Friday, February 24, 2012

Vintage Collection Summary: The Botched Invasion Angle‏

WWE Vintage Collection on February 24th, 2012 featured these segments & match:

Vince McMahon Announces The Sale Of WCW
WCW Nitro - March 26th, 2001

Vince McMahon Fires Jeff Jarrett
WWF Raw - March 26th, 2001

Shane McMahon Reveals WCW's New Owner
WWF Raw & WCW Nitro - March 26th, 2001

10-Man Elimination Match
Team WWF vs. The Alliance
WWF Survivor Series 2001

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Dixie Carter Comments On Ring Of Honor Wrestling

Dixie Carter tweeted the following:

Happy 10th Anniversary @RingOfHonor!! Best wishes to you for continued success.
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WWE Releasing "Kaybe" T-Shirts has released new t-shirts with the following terms on them:


* Jobber

* I Got Heat

* I'm So Over

* What's Your Finish

You can buy the shirts at this link
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Audio: Running The Ropes 2/23/12 Archived

It's been a crazy week in wrestling starting with Chris Brown getting verbally stretched by CM Punk and all the way through WWE Elimination Chamber and John Cena giving The Rock the business. Plus, could the WWE locker room not be on board with The Rock coming to WrestleMania? Find out this and more on a special live recording on Running The Ropes, the official podcast of the Unchained Wrestling Network and now back on the SNS Radio Network!
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Brian Kendrick Released By TNA?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Brian Kendrick has been removed from TNA Wrestling's roster page on This would indicate that he has parted ways with the company.

Kendrick's second TNA run culminated with him capturing the X Division Championship from Abyss last July at Destination X. After dropping the title to Austin Aries at No Surrender, he failed in his attempt to regain the belt at Bound for Glory. He had only competed in one televised match since then.
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