Monday, March 19, 2012

Update On WWE/Oklahoma

According to Jim Ross, WWE's issues with the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission has already been resolved and there is scheduled to be a TV taping October from Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
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Live results for WWE Raw 3/19/2012

Well, here we are, another WWE Raw, and word going around is that John Cena was involved in a car accident. Will that cause him to miss Raw tonight? Will the Rock have something to say about it. Stay right here to find out. Also don't forget to join us over at for a live chat during Raw.

We start the show off with CM Punk, Punk is walking straight to the ring, no posing, no nothing for the fans. Punk starts off by saying that Jericho is not there tonight. And says that it was none of Jericho's business to release that information. Jericho wants to make light of a serious situation, because Jericho thinks he will get inside of Punks head. But Punk is proud of his father, why? Because Jericho did not finish the story, Punk's father has worked hard to get cleaan. Punk says that at Wrestlemania, Jericho is a obstacle on his path, and Punk will be going straight through that obstacle. Chris Jericho is on the titantron (via satellite), and he is apoligizing to Punk for talking about his dad like that. Jericho then said that Punk sister is a entirely different story, and that his sister is a huge drug addict. Jericho ends it there, but Punk picks up the mic, and lets loose a long line of extreme language which is censored out. And leaves the ring.

1st match
Kane vs Big Show
Winner: Kane by pinfall after a top rope chokeslam

After the match, Cody Rhodes handcuffed Big Show to the ropes, and put on a pair of boxing gloves, and pretty much teed off on Show's face. Finally the ref's pushed Rhodes back, and uncuffed Big Show, but he could not stand by himself.

2nd match
David Otunga vs Santino Marella
Winner: David Otunga

After the match, Laurinitus started gloating in Teddy's face, and Teddy slapped Laurinitus, and then got out of the ring and up the ramp pretty fast.

Rock is shown on camera, talking about being in Philly, and about the Wrestlemania's he been to, talking about being at Wrestlemania with Austin. Talks about going to the arena and lay it down to Cena.

3rd match
Daniel Bryan vs Zach Rdyer
Winner: Daniel Bryan

4th match
John Cena vs Mark Henry
Winner: John Cena via pinfall after the AA

After the match, Rock walks out on stage, and runs down to the ring, hits the Rock Bottom on Mark Henry, and leaves the ring.

Miz is in the ring talking about King Kong Bundy being in the main event at WM2 to facing Hillbilly Jim at WM3, calling it the biggest WM dropoff ever. Miz will not be like King Kong Bundy, and he will show Laurinitus tonight by issuing a open challenge to anyone.

5th match
Sheamus vs Miz
Winner: Sheamus

Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces the 2 newest members to Team John Laurinitus, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. They also announce that Kofi Kingston and R-Truth have joined Team Teddy Long.

6th match
Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger
Winner(s): Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger

Out comes Shawn Micheal's to have a faceoff with Undertaker and HHH in the middle of the ring. HBK says that its pretty cool to hold the end of an era in the palm of his hand. He said he stood where HHH is standing now, and before he could finish, out comes the Undertaker. Undertaker tells HBK to shut up, that he did enough talking last week, and HHH then comes out. Telling the Undertaker that he should focus on HHH, because its between him and Taker. (In all honesty, I don't think I will recap this section. I am watching it, and this is something you need to watch when you get the chance.) Raw ends with HBK and HHH staring each other down.

Well that was raw, and it was good. So can't wait to see what happens next week. See you guys later.
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