Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Launches New Twitter Account / Website

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Audio: Unplugged 1/20/12 Archived

UnPlugged returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network ( on 1-20-12. JJ opened the show and talked about the latest episode of WWE’s Smackdown featuring a World Heavyweight Championship match between Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan. Chris Kelly of joined the show to assist JJ in the recap which also saw a Blindfold(aka a hood) match between Santino and McIntyre. Crelly also randown the “News of the Week” .After the break “The Sensational Sequel” Sean was scheduled to join but was still working so JJ and Crelly discussed plans of upcoming events involving WWE12 as well as some upcoming highlighted CAWs and creators joining the show in the near future. JJ opened the phone lines and took calls from the SNS Family and Sean finally joined the show to cover a little gaming news. JJ continued with the calls before wrapping the show with a little Creed in a song dedicated to that Trifling Turncoat Bronxie on this latest episode of UnPlugged with JJ $exay.
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William Regal Wants World Title Match Against Daniel Bryan

William Regal tweeted:

"I've never asked Daniel Bryan for anything for my help and guidance over the years. So now perhaps it's time. I still want to be the first English World Champion. I would like Daniel Bryan to grant me a title shot. WWE pay attention."

It seems as though a lot of people think the same. One thing though, I don't deserve a title shot, but I want one. Some people think I'm not up to it. People have been counting me out for years but I can still wrestle as good as ANYONE in the world."
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News On R-Truth/Jack Swagger Live Event Angle

According to PWInsider, WWE did an angle at this weekend's live events where R-Truth defeated Jack Swagger for the United States Title but David Otunga came out afterwards to announce that the match was non-title so Swagger retained the belt.
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USA Championship Wrestling Returning To Carthage On 1/28‏

USA Championship Wrestling returns to the Smith County Agriculture Center in Carthage, Tennessee on Saturday, January 28th, 2012 at 8 PM. Tickets cost $8 for adults and $5 for children. Scheduled to appear are Matt Boyce, Shawn Hoodrich, Steve-O, JP Magnum, Super Barney and more. Go to for additional info and for info about upcoming wrestling shows world
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Ultimate Warrior Says He Turned Down Hall Of Fame Induction

When asked if he would be going into the Hall Of Fame, Ultimate Warrior tweeted the following:

One peer's respect decides ALL - VKM. And I said no.

"Yeah, and none w/balls to turn VKM invite