Monday, February 27, 2012

Audio: Wrestling News Live Following WWE Raw 2/27/12

Tune in tonight to the Award Winning SNS Radio Network ( starting @ 11:30pm Est, 9:30pm Mst as WNL (Wrestling News Live) returns to the airwaves with "The Outlaw of the IWC" The TreyDawg and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay . Tonight the boys start things off with the popular "RAW Recap" with "The BronxFather" Don Bronx on a night where The Rock Finally returns to Live TV , What will happen between Cena and The Rock? The boys will also talk the latest "News of the Week" sponsored by, plus your calls to 501 588 7957 or your emails to and join the "Live" chatroom to be an interactive part of this 4 time People's Choice Award winner for Show of the Year and get entertained and informed with WNL.
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Live results for WWE Raw 2/27/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another Raw, what will happen between John Cena and the Rock tonight? Stay tuned to find out. Also, join us over at for a live chat during the show.

1st match Champion vs Champion
Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk
Winner: No Contest

Instead of Daniel Bryan coming out, Chris Jericho comes out and gets in the ring with Punk, both men have a mic. Jericho asks Punk if he was expecting someone else. Jericho tells Punk he is a amazing performer, one of Jerichos favorites, but not as good as Jericho. Jericho says he is part of a special breed, a dying breed of performers, and he doesn't care what the people in the back think about him. Jericho says that Punk is a great performer, but he is a Chris Jericho wannabee. Punk says he is tired of listening, and brings up Bret Hart, saying he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. He asks Jericho if he made that up for Hart, and if he made up Hart being Canadian too. Jericho says he is different from the rest, that Punk should make sure he is ready, because Jericho is a step up from the rest of the guys in the back. Jericho has wrestled every guy in the back and beaten them all. Punk says he watches Jericho as he walks out, saying he sees inferiority in his movement, Punk says he is saying he is the best in the world, Punk is a little cocky, but he has earned it. Punk is now the man, and Jericho is jealous about it. Jericho claims to be the best at what he does, Punk is the best wrestler in the world. Punk then brings up Dancing with the Stars, saying while Jericho was doing that, Punk was swimming with the sharks. Jericho says that Punk was ripping him off, every night, and Jericho came back for only one reason, to embarrass Punk and take the title from him. Punk says that instead of pointing at the sign for WM, he is going to point at his belt, and say that its going to be the Best vs the Best at Wrestlemania. After Punk finishes, Daniel Bryan's music hits, and out he comes with John Laurinitus, David Otunga, and AJ.

During the commercial, the match continued, but Teddy Long came out and joined King and Cole, on announcers table, along with Laurinitus.

During the match, Otunga tried to distract Punk, but Santino got Otunga off the ring. Laurinitus then pulled down Santino which caused Teddy Long to get up and start yelling at Laurinitus. Daniel Bryan tries to leave, but Sheamus runs out and throws him back in the ring. Punk hits the GTS on Bryan and goes for the pin, but Laurinitus slides in and tells the ref to throw the match out due to outside interference. Punk starts yelling at Laurinitus, until Long comes in and pushes Laurinitus down. Long and Laurinitus start yelling at each other and start preparing to get into a fight, until the camera cuts back to the stage, where Punk is holding his title up. Jericho comes from behind and hits Punk. He then body slams Punk on the stage, and puts Punk in the Liontamer as the refs begin yelling at Jericho to stop.

2nd match
Nikki Bella vs Kelly Kelly
Winner: Kelly Kelly

3rd match
John Cena vs Miz
Winner: John Cena

4th match Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match
R-Truth/Kofi Kingston vs Primo/Epico vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger
Winner(s): Epico/Primo

After the match Kanes pyro hits, and out he comes and takes out everyone that was involved in the match.

WWE plays the footage of Eve from last week, and out comes Eve to talk about it. She tells the WWE Universe to go ahead and judge her, that men want to be used by a woman like her. She says that she shouldn't be blamed for what she has. She blows a kiss at the crowd and leaves the ring.

5th match
Big Show/Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes/Mark Henry
Winner(s): Big Show/Sheamus

Its time for the Rock. He shows the camera that he has goosebumps, and says it feels so damn good to be in the ring. Rock saying he has a shocker for everyone, he is not here every single week. He used to be here every week, it was his job, the Rock was born here in the WWE. If it wasn't for the WWE, or the WWE Universe, Rock wouldn't be around. Rock wasn't there every day, every week, every month, but Rock respects (at this point the WWE Universe starts chanting Fruity Pebbles) the audience's intelligence, because they know he was born in the business. He is standing in the middle of the ring because he loves the WWE. He will always be part of the WWE and the WWE will always be a part of him. Rock said that for years he thought John Cena was a phony, that he was faking being in the hood. Cena is that guy who will say anything, and will say he has to get through so many people just to talk to the Rock, but Cena has his number, has his cell. Cena isn't a phony, but he is a kung pow bitch. Last week Cena said something that stuck with the Rock, that on April 1st, Cena will fight for all the people in the back, who love being a professional wrestler. Rock grew up in the business, no one fought for the guys in the back. If Cena wants to fight for the guys in the back, the Rock is fighting for the WWE Universe. The fans are tired of having a kung pow bitch shoved down their throats. They trail blaze, they break new ground, and then you find John Cena on the front of a cereal box. Rock just continues to put down Cena, and its a little repetitive, Cena finally comes out, saying that the Rock is the only person to call him Kung Pow Chicken. Cena may be the guy who runs down the Rock when he isn't here, but he also does it when the Rock is there. Cena used to be a fan, until he met Dwayne Johnson, and on April 1st, Cena may not have any balls, but he will be the guy who beats the hell out of the Rock. Cena leaves the ring before the Rock can get his hands on him. Dwayne Johnson and the Rock are the same man, it doesn't matter because at Wrestlemania its the Rock and Cena.

And thats Raw, and wow is all I can say.  The Rock and Cena, Bryan a