Sunday, April 15, 2012

Live results for TNA Lockdown

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another TNA PPV, and tonight its one of my favorite TNA PPV's, its Lockdown, the all cage ppv. Every match is inside the steel cage. Are you ready? Cuz I am ready. Don't forget to join us over at for a live episode of Sunday Night Showdown.

1st match Lethal Lockdown (If Team Eric wins, Garett must leave TNA. If Team Garett wins, Eric must leave TNA and renounce his name.) (Cage Match)

Team Garret (Garrett Bischoff, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson) vs Team Eric (Eric Bischoff, Gunner, Bully Ray, Chrisopher Daniels, Kazarian)

1st entrant (TG): Garrett Bischoff
1st entrant (TE): Gunner
2nd entrant (TE): Bully Ray
2nd entrant (TG): Austin Aries
3rd entrant (TE): Kazarian
3rd entrant (TG): AJ Styles
4th entrant (TE): Christopher Daniels
4th entrant (TG): Mr. Anderson
5th entrant (TE): Eric Bischoff
5th entrant (TG): Rob Van Dam

The roof of the cage is now being lowered, and on the roof of the cage are weapons, plus a ladder and a table on top of the roof.

Winner(s): Team Garrett Bischoff (Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Garrett Bischoff) via pinfall as Garrett pinned Eric Bischoff.

2nd match TNA Tag Team Champions (Cage Match)
Motor City Machine Guns vs Samoa Joe/Magnus
Winner(s): Samoa Joe/Magnus via pinfall

3rd match TV Title match (Cage Match)
Robbie E vs D-Von
Winner: D-Von via pinfall

4th match Knockouts championship match (Cage Match)
Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky
Winner: Gail Kim via pinfall and holding the tights

5th match Grudge Match (Cage Match)
Crimson vs Matt Morgan
Winner: Crimson via escape from the cage

6th match (Cage match)
Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle
Winner: Jeff Hardy via pinfall by swanton off the top of the cage

7th match TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles (Cage match)
Sarita/Rosita vs ODB/Eric Young
Winner(s): ODB and Eric Young via pinfall

8th match TNA Heavyweight Championship match (Cage match)
James Storm vs Bobby Roode
Winner: Bobby Roode via cage escape after James Storm superkicks Bobby Roode through the door to cause the finish.

Well that was TNA Lockdown, and it was a amazing ppv. Well, I will see you guys and gals tomorrow night for WWE Raw.
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Press Release: TNA Sacrifice 2012‏


On Sunday, May 13, TNA presents "Sacrifice" live on Pay-Per-View and online at from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!

The three-hour event will feature all of your favorite superstars, including Hulk Hogan, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, James Storm, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, the lovely Knockouts, the high-flying X Division stars and many more!

Tune into IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday at 9/8c on Spike TV for news on the "Sacrifice" Pay-Per-View event!

Official "Sacrifice" Website:

Go to for info about upcoming shows worldwide.
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Audio: Unplugged 4/13/12 Archived

The New UnPlugged returned on 4-13-12 on the SNS Radio Network ( with "The Phenom" Charles Shane & "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. The boys started off the show with "This Week in Wrestling History" by Sean Beckerman of Beyond the Bell. JJ randown the latest "News of the Week" sponsored by JJ and Charles reviewed the Smackdown "Blast from the Past" supershow and Charles discussed the latest Gaming News and notes. JJ opened the phonelines and read emails before wrapping the show with some Hall and Oates on this latest episode of the New UnPlugged.
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