Monday, January 9, 2012

The Four Horse Men Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

It was announced on WWE Raw that The Four Horseman(made up of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham) have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2012
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Edge Announced From WWE's Hall Of Fame 2012

It was announced on WWE Raw that Edge will be inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame class of 2012
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Update On WWE Network-Debut Dated Pushed Back

According to PWInsider, the word at Raw was that WWE will be pushing the debut of the WWE Network back several months until the Fall of 2012.
The reason for the push back is that the company just won't have the infrastructure needed in place by the originally planned launch date of 4/1 to tie it into Wrestlemania weekend. It was described to me as a decision the company didn't want to make but one that they "had to make" for the long term good of the Network's viability.

PWInsider haven't heard of a new official launch date beyond "The Fall." While 4/1 was the original planned launch, the company never officially announced it to the public.

PWInsider was told that projects that were currently being produced for the Network will go forward as planned, as the feeling is they can be kept "in the can" and ready to go when the Network launches.

There had been no word on any cable or satellite clearances for the WWE Network as of this writing.
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Live results for WWE Raw 1/9/2012

Whatsup guys and gals, and welcome to another WWE Raw results, and tonight, we may finally hear Chris Jericho speak after last weeks, muting of his character. What will he say? And will a Hall of Fame announcement be made? We shall see. Don't forget to join us over at SNS Radio Network for live chat during Raw.

Out first is Kane who talks about the fans being in denial of their hatred. That they live lives of pure hate, but they don't embrace it, saying the fans are like John Cena. Cena represents hope, success, all the things that the fans aspire to achieve but can't. Kane says that the fans should see their failures in Cena, their unfufilled dreams. When the fans say Cena sucks, is that they suck, because the fans won't embrace the hate. Kane starts on Zack Ryder, saying that the fans made him famous, that last week Kane was prepared to pull him down to hell, but Cena saved him. But Kane always gets what he wants, and Kane wants..... John Cena's music hits and out he comes and runs down to the ring and attacks Kane, and both of them fight all the way to the back area, and all the way outside, to the production truck. Kane gives a throat thrust to Cena and Cena falls down into a pile of garbage. When Cena gets up a moment later, Kane is gone, and Cena is left alone.

1st match
Sheamus/Santino Marella vs Wade Barrett/Jinder Mahal
Winner(s): Sheamus/Santino Marella

Our first inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame 2012 is...... "The RATED R SUPERSTAR" Edge.

Backstage we see The Miz talking to Mason Ryan trying to get Ryan to be his bodyguard tonight.

2nd match
Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan
Winner: Daniel Bryan

As Daniel Bryan starts to celebrate, out comes Big Show. Big Show starts talking but Daniel Bryan cuts him off, saying he hated how the match last week ended. He says the title is too much prestigious, and that it shouldn't have ended like that. Daniel Bryan then says he will give Big Show a rematch whenever he wants it. Big Show says he is glad Daniel Bryan agrees because so does Teddy Long, because this Friday it will be a rematch, but this time, its a no disqualification, no countout match.

3rd match
"The Funk-a-saurus" Brodus Clay vs Curt Hawkins
Winner: Brodus Clay

(I am honestly saying WTF right now over this whole Brodus Clay debut, he comes out to some funk song, and is in the ring dancing. WTF)

Backstage we see Zach Ryder brushing his teeth being happy he got a date with Eve, he bends down to get some water and we see Kane in the mirror.

Also backstage we see Miz talking to Primo, Epico trying to get them to be his bodyguards, but they walk away because Rosa Mendez tells them to leave. CM Punk walks up and looks at Miz and starts to laugh and walks away.

4th match
Jack Swagger vs CM Punk
Winner: CM Punk

John Laurinitus comes out and says that if Punk beats Swagger tonight, Swagger and Vickie will be banned from ringside at the Royal Rumble. And tonight Dolph Ziggler will face John Cena.

Controversy comes out of the pinfall, as the ref counted 3 but Swaggers shoulder comes up. Ref calls Punk the winner and gets out of the ring quickly.

Backstage we see the Bella Twins are talking to Ricardo Rodriguez, Miz walks up and tells the Twins that Alberto Del Rio can wait, that Ricardo Rodriguez is going to walk out and call out R-Truth and if he doesn't, Ricardo Rodriguez will join Alberto Del Rio on the injured list.

Our next induction into the Hall of Fame 2012 is...... THE 4 HORSEMEN. (Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and JJ Dillion)

We see Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring, trying to insult R-Truth, and R-Truth finally comes out smelling himself, and checking his breath as Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring almost crying. R-Truth talks about being a "Good" R-Truth, R-Truth then asks Little Jimmy if he should let Ricardo go, and the Universe says no. Ricardo starts yelling out for the Miz, and Truth tells him to calm down and sing him a song, sing Lacucaracha, so Ricardo does, and even remixes the song. Truth tells Ricardo to sing it again, and as Ricardo turns around he accidentally knocks Truths mic out of his hand, and Truth hits him with a lie detector. Miz comes out and attacks Truth, and as Truth gets the upper hand, Miz takes off.

Out comes Chris Jericho who postures to the crowd like last week. Chris gets a mic after posturing to the crowd for a little longer, but stops as the fans start chanting Y2J. Jericho begins to cry, and mouth why. He finally puts the mic down and gets out of the ring, and is still crying, as he walks up the stage he mouths, "why would you do this" to the fans.

5th match
Eve vs ?

Before the match even begins, Justin Roberts announces for a opponent, and Kanes music hits. Eve gets out of the ring, and Zack Ryder runs out and to his car. He puts Eve in the car, but his tire is flat, Zack begins changing the tire as Eve yells at him.

We come back from commercial, and Zack Ryder is still trying to change the tire. (Yeah, he still is.)

6th match
Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena

Outside during the match, we see Kane brutally attacking Zack Ryder as the match continues in the ring. Kane grabs Ryder and chokeslams him off the loading dock and onto a pile of wooden pallets, as Cena throws Ziggler into the steel steps and runs outside. Kane grabs Cena in the face hold as they show Ryder laid out on the wooden pallets and they close in on Kanes face looking down, and fade to black.

Well that was Raw, and um wow, that ended violently. Kane chokeslamming Ryder off the dock. Wow is all I can say. Well, don't forget to join us over at SNS Radio Network for a live episode of Wrestling News Live at 1130 pm EST. And I will see everyone next week for WWE Raw.
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John Cena References Chris Benoit On Twitter

John Cena tweeted the following:

Home of Whataburger. An arena of celebration...and reflection. All cities are wonderful to WWE..but Corpus..I will never forget

In 2007, WWE cancelled that night's Raw after news broke that Chris Benoit and his family were found dead in their home.
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Velvet Sky Confirmed For UK Taping

Dixie Carter tweeted the following:

YES!! @velvelholler will be in the UK to have dinner with our lucky @challengetv contest winners. She can't wait!!

Velvet then tweeted:

It's true, I WILL now be on the LONDON tv taping! Also I'll still be doing the dinner with the winner of the challenge tv contest! C u soon!
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Audio: Wrestling News Live Following WWE Raw 1/9/12

Tune into tonight to starting at 11:30pm Est, 9:30pm Mst as WNL returns to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network with “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. Tonight JJ flys solo as “The Outlaw of the IWC” The TreyDawg is having some major PC issues and will be unable to join the broadcast. JJ will run down “The News of the Week” sponsored by and highlight tonights Monday Night RAW. JJ will also be opening the phonelines tonight @ 501 588 7957 and taking your calls during this special “Open lin