Monday, February 6, 2012

Diva Injured On Raw


Eve Torres was rushed backstage as soon as she tagged out of the ring during the eight Divas tag match on Raw. Torres was drilled hard by a Beth Phoenix clothesline. She was severely bleeding from her nose and the immediate word we are getting is that she suffered a broken nose.
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Update On Chris Hero Joining WWE

Former Ring of Honor wrestler Chris Hero arrived at WWE’s developmental facility today. The word backstage is that he’s finally passed his medical tests and has signed with the company.

As of right now, there are no plans to put Hero and former ROH Kings of Wrestling partner Antonio “Claudio Castagnoli” Cesaro together. Sources report that the two were always going to be signed as separate talents.
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Current Plans For WWE's Hall Of Fame 2012


* Triple H and Shawn Michaels will both induct The Four Horsemen.

* Christian will induct Edge.

* Steve Austin will induct Mike Tyson.

* The Rock will induct the late Yokozuna.

* JBL will be inducting Ron Simmons

* Alberto Del Rio will be inducting his real-life uncle Mil Mascaras
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Live results for WWE Raw 2/6/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another WWE Raw of 2012. What will the aftermath be from last Mondays Raw with the Undertaker and HHH standing in the ring, but HHH walking away from a supposed challenge for Wrestlemania. We shall see. As always don't forget to join us in chat room over at for a live chat during Raw tonight.

Out first for Raw is HHH, that he was out there last week to fire John Laurinitus, but before he could do that, he was a tad interrupted. But John Laurinitus flew up to Stanford to talk to the Board of Directors about staying his execution. The Board asked HHH to hold off on any decisions he will make about John Laurinitus. But HHH wants to talk about something more important, the Undertaker. No one has seen the Undertaker since, well since WM last year, when Undertaker had to be carried out, carried out on a stretcher because he couldn't stand. Last week when he looked at the Undertaker, HHH wasn't in awe of the Undertaker, he wasn't humble. HHH was sorry, for what he did to the Undertaker last year. HHH says this is how he wants to remember the Undertaker, and they go to a video package, the WM streak. HHH then shows another video from last years WM, and then says no one will ever compare to the Undertaker. HHH then says that he declines Undertakers request. HHH repsects the Undertaker too much to put him down, and says that this is all over. HHH's music hits, and then stops immediately. HHH begins to look around, but sees nothing, the lights then go out, and we see a video package of the Undertaker watching footage from last year. We cut back to a live shot in the ring of HHH just watching the titantron.

1st match
Big Show vs Daniel Bryan
Winner: Big Show by countout

We come back from a very long commercial break to see David Otunga in the ring, talking Laurinitus up to the board of Directors who is watching, and then asks the WWE Universe to pray with him. (Pray with Otunga?) Ring announcer comes over and says that right now, David Otunga is in a match.

2nd match
David Otunga vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus

After another commercial break, Chris Jericho comes out, saying that the end of the world is here, that the end of thievery, the end of charlatans, and every performer obsolete. Every person stepping into the ring is a Chris Jericho wannabees. Telling everyone they are Chris Jericho wannabe's. He starts going down a list of all the things he did first, and then brings up CM Punk, saying he is the best in the world, but hes really not. Jericho says he is the best in the world, he doesnt have to put it on a shirt, because he breathes it. Chris Jericho continues speaking, but CM Punks music hits and out he comes. Punk comes out with the pipebomb/mic and stands in the ring with Jericho. Punk goes to speak, but instead opens his mouth, looks at Jericho, and drops the mic, hold the WWE Title up, and walks away. Jericho begins yelling at Punk and berating him as Punk walks away just holding the WWE title above his head.

3rd match
Wade Barrett/Cody Rhodes vs Great Khali/Randy Orton
Winner(s): Great Khali/Randy Orton

Orton had the match won until Great Khali tagged himself in, and got the pin. After the match Khali was celebrating until Orton got in his face. Khali goes for a chokeslam, but Orton slips out and hits a huge RKO on Khali.

4th match 8 diva tag match
Eve, Tamina, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix, Bella Twins, Natalya
Winner(s): Eve, Tamina, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly

Backstage we see HHH talking on the phone, John Laurinitus walks in and interrupts him. They go back and forth and John Laurinitus says that next week, Shawn Michaels will be on Raw. And that at Elimination Chamber, John Cena will face Kane in a Ambulance Match. HHH told Laurinitus to get out of his office, before Laurinitus needs a ambulance.

5th match 6 pack challenge match  (Winner is the last entrant into the Elimenation Chamber)
R-Truth vs Chris Jericho vs CM Punk vs Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston
Winner: Chris Jericho

During the match, R-Truth was apparently injured. After the match Jericho takes the WWE title and sits in the ring as CM Punk lays outside the ring.

Backstage we see Eve screaming as Kane corners her, saying that he is afraid for Eve, for Cena, because he doesn't know what he will do. Kane says he is generally afraid, afraid for the first time, afraid of himself.

Wow that was Raw, good Raw definitely. Well thats it for me tonight guys, don't forget to tune over to SNS Radio Network for a live episode of Wrestling News Live with your hosts for tonight Slick Rick and "The Wannabe Godfather" Don Bronx. See you next week guys.
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News On Ric Flair's TNA Future

According to The Wrestling Observer, Ric Flair's new multi-year deal with BYB Brands is "more lucrative" than his current deal with TNA, leaving some in the company wondering how long he will remain with the promotion.

As we previously reported, Flair will be used by BYB Brands to promote a new energy and protein drink called "Fuel in a Bottle," which will be distributed in the Southeast beginning in March. Flair will be used in both TV commercials for the product and radio spots.
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Ron Simmons To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

According to PWInsider, the next person to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame is former WCW World champion Ron Simmons.
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TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 2/3/12


The 2/3 edition of Smackdown did a 2.19 rating with 3,194,000 viewers
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ROH Event In Pittsburgh Area Moved‏

The Ring Of Honor event at the Rostraver Ice Garden in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania has been moved to June 30th, 2012. It's original date was in early May. Go to for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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News On CM Punk Giving Kid His T-Shirt At Live Event

The following is from PWInsider:

Main Event: Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title. Very cool moment to start the match. Punk went to throw his shirt to a kid in the front row, but some guy snagged it and took it back to his seat. Punk yelled that he wasn’t gonna give it to the kid, so he decided to make it right. Punk leaves the ring, walks across the arena to the merch stand, grabs a new shirt and personally delivers it to the kid that he intended for in the first place
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Shawn Michaels Returning To WWE


Shawn Michaels is set for the 2/20 Raw as part of the Triple H vs. Undertaker storyline.
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News On Drew McIntyre's WWE Future

There has been talk of giving Drew McIntyre a makeover with his current storyline where he becomes more of an "arrogant playboy." Despite appearing to have his job in jeopardy, there are no plans to drop Drew from the SmackDown storylines.
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Update On Shaquille O'Neal/WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Word is that NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal will be appearing on WWE TV after the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view to begin his WrestleMania 28 storyline. At last word, Shaq was still scheduled for a program with Big Show
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Video: WWE Debuts "Are You Serious"

From underneath Titan Tower, Road Dogg and Josh Mathews are forced to watch some of the most appalling, unpleasant and dreadful clips found in the WWE video library

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