Saturday, March 3, 2012

Audio: Unplugged 3/2/12 Archived

The New UnPlugged “A New Era Begins” debuted on 3-2-13 with host JJ $exay on the SNS Radio Network ( JJ opened the show talking about the latest episode of Smackdown (Nattie Fart jokes were present) including the apparent set up to a new Wrestlemania match involving Kane vs Randy Orton and the Drew McIntyre fired storyline. JJ took a phonecall from Charles Shane and it got heated until Charles said “Its good to be Home”…which restarted the show with the new UnPlugged intro as “The Phenom” Charles Shane officially became the new co-host of the show. Ashley joined the program to talk the “News of the Week” sponsored by and Ashley was stunned of the happenings on the show…very comical moments in this one. After the break it was time to jump into some gaming talk as JJ hit the new sounder and Charles discussed the latest gaming news, JJ finally beat Arkham City, and the boys talked about the recent passing of Davy Jones and played a clip of Angry Grandpa remembering Davy. JJ & Charles then focused some time on the Walking Dead.JJ discussed what makes Shane the best character on the show as Charles disagreed and talked why Rick is the best character…(Whats next Team Rick vs Team Shane) After the last break it was time to take calls as JJ opened the phone lines and hearing from the SNS FAMILY…Skype started acting up however which brought the call segment to an end, JJ read an email from Zak Gent in regards to the “Work” that the boys pulled off and JJ ended the show with a song from the Monkees in honor of Davy Jones “Daydream Believer” on the New Unplugged.
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Update On WWE/ROH Stars

According to PWInsider,WWE never made contract offers to Ring of Honor stars Adam Cole and The Briscoe Brothers, despite what has been reported this past week. While WWE has expressed interest in all three talents over the past year, no official offer has been made
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Report: Wade Barrett's Injury Reason MITB Pulled From WrestleMania

Wade Barrett will be out of action for 3-4 months and will miss WrestleMania 28. Barrett underwent surgery on his dislocated elbow earlier this week and the injury is said to be far worse than originally expected.

Barrett's injury has caused major changes to WrestleMania 28 as the plan was to have Barrett win the Money in the Bank ladder match and carry the briefcase. WWE decided this week to pull the Money in the Bank match from WrestleMania 28 due to Barrett's injury.
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WWE Returns To Upstate NY & S. Alabama This Spring‏

WWE will be holding Raw house shows in Upstate New York & Southern Alabama during the spring of 2012. Here are the dates, times & locations:

May 11th at 7:30 PM - Civic Center in Glens Falls, New York
May 12th at 7:30 PM - War Memorial Arena @ The Oncenter in Syracuse, New York
June 2nd at 7:30 PM - Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama

Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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ROH Champion Heading To England This Summer‏

Davey Richards will be appearing at 'SWE Retribution 3', which