Thursday, April 12, 2012

Audio: Running The Ropes 4/13/12 Archived

This week, Brian and Chris go over some eventful news, including Scott Steiner's incoherent Twitter ranting, the Bella Twins possibly leaving the WWE at the end of the month, Scott Hall's latest arrest, rumors of Sable joining the WWE Hall of Fame next year, former Tough Enough contestant AJ Kirsch crossing paths at the Cauliflower Alley Club event in Las Vegas, Dean Ambrose calling out Mick Foley for "screwing up professional wrestling", and Rikishi being snubbed from last week's Smackdown.

In the second hour, The guys talk about Brock Lesnar being the new face of the WWE on Raw after giving John Cena a bloody mouth. On Smackdown, the "Blast from the Past" might not have been the blast we were expecting. Though you did have Daniel Bryan and AJ on Piper's Pit. Also, while the guys give their picks for TNA Lockdown this coming Sunday, Magnus gets in Brian's cross-hairs and Brian needs to get it off his chest. All this and more on Running The Ropes, on the Unchained Wrestling Network, the SNS Radio Network, and KJCC Real Campus Radio.
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Location For Smackdown Taping On 6/26‏

The WWE Smackdown taping on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 will be held at the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana. Go to for info about upcoming shows worldwide.
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WWE Returning To Dublin In November‏

WWE returns to the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland on November 8th, 2012 at 7:30 PM. Tickets go on sale April 20th, 2012 at 9 AM. Go to for info about upcoming shows worldwide.
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Scott Steiner Comments On Hulk Hogan Saying Bobby Roode Was Not Ready For World Title

Scott Steiner tweeted the following:

When i look at hogan i see the same thing as the nielson ratings system does .......low fuckn ratings

Hogan also attackd Bobby Roode on the radio b4 he was going to wrestle Kurt Angle

In Philli on ppv sayn Roode wasnt ready,Ive wrestled Bobby a bunch of times n he wrestles hard every nite n he can go

He can talk,wrestle and looks good,and hes proving that hogan doesnt know shit(except that garrett is the future)..WTF

At the ppv he was pissd n went up to Pritchard and told him he was going on the radio and calling hogan out

And Pritchard beggd him not to,so i see him n he tells me what happend,I told him thats whats hogan does,

In WCW hogan put his thumb on evrybody,deciding who wins in every match bcuz he has creative control in his contract

Hogan shows up and changes the outcome of his match,Bobby was going to kill him but he kept his cool

Every tv every ppv the place is zoo a circus bcuz these assholes change things every hour,the storylines are stupid and dont make sense

And when u ask questions they cant give u a reason why they want u to do something that doesnt make sense

And since hogan bitchoff n pritchard brought the chaos the circus to Tna they also brought their own clown,midget

Which is Jason Hervey,(yep that one)the insignicant bro in wonder years this 5'5" midget walks around

Fn crazy,why is he there hes business partners with bitchoff just like hogan n bitchoff are business partners

Now do u know why Tna is the titanic and is sinking fast.....Need to save TNA

They are doin the same stupid bullshit that they did in WCW..except now instead of pushing Flairs son David

To the point where he beat Chris Benoit,he is now pushing his own son,where is David Flair today

Ive seen all this shit b4,Remember he made David Arquette champion,Fuck!!Ted Turner ownd WCW and they ran it into the ground

And he was a multi multi BILLIONAIRE

We were all in the back sayin WTF are we in the twilight zone ....fn crazy

That same wkend he was suppose to go on ESPN and promote the ppv,so he is on the show

And the host ask him whats his most embarassing monent in the ring..remember hes there to promote the ppv

He says wrestling Andre and he shits himself...the host asks him a couple more questions

Which i dont remember bcuz im on the floor belly laughing..then the host thanks him for bn on the show

And he says "Be COOL EAT FRUIT...thats right BE COOL EAT FRUIT...WTF way to promote the ppv DUMBASS
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3-Hour Raw On 4/23 To Be Delayed In Canada

The 3-hour edition of WWE Raw on April 23rd, 2012 will be airing from 9 PM to midnight (ET) in Canada on The Score. It airs from 8 to 11 in the US. Go to for info about upcoming shows worldwide.
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Complete Card for CHIKARA's April 14 event in Rahway, NJ

A Special Afternoon Extravaganza in Conjunction with Jersey All-Pro!
The whole CHIKARA gang is playing New Jersey this Saturday, April 14th with a special 2:00 pm belltime! The card is filled to the brim with nine mega-matches featuring all your favorites. All the bouts are set, so here is the complete card we will present on Saturday:

-Grand Champion of CHIKARA Eddie Kingston teams with The Colony against a quartet from GEKIDO!

-Sara Del Rey meets Kodama of The Batiri!

-Gran Akuma must square off against Gregory Iron!

-The "leader of the band" Archibald Peck meets his high school nemesis "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti!

-Jigsaw faces off with Tim Donst!

-UltraMantis Black takes on the serpentine Ophidian!

-The Bravado Brothers vs. F.I.S.T. vs. Los Maximos vs. QT Marshall/Jack Bonza!

-Rookie sensation Saturyne meets incorrigible goblin Kobald!

-Gen 1 star Dragonfly shakes off the ring-rust and takes on Jakob Hammermeier!

What can you expect from these 9 bouts? Watch the CHIKARA Event Center Video
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CHIKARA: "I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle"
Saturday, April 14th, 2012
Live at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, NJ!
Doors = 1:30 pm :: Belltime = 2:00 pm
Click to visit the official event page
Own CHIKARA events on DVD (for your collection) or downloadable MP4 (it's quicker!) through our partners:
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WWE Returning To Ecuador In May‏

WWE returns to the Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum in Guayaquil, Ecuador on May 25th, 2012 at 8:30 PM and the General Ruminahui Coliseum in Quito, Ecuador on May 26th, 2012 at 8 PM. Go to for info about upcoming shows worldwide.
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Kurt Angle Pulls Out Of 2012 Olympics Games Due To Injury

Kurt Angle tweeted the following:

Due to Hamstring@Knee Injuries, I'm forced to Pull out of trials. Had a talk W/ Usa Wrestling Coach Zeke Jones Who has Supported Me all Year. I trained Extremely hard for a full Year. I'm Very Disappointed. I want to thank All the fans for Ur Support. U Motivated Me.

"I Must focus On TNA and Lockdown PPV, Which Has Always Been My 1st Priority. I Hope to Be Able to Put On the Best Performance I Can. TNA Has Supported My Olympic Dream Since the Day I Approached Dixie Carter about My Quest for Gold! Thank You.

"I injured My MCL in My Knee. The Doctors Say It's a partial tear which will take 4-6 Months w/ rehab. I Will have It Heavily Protected at Lockdown. I've Had Prior Knee Injuries More Serious than this @ Still Won Ncaa's but I Must Put My Job in Tna 1st. Again, thank You all for Us Support. Ur Support. Your Prayers and Support Have motivated Me to Put On the Best Performance I Can at Lockdown, Considering My injuries.

"As Zeke Jones told Me, We Were Hoping that Father time Would Hold Off Until After London Olympics. Unfortunately It Hit Me Hard 1 Month Prior to Olympic trials. Thank You to All My training Partners, Especially Edinboro Univ Wrestlers and Coach Tim Flynn and Tony Dipietro.

"Training for Gold and Wrestling for #ImpactWrestling at the Same time took it's toll. I'm Still Proud that I Went 4 It at age 43. Thx to all the fans Who Supported Me! I Will Heal and focus On What I Do Best and that's Perform for all Of You. GOD Bless!"