Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Cena Set For "The Marine 3"


EXCLUSIVE: WWE Studios and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment have partnered on three films that will be DVD premiere titles. First up is The Marine: Homefront, a new installment of the franchise that started with the 2006 Fox theatrical release that starred WWE wrestler John Cena. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution for the three pictures on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and digital download. WWE will use its telecasts and marketing clout to promote each film.

“WWE Studios will continue to expand its film offerings to appeal to a wide range of movie fans in 2012 and 2013,” said WWE Studios President, Michael Luisi. “We look forward to building upon our relationship with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to present movies that bring action, adventure and humor to audiences all over the globe.”

“WWE is a tremendous organization supported by a world class marketing machine,” said Mike Dunn, President, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “We are proud to continue our partnership with Michael and his team.”
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Breakdown of TV Rating For WWE Raw 2/13/12

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The February 13, 2012 episode of the Raw SuperShow averaged 4.14 million viewers for a 3.01 cable rating. The prior week's show garnered a 3.25 cable rating and averaged 4.62 million viewers.

In the segment-by-segment breakdown, the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Debate that kicked off Raw drew a 2.93 rating. From there, Chris Jericho's match against Kofi Kingston lost 49,000 viewers. Backstage segments with John Cena, Zack Ryder, John Laurinaitis and David Otunga lost 24,000 viewers. Randy Orton taking on Big Show gained 93,000 viewers.

The advertised return of Shawn Michaels, with an appearance by Triple H, gained 822,000 viewers for a 3.56 quarter hour rating. The subsequent Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth match lost 621,000 viewers. Tamina Snuka's victory over Brie Bella and the angle where John Cena kissed Eve in front of Zack Ryder lost 320,000 additional viewers.

The low point of the show was the advertised main event as WWE Champion CM Punk's match against The Miz lost 139,000 additional viewers to draw a 2.77 quarter hour rating. The overrun with Cena, Ryder and Kane gained 505,000 viewers for a 3.14.
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Audio: The Pro Wrestling Rewind Live Tonight 9:30pm EST

Tonight, 9:30pm on t, the Pro Wrestling Returns with a huge announcement to start off the program. The Power Andy Knowles looks back at week that was wrestling including updates on Jesse Sorensen situation, the changes to the elimination chamber, and much more. Tell your friends, get them on the live stream, it's going to be one for the history books, tonight, 9:30pm exclusively on the SNS Radio Network
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News On WWE Merchandise Sales

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

CM Punk and John Cena "are neck-and-neck" as the top merchandise sellers in WWE. Punk, however, is ahead in the adult male demographic. Zack Ryder is also among the company's top merchandise sellers.
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News On WWE Legends House

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Dusty Rhodes, Iron Sheik, Jimmy Snuka, Sgt. Slaughter and The Honky Tonk Man will not be appearing on WWE Legends' House. "Hacksaw" Jim Jim Duggan, "Mean" Gene Okerlund and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper have been confirmed to appear on the program. The show began filming last week at the former house of Harpo Marx in Rancho Mirage, California.

WWE officials contemplated having Sheik appear on the reality program due to the perception that he is funny but a doctrine is in place for the show to not appear "sad."
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Report: WWE Looking For More Spanish-Speaking Wrestlers

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Triple H reportedly wants more Spanish-speaking wrestlers signed since he believes the Hispanic market is a major key to the prosperity of WWE. More specifically, he wants wrestlers who can conduct interviews in both English and Spanish. Rosa Mendes in particular has been directed to yell at ringside in Spanish as much as possible since she's bilingual.
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WrestleMania 29 Will Take Place In New Jersey/New York

East Rutherford, N.J.’s MetLife Stadium has played host to the NFL Playoffs, two NCAA college tournaments, five international team soccer games, and historic concerts from the likes of U2, The Eagles and Bon Jovi. And now, it’s getting its first WrestleMania.

For the first time, The Show of Shows is headed to New Jersey, as MetLife Stadium, home to the Super Bowl XLVI Champion New York Giants, as well as the New York Jets, will host WrestleMania XXIX on Sunday, April 7, 2013.

The traditional WrestleMania Week activities, including WrestleMania Axxess, the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, and Monday Night Raw will take place across the New York/New Jersey area in the days leading up to the show.

