Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Live results for WWE Super Smackdown - Blast From The Past

Hey guys, it's time for another LIVE Smackdown episode. Tonight, with all these legends being involved, what will go down with less than 3 weeks until Extreme Rules? Will Daniel Bryan still be over with the crowd too, after the craziness of last week?

The pyro is going off and we are underway, starting with the announcement that Piper's Pit will be on with special guest Daniel Bryan. Mean Gene Okerlund is introduced and he in turn introduces Sheamus. He apologises for his actions from last week, when he Brogue Kicked the referee. John Laurinitis makes his way out to the ring now, showing the footage of last week. He demands apologies, Sheamus explains he's already done them, but John says he didn't hear them, so gets Sheamus to do them again. John says it's not good enough, and that if Sheamus touches any referee, he'll be fired and fined $500,000. He also announces that tonight Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio will be teaming up to face Sheamus and... Gene Okerlund... Yes, really.

We see Randy Orton backstage with his dad Cowboy Bob Orton, wishing him well for his match which is coming next.

We are back from the break and Randy Orton is making his way down to the ring, showing a recap of his match last week on Smackdown with Kane. His opponent, Mark Henry, comes down to the ring, doing a reminder that Punk will face Henry for the WWE title next Monday on Raw from London, England.

Match #1 - Randy Orton Vs. Mark Henry
During this match, we see Bob Orton backstage watching on. Very good match, until the ringposts are covered in flame and Kane is on the Titantron, seemingly in a boiler room style area. Kane cuts his promo over Orton's dad, which leads to Orton rushing backstage. He eventually finds him, only to be hit with a steel pipe to join his dad on the floor. Kane says he loves family reunions.
WINNER - No Contest

If Kane likes family reunions, why doesn't he bring back Paul Bearer & Undertaker? Anyway, this segment finishes as we go into break.

Tony Atlas & Ted DiBiase are backstage saying a squash match is next. Benny Kramer (think that's his name) from Chicago is introduced. He says it'll be his first match, and then Ryback's music hits. Yep, squash match. Pat Patterson & Hillbilly Jim appear too.

Match #2 - Benny Kramer Vs. Ryback
Ryback powers over Benny to get the win in minutes.
WINNER - Ryback

Heath Slater & Tyson Kidd are backstage. Slater is getting to team with Kidd it seems because of Justin Gabriel's injury at Mania 28. They're set to face the Uso's. Heath says he's got a manager for the team as well, who calls Slater the new Honky Tonk Man, and that the manager knows all about Harts. Yep, it's 'Mouth Of The South' Jimmy Hart, and their match with the Uso's is after the break.

The car wreck sound hits and Mick Foley is making his way down to the ring to join the commentary team for the upcoming tag match. Heath Slater & Tyson Kidd come out first with Jimmy Hart in tow. The Uso's are out next.

Match #3 - Heath Slater & Tyson Kidd (w/ Jimmy Hart) Vs. The Uso's
Jimmy Hart is constantly in Mick Foley's ear with the megaphone, with Foley noting that he isn't the most annoying person he's had speaking in his ear. (Nice dig at Vince). Foley uses Owen Hart's 'Enough Is Enough' line and goes after Jimmy with Mr Socko. This distracts Heath which leads to the Uso's using their double team move to get the win.
WINNERS - The Uso's

Foley goes for Slater, but connects with Jimmy Hart instead, tasting some sock. We get a replay of Bryan breaking up with AJ last week, and are told that Piper's Pit is next.

Roddy Piper is making his way down to the ring for Piper's Pit. Shame they didn't do this for Rock Vs. Cena. Big 'Roddy' chant comes from the crowd. He shows the break up of Bryan & AJ from last week. Bryan comes out with his 'YES!' T-Shirt, smiling. Piper says he shouldn't be smiling given that he lost the title in 18 seconds. Bryan says he's talked with John Laurinitis and that he gets his rematch clause. The match will be at Extreme Rules and will be a 2 out of 3 falls match, so Bryan can pin Sheamus and make him tap.

Roddy invites AJ down to the ring. AJ says that Daniel is really a good guy on the inside. Roddy says that all the 'political' answers should be left at the door. AJ says that she made a mistake and that she wants to make it up to him. Roddy says that AJ is being used, which leads to Bryan saying that if she truly loves him, she should leave the ring. When she does, Piper adresseses the new 'YES' T-Shirt by giving him a list of NO's, given that he has 4 children, 3 of which are girls ... shouting at a woman, using a woman as a human shield, etc. He then says he looks forward to Extreme Rules, because Sheamus will Brogue kick him twice. Bryan then says his victory will be a slap in the face, and he slaps Piper in the face and makes his exit.

We are back from break and we have a mixed 6-person Tag match next.
Match #4 - Drew McIntyre & The Bellas Vs. The Great Khali, Natalya & Alicia Fox
The guys start off but then Drew tags one of the Bellas and leaves, proclaiming that he's better than this. Alicia then tags in, hits a suplex and gets the win for her team.
WINNER - The Great Khali, Natalya & Alicia Fox

Khali dances with Natalya & Alicia in the ring until Mae Young's music hits and she kisses Khali.

Damian Sandow cuts a promo on social media... great job WWE, bash yourselves in a promo. I hope this builds into a good push for Damian, and not another waste.

Recap of the Ortons attcked by Kane from earlier. Cowboy is apparently suffered abdominal injuries. We then get a recap of Raw from last night, with Lesnar & Cena.

Sheamus & Mean Gene are backstage prepping for their match and Sheamus says he isn't bothered by losing or winning, it's trying to not satisfy Laurinitis by being worried by the match and the fact that he's teaming with Mean Gene, and that the first pint will be on him.

HOOOOOOO!!!! Jim Duggan is making his way to ringside for an upcoming match. He'll be facing Hunico with Comacho.
Match #5 - Hacksaw Jim Duggan Vs. Hunico (w/Comacho)
Duggan goes after Hunico but he goes outside, only to have Sgt Slaughter make his way to ringside. Slaughter throws the 2x4 to Hacksaw who hits Hunico, leading to a disqualification.
WINNER By DQ - Hunico

After, Comacho gets hit too and then put in the Camel clutch by Slaughter. Hacksaw & slaughter celebrate in the ring as we go to break.

Cody Rhodes has come down to ringside to cut a promo on how it should be about the future of WWE and not a blast from the past. Dusty's music hits and he makes his way out to the ring.
He says that Cody should show more respect. This then leads to Big Show coming out and producing another embarrassing Cody moment, this time it's one of his Dashing promo's he did a few years back. Big Show leaves and Dusty dances as we go to break. Sheamus & Mean Gene vs. Del Rio & Bryan is next.

Daniel Bryan is out ready for action as we return from break. Ricardo Ro