Monday, March 26, 2012

Who Will Replace Christian At WrestleMania


Drew McIntyre will replace Christian in the 12 Man tag at Wrestlemania following the angle where CM Punk "re-injured" Christian during Raw.
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Audio: Wrestling News Live Following WWE Raw 3/26/12

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Live results for WWE Raw 3/26/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another Raw, but this time, its a special Raw, its the go home show for Wrestlemania. What will happen tonight? Will we find out the final 2 members of Team Teddy and Team Laurinitus. Will HBK have something to say to HHH and Undertaker? What about Cena and the Rock? Stay tuned right here and find out. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat during Raw.

1st match
Randy Orton/Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan/Kane
Winner(s): Daniel Bryan and Kane

Cole is in the ring saying that he is the official commentator for Team Laurinitus. Out comes John Laurinitus, who then introduces us to the teams official flag bearer, Vickie Guerrero. Laurinitus then brings out the team captain, David Otunga. They all walk down to the ring, until Booker T gets on the announcers table, and introduces Teddy Long. Teddy brings out his team captain, Santino Marella, along with their flag bearer, Hornswoggle.

2nd match
Santino Marella vs David Otunga
Winner: Santino Marella

During the match, David Otunga got the flag and began waving it around, until Hornswoggle came in and waved the Teddy flag.

After the match, Teddy Long and John Laurinitus were arguing, and as Santino Marella began to prepare to his Laurinitus with the Cobra, Miz comes out and hits the skull crushing finale on Santino, and is then announced to be a member of Team Teddy.......I mean a member of Team Johnny.

3rd match
Eve (w/ Beth Phoenix) vs Kelly Kelly
Winner: Kelly Kelly

4th match
Christian vs CM Punk
Match was thrown out after Jericho interrupted via the titantron, and Punk snapped, destroying Christian.

5th match
Brodus Clay vs Curt Hawkins
Winner: Brodus Clay

6th match
Big Show vs Primo
Winner: Big Show

During the match, they announce that Christian was injured due to CM Punk's attack, so Christian will no longer be on Team Laurinitus. They then announce that Drew McIntyre will replace Christian.

7th match
Mark Henry vs Great Khali
Winner: Mark Henry

John Laurinitus throws Teddy Long into the ring and then calls out all of the other members of Team Laurinitus. Laurinitus tells his team to cover the rampway to make sure no one comes down the ramp. Mark Henry is in the ring yelling at Teddy Long as members of Team Teddy comes running dow