An official press conference will be held tomorrow, February 16, at 11:00AM at MetLife Stadium, where WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon will be joined by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, New York Giants President & CEO John Mara, New York Jets Owner & CEO Woody Johnson, and a host of WWE Superstars, including John Cena, Triple H and Sheamus to officially announce the event. There will also be a special appearance by John Cena’s WrestleMania XXVIII opponent, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The press conference is not open to the public, but will be posting video and photo updates about the event throughout the day.
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News On R-Truth's Character

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

R-Truth appearing more animated in recent weeks has to do with Triple H. The WWE executive wants him performing "silly comedy" as opposed to dancing and rapping.
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Audio: Wrestling News Live 2/13/12 Archived

WNL returned to the airwaves of the SNS Radio Network ( with The Trey Dawg & special guest-host Don Bronx. The boys give their thoughts on all the latest in the world of pro wrestling, including the fallout from this weekend’s PPV and the puzzling –almost violently — negative reaction to it, the latest on the Jesse Sorensen injury, and the latest Vince Russo news, still unfolding even after the show! A brief rundown of the 2/13/12 Raw show, plenty of listener calls follows, and we end the show with The Big F’s “Doctor Vine”. And even though “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ $exay wasn’t on the show, his presence is still felt as Trey has to do a double-take over a Rise Again promo — did he REALLY wet himself over it? You’ll just have to listen and decide for yourself!
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Two WrestleMania Feuds To Start Monday On Raw

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE will be kicking off several new angles on next Monday's RAW Supershow after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Two names that are expected to start appearing on WWE TV for WrestleMania 28 are Kharma and NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neal
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WWE.Com Posts Smackdown Spoiler

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FRESNO, Calif. – In a grueling Elimination Chamber Wild Card Battle Royal announced by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, Santino Marella earned the right to battle Wade Barrett, Big Show, The Great Khali, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match.

The Italian Stallion surpassed competitors from Raw, SmackDown and WWE NXT to win the right to replace Randy Orton – who is out of action with a concussion – in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber clash for the World Heavyweight Championship. In the bout’s final, tense moments, Santino sent Raw’s David Otunga tumbling over the top rope to get the victory.

Is the enthusiastic Italian Superstar up to the challenge that awaits on the most chaotic stop on The Road to WrestleMania? Find out by tuning in to WWE Elimination Chamber this Sunday, live on pay-per-view.
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Randy Orton Injured-Will Miss Elimination Chamber PPV

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WWE medical personnel have confirmed that Randy Orton suffered a concussion on Raw SuperShow when World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan smashed Orton over the head with his title.

"Randy sustained head trauma following his match with Big Show, in which Daniel Bryan interfered, and he was evaluated in the training room immediately afterward," WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson told "Due to his symptoms as well as his neurological evaluation, he was diagnosed with a concussion. We will be doing more testing to see how he's going to do as far as short term vs. long term."

Orton will not be cleared to compete in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match this Sunday
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact 2/23/12


Bobby Roode comes to the ring and says that it is a great day to be the World Champion. Roode wants to talk about what happened last week with Sting. Roode mentions that Sting talked about how he is done on Twitter.

The people in the Impact Zone want Sting to come out, but Roode continues and he says that the crowd will get to say their goodbyes to him later. Roode wants to talk about himself, not Sting. Roode starts to talk about being the fans’ World Champion and then he talks about how ending Sting’s career was not only the biggest accomplishment of his career, but it is the biggest accomplishment of his life.

Roode talks about how Harley Race, Lex Luger, Vader, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair could not get rid of Sting, but ‘The IT Factor’ Bobby Roode got it done. Roode has a message for Sting for when he comes out later tonight to say his goodbyes, ‘Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.’

Match Number One: Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Matt Morgan and Crimson to retain their titles after Crimson accidentally hit Morgan which was followed by the snap mare into an elbow drop from Magnus.

After the match, Crimson walked out on Morgan.

Match Number Two: Zema Ion defeated Alex Shelley with Bible Black after spraying his hair spray in Shelley’s eyes when the referee was out of position.

During the match, Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Austin Aries came to ringside to watch the match and he brought some popcorn and wine to enjoy his time at ringside.

Match Number Three: Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Gail Kim defeated ODB (with Eric Young) with Eat Defeat in a non-title match.

After the match, Madison Rayne came to the ring to celebrate with her fellow Knockouts Tag Champion but Gail did not want to celebrate with Madison.

Match Number Four: AJ Styles defeated Impact Wrestling Television Champion Robbie E (with Robbie T) by disqualification when Kazarian pulled Styles off the apron. Daniels accompanied Kazarian to the ring.

Sting comes to the ring and he says that because there is too much to handle, he is done. Bobby Roode’s music plays and the Impact Wrestling World Champion comes to the ring. Roode says that he wants to apologize for interrupting, but he could not help himself. Roode says that he needs to stand beside Sting when Sting announces that he is done.

Sting says that Roode did not win any war or battle and it helped him out. Sting gets some face paint and puts it on his face. Instead of giving up, Sting says that Roode woke him up and he feels alive.

Sting says that there will be no more mister nice guy and that he is going to put on his boots, his tights, and war paint. He vows to kick the living crap out of Roode at Victory Road.

Roode tries to kick Sting in the groin but Sting blocks the kick and Sting kicks Roode in the groin.

Sting tells Roode that he needs to follow the yellow brick road to Victory Road before telling Roode ‘ta ta’ and he throws the mic at Roode.

Matches for Xplosion

Match Number One: Mickie James and Velvet Sky defeated Rosita and Sarita with simultaneous pins. Before the match, Sarita wanted to