Wednesday, February 8, 2012

News On Chris Hero Joining WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported before, former Ring of Honor star Chris Hero has finally been signed by WWE. Word is that Hero's signing was delayed because he has a naturally elevated testosterone/epitestosterone level and WWE won't sign talents who can't pass the steroid test. It took months and many rounds of testing to prove that the high level was natural
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Early Buyrates For WWE Royal Rumble 2012

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

A rough cable estimate on WWE's 2012 Royal Rumble pay-per-view has it doing between 250,000 and 285,000 North American buys. The official number should be out in about three weeks
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Update On Shaquille O'Neal/WWE

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

If things go through with Shaquille O'Neal wrestling Big Show at WrestleMania 28, look for him to appear on the March 5th RAW Supershow from Boston. The Rock will also be on RAW that night from John Cena's hometown
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Why The WWE Divas Are Not On Abu Dhabi Tour

The WWE Divas are not on the current RAW tour of Abu Dhabi due to the strict dress code for women there
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Rowdy Roddy Piper To Enter WWE Legends House

WWE Hall Of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper tweeted the following:

I was told Vince said," Piper afraid of Legends House" U DREW 1ST BLOOD! I'M GOING! Remember, I was 1st guy ever to hit Vince! HERE WE GO!
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TNA Star Appearing In Colorado Next Week‏

Rob Terry (AKA Robbie T) will be part of the NRW event at the Fun City Family Entertainment Center in Littleton, Colorado on February 17th, 2012. Go to for full info and for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 2/10/12


Smackdown opens With Sheamus coming to the ring and he cuts a promo about which title he should challenge for at Wrestlemania 28. Wade Barrett comes out and says he's going to win the Smackdown Elimination Chamber and then Sheamus will lose to him at Wrestlemania. WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes comes out and says that he's going to win and beat Sheamus at Mania. Big Show then comes out and says he will be facing Sheamus at Mania. Cody says that Snooki from the Jersey Shore has a better Wrestlemania record than Show. Show chokeslammed him.

They announce Big Show & Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes for tonight.

*WWE Divas champ Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox with the Glamslam. Natalya and Beth appeared to have some sort of face-off in the ring.

*Big Show & Sheamus defeated WWE Intercontinental champ Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett when Sheamus pinned Barrett following a Brogue Kick.

*Michael Cole comes to the ring and he introduces AJ. Cole tells her that the entire locker room believes that Daniel Bryan set the entire thing up. World champion Daniel Bryan comes out and says he's had enough and is going to break both of Cole's arms. Cole runs away. Bryan says that he went on a nature walk Sunday while everyone else was eating meat, drinking beer and soda watching the Superbowl. He then says that due to the way AJ has been treated, he is taking her to his Prius and driving her home. Teddy Long tells Bryan he will arrange safe passage for AJ, but if Bryan walks out, he will forfeit the World title.

*Ted DiBiase pinned Hunico.

*World champion Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. Big Show is doing commentary. Bryan tries to leave with the World title belt but Show grabs him and throws him back in. Orton nails Bryan with the RKO and covers him for the pin but in the end, it turns out Bryan was DQ'd for Show's interference. Orton and Show get into it and Show lays out Orton, who has to be helped out by the referees.
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TV Rating For WWE Raw 2/6/12

According to PWInsider, the 2/6 edition of WWE Raw scored a 3.3 cable rating with 4,619,000 viewers. Hour 1 did a 3.34 rating while hour 2 did a 3.17 rating. RAW lost 362,000 viewers from hour 1 to hour 2 this week
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Brodus Cly & Drew McIntyre Plans Pulled from RAW

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As mentioned before,Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater and a post-match angle with Brodus and Drew McIntyre was edited off last Friday's SmackDown. Brodus did not appear on RAW last night but there was a plan in place to re-do the angle that was cut from Friday's SmackDown with McIntyre. No word yet on why it didn't happen last night
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