Monday, February 13, 2012

Live results for WWE Raw 2/13/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another WWE Raw, and its the go home show for the Raw men and women as they get ready for the Elimination Chamber this Sunday. What will go down on what is going to be a explosive show? We shall see, also don't forget to join us for a live chat during the Raw show over at

Kane appears and says that there is no road he will not cross, no atrocities he will not commit to make John Cena to embrace the hate, or someone will take a ride in the ambulance tonight.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring for the first ever Elimination Chamber debate, and list off every person in the Raw Elimination Chamber, and they start with CM Punk. Before Punk even has a chance to even talk, John Laurinitus comes walking out, saying he is glad that the Board has his back, and he is back as the interim Raw General Manager. He starts by saying there will be no violence during this debate. King then goes to Dolph Ziggler who trashes R-Truth, but R-Truth then starts being R-Truth. (Can't really repeat it as I am laughing too hard) After Truth finishes, Lawler then goes to the Miz, who trashes everyone, and starts ranting about Chris Jericho, Kofi tells everyone that he may be a after thought but he is walking out the WWE Champion. Next up is Jericho who basically starts trashing the fans, talking about the last time he was in the Chamber, he walked out the WWE champion. Jericho talked down to Punk, and Lawler finally gained control back and said that each man will face another in a match tonight, and the first was Jericho and Kingston. Jericho pushes Kingston out of the way, and goes over and pushes Punks podium out of the way and starts talking trash to his face, but turns back around and gets hit with a Trouble in Paradise from Kingston to end the debate segment.

1st match
Kofi Kingston vs Chris Jericho
Winner: Chris Jericho

Backstage we see Zack Ryder and John Cena talking, and Cena says that he will bring Eve to Ryder so Ryder doesn't have to leave Cena's locker room.

Backstage we see John Laurinitus and David Otunga talking, and Otunga starts talking about a process that could make Laurinitus permenant Raw GM and Smackdown GM.

We go back to a live shot of the arena and we see Daniel Bryan coming down to ringside.

2nd match
Randy Orton vs Big Show
Winner: No Contest

Before the end of the match Daniel Bryan jumps in and attacks both men, smashing the World Title over Big Shows head to leave him unconcious as he leaves the ring.

Out comes HBK, Shawn Micheals in what has to be a mark out moment of the night. HBK starts talking about not being Mr. Main Event anymore, but he is Mr. Hall of Fame. He said that he was rivited to the tv last week, awaiting his best friend to accept Undertaker's proposal for the match. When HHH said no, Shawn called up Laurinitus saying he has to come talk to HHH. But as he got there tonight, he realized that HHH was playing games with Undertaker. So HBK wants HHH to come out and accept the match tonight. HHH said that he wishes Shawn had called him if all he wanted was to hear HHH to accept the match. HHH says that he knows what he has to do to, he has to finish Undertaker, but thats not him anymore. HBK said that he is the closer, but thats not him anymore? What that he married Stephanie and became one of them in the office? He became a sellout? HHH says HBK is not in his shoes, that he doesn't know how things go. HHH goes to walk away, but HBK grabs him and pulls him back, and says that he is a coward. (In all honesty, this is one of those segments you need to see live. I am sorry, I can't keep up with either of these guys, and let me just say, this is a awesome segment.) HBK leaves the ring, and Undertakers gong sounds, and we see a new video package with the Undertaker watching footage from WM and Undertaker takes a razor and starts cutting some of his hair off. And the camera goes back to HHH as they go to commercial.

3rd match
R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner: R-Truth

4th match
Tamina vs Brie Bella
Winner: Tamina

After the match Tamina and Beth Phoenix had a staredown.

Backstage we see John Cena with Josh Matthews, but before they even start, there is screaming and banging, Cena runs to find out what it is, and its Kane trying to abduct Eve in the ambulance. As Kane closes the door, Cena attacks him from behind. Cena yells at Eve to open the door, but before she can, Kane attacks Cena, throws him into the ambulance door, and then gets into the drivers seat and begins to pull away, but Eve opens the door and falls into Cena as she begins crying on Cena's shoulder. She looks back at the ambulance and turns around and begins making out with Cena. (When I say making out, I mean full on, tongue and everything.) Cena allows this to continue for a moment, and they stopped kissing. As they stop kissing, Eve turns and see Zack Ryder in his wheelchair.

Come back from commercial and Eve is explaining everything to Ryder, and she tells Ryder she just wants to be friends with him. Ryder looks at her for a second, and then leaves int he wheelchair.

5th match
CM Punk vs Miz
Winner: CM Punk

The camera goes back to the backstage area, and it shows the ambulance that Kane drove off in backing into the arena again.

We come back from commercial and see John Cena coming out to the ring. First thing he says is that there was a awkward moment backstage by the ambulance and he wants to apologize to Zack Ryder. Cena says this must have been Kanes plan the entire time, turn his friends against him, turn the WWE universe against him. It would have worked, if it had been someone else. There are people there that if they get into Cena enough, he will snap. At this moment, the crowd begins chanting "We all hate you". Cena says that people think he is soft for raising above the hate. Cena says that he will adapt, he will overcome and that come Sunday, Kane will leave in a ambulance. And for Dwayne, he has a message for him. Before he says anything, Zack Ryder comes out on the stage, and starts walking down to the ring with crutches. Ryder is in the ring with Cena, and slaps the mic out of Cena's hand. After that Cena tries to talk to ryder, but Ryder slaps him. Cena takes his shirt off, and as Ryder goes for another slap, Cena stops him and Ryder falls, and yells at Cena to get away from him. Ryder leaves the ring, and Kane appears on the titantron, saying that Cena su