will be in a practice Extreme Rules match, but John Laurinitus will not tell him who his opponent is tonight.

4th match
Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan
Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission with the "Yes" Lock (Lebell lock)

After the match, Daniel Bryan goes to do his YES chants, and after he goes back to the Yes lock on Kofi Kingston, Sheamus makes a run in to stop Bryan, and misses the brogue kick as Bryan gets out of the ring.

5th match
Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner: Brodus Clay via DQ after Jack Swagger interfered in the match.

They now do a moment of silence to Chief Jay Strongbow.

6th match Tag Team match
Great Khali/Big Show vs Primo/Epico
Winner(s): Great Khali/Big Show via pinfall after both men get pinned.

7th match Extreme Rules match
John Cena vs Lord Tensai
Winner: Lord Tensai via pinfall after green mist spray followed by double chokeslam

And that is Raw, pretty good show for it being a recorded show. So Lord Tensai took out Cena, what does that mean for Cena next week? We shall see. But for now, see you guys next week for Raw, and don't forget to check out Wrestling News Live at 1130 pm EST over at
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Raw 4/16/12 From London,England


WWE champ CM Punk defeated Mark Henry in a No DQ, No Countout match. Jericho appeared on the screen to torment Punk, leading to an announcement that they would fight at Extreme Rules.

*Brock Lesnar is shown, so he's in London unadvertised.

*Santino Marella Beats David Otunga to retain the WWE U.S. title
Josh Mathews is backstage with Lord Tensai. Tensai talks in Japanese and says something about knowing what to fear and fearing the unknown.

* WWE flashes a graphic touting WrestleMania 28's 1.3 million pay-per-view buys.

* Brock Lesnar promo on the big screen. Lesnar says he isn't a WWE Superstar, he's an ass kicker. Lesnar says he doesn't care about anyone and isn't here for a feel good moment. WWE needs someone to legitimize it and he's the real deal to do it. Lesnar calls John Cena fake and says everyone is tired of his bullshit. They keep bleeping him out. He says Cena is pissing and shitting himself. Lesnar says beating Cena up in the Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules will make him happy.

*Kane vs. Zack Ryder ended with Ryder being chokeslammed and there being no finish. Kane cut a promo on Randy Orton.

*Backstage, Daniel Bryan saw Kofi Kingston and AJ talking and got jealous. He cut a promo and referred to the "Yes! Lock" so they've changed his finisher's name.

*John Cena came out for a promo. John Laurinaitis came out and announced a John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar contract signing for next week. No Brock Lesnar, so apparently the footage was pre-taped.

*Daniel Bryan forced Kofi Kingston to tap to the Yes Lock. WWE World champion Sheamus hit the ring when Bryan refused to let it go.

Brodus Clay beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ when Jack Swagger interfered.

A video for the late Chief Jay Strongbow airs.

* Big Show and The Great Khali vs. Epico and Primo is up next. Abraham Washington watches the match from up on the ramp. Show and Khali get the win after a double choke slam.

* John Cena comes out for his Extreme Rules match against a mystery man. That mystery man is none other than Lord Tensai. Laurinaitis comes out and watches Tensai dominate Cena. Cena finally makes a comeback but Sakamoto attacks him. David Otunga also got involved at one point. Tensai spit the green mist into Cena's face to get the surprising win and end RAW.
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Press Release: WrestleMania XXVIII Set New Records For Pay-Per-View Buys & Gross Sales

WWE announced that WrestleMania XXVIII, held April 1 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, set new records for pay-per-view buys and gross sales.

Preliminary estimates show that WrestleMania, featuring the historic “Once in a Lifetime” Match between The Rock and John Cena, garnered 1.3 million pay-per-view buys with global gross sales in excess of $67 million including the live event.

WrestleMania was seen around the world on pay-per-view in more than 105 countries and 20 languages.

Next year’s WrestleMania will take place Sunday, April 7, 2013, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Ticket information will be announced later this year.
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On Wednesday, June 27th, the Brooklyn Cyclones, World Wrestling Entertainment, and Facebook will join forces for Anti-Bullying Night at MCU Park.

On this special night, there will be a pre-game rally from 5:30-7:00 PM, with the focus on WWE's "be a STAR" campaign. Several WWE Superstars will be on hand to address the audience, sign autographs and build awareness against bullying while encouraging fans to sign up for the "be a STAR" pledge.

Between innings, Cyclones players will be featured on the outfield-screen promoting anti-bullying, and the on-field Emcee will leverage Facebook using the "Stop Bullying: Speak Up" app to encourage fans to sign up and pledge against bullying.

Partial season, season and group packages for the 2012 season are available now by calling 718-37-BKLYN or visiting:

Go to for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Former TNA Talent Backstage At Lockdown


Chris Harris is at Lockdown and making it pretty openly obvious to the fans that he's in the crowd. He's apparently in awesome shape.
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News On TNA Lockdown/Movie Screenings


We've heard from fans in a number of markets that last night's Lockdown PPV simulcast that was to air in the movies as part of a partnership with Screenvision were canceled due to technical issues. Fans attending were given refunds.
I believe the issue covered all of the theaters offering the showing.
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Location For WWE Taping On 7/24‏

The WWE Smackdown taping on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 will be held at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Go to for info about upcoming shows worldwide.
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FCW Talent Set To Debut On WWE Main Roster

According to PWInsider, Damien Sandow,Seth Rollins and Antonio Cesaro are in London and could possibly debut this week.
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Report: TNA Creative Changes Storm/Roode Outcome

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

James Storm was originally planned to win the World Heavyweight Title from Bobby Roode at TNA Lockdown but some felt that it wasn't the right decision and the plan was changed within the past two weeks