Monday, January 23, 2012

Live results for WWE Raw 1/23/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, its time for another Raw. What will we see tonight on the Raw Supershow? Well after last weeks attack on Mick Foley by John Laurinitus, who knows. But stay tuned right here and we will keep you updated only at and don't forget to join us over at SNS Radio Network for live chat during the show.

Out first to start the show is CM Punk, who will probably talk about what Laurinitus said last week about wanting to screw Punk over. Punk talks about Ziggler beating him 3 times, and then talks about John Laurinitus talking about screwing him over, and then shows the clip of Laurinitus telling Foley he would screw Punk over and then hits Foley with the microphone. Punk says he can see that Laurinitus won't be a very good ref on Sunday, but he can get what he wants, because Laurinitus can't be a referee with two broken arms. Punk is offering a invitation to John Laurinitus to come out, bring his balls out of his purse and say the things that he said last week to Punks face. Laurinitus doesn't come out, but as Punk goes to leave, John Cena comes out, no joking mood, no talking to the camera, just serious. Punk says that he didn't ask for Cena the boy scout. Cena says that he was tired of the crap that Punk was spewing. Cena says that Laurinitus will appear, because he screwed over Zack Ryder, Laurinitus will appear because Cena wants a shot at Kane tonight, and Laurinitus will appear and resign as interim Raw GM tonight. Laurinitus appears and reminds Punk just what his name is. Laurinitus says he stands by what he said last week. Punk says that he can't hear what Laurinitus is saying and asks him to come down to the ring, but Laurinitus continues on about what is going to happen tonight. Zack Ryder will face Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere match and if Cena gets involved in any way, Ryder will never get a US Title shot again. Now Cena and Punk will team up against 2 opponents.

1st match Tag Team Match
John Cena/CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger
Winner(s): Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger

Punk grabs a mic and says that their course of action hasn't changed, that on Sunday Laurinitus is going to screw him over, and at some point Punk is going to beat him. Punk wants Laurinitus to be something he never was, a WWE superstar, he wants tonight to face Laurinitus. Laurinitus smiles and accepts the match.

Time for the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho. Jericho is in the ring trying to shush the crowd so he can speak,  but Jericho gets a idea and runs to the back and grabs the T-shirt gun, and begins to walk to each side of the ring asking if they want the t-shirt. He then puts the gun down and grabs the camera and begins to go around the crowd with the camera. He then points to the screen in the ring, and it shows a highlight video. As we come back, he is again hushing the crowd, Jericho then says this Sunday, it will be the end of the world as we know it. And the lights go out and we now see the Jericho jacket.

2nd match Falls Count Anywhere
Kane vs Zack Ryder
Winner: N/C

During the match Kane basically beat Ryder to hell, and then chokeslammed Ryder through the stage. Kane then turned his attention to Eve who came out, and begins chasing Eve around until Cena comes out and Kane leaves through the crowd as the EMT's are coming over with a stretcher to put Ryder on the stretcher.

We come back to them loading Ryder into the ambulance, Eve looks at Cena and tells him its all his fault and says she is going with Ryder. Josh Matthews comes to Cena and asks how he feels, and Cena just slaps the mic away.

3rd match
Jinder Mahal vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus

Miz is doing a interview with Josh Matthews and R-Truth interrupts, and they begin to argue until John Laurinitus comes out and tells them that whoever loses their match tonight will be the number 1 entrant into the Royal Rumble.

4th match
Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater
Winner: Brodus Clay

5th match Loser is 1st entrant in the Royal Rumble
Miz vs R-Truth
Winner: R-Truth

Number 1 entrant in the Royal Rumble is The Miz.

Backstage we see John Laurinitus getting ready when David Otunga walks up with a fax and says he needs to read it right now. Laurinitus grabs the fax and reads it and his face gets more serious.

6th match
CM Punk vs John Laurinitus

After being announced 3 times, Laurinitus finally comes out, and says he has a fax he needs to read from the board of directors. Apparently the board has become troubled with Laurinitus claim last week on abusing his power. Next week on Raw, Laurinitus will be under review as Raw GM, and the person doing his review, HHH. Punk takes his shirt off, but Laurinitus apoligizes to the fans, but Punk says theres no reason to apoligize he screwed people out, especially Foley by not allowing him in the Royal Rumble. Laurinitus says Foley is in, and he planned on calling Punks match right down the middle. Laurinitus then says their match won't be happening but he found a replacement, David Otunga then attacks Punk. But Punk grabs the upper hand and puts the Andaconda Vise on Otunga until Laurinitus tells him to let go. Laurinitus then puts his hand out to shake Punks hand, and Punk grabs Laurinitus and hits the GTS on him. Punk stands there celebrating until Dolph Ziggler attacks him from behind  and stands over Punks body.

Well that was Raw and it was good. Go over to SNS Radio Network for a live episode of Wrestling News Live, and I will see yall next week.
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