Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beth Phoenix Responses To Chelsea Handler

Following her negtive comments about woman's wrestling,Beth Phoenix tweeted the following to E! television host Chelsea Handler:

@chelseahandler made some off color comments about Women's Wrestling last night...Being WWE's Diva's Champ I can tell you with confidence that if @chelseahandler has any question about what a "women's wrestler" can do or how well we entertain, Id be happy to show her..."

"@chelseahandler please allow me to invite you to see a WWE event, live first hand 2/24 at the Staples Center. Of course, the invitation to @chelseahandler extends to the ring...any time
... any place... if you would like to see what the Champ is made of
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Chris Jericho Returning To WWE Full Time

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Chris Jericho, who returned to WWE at Monday's Raw SuperShow, will be working a full-time schedule for the organization.

He is scheduled for this weekend's Raw house shows in Tyler, Texas as well as the Raw live event tour in California the following week and then regularly shortly thereafter
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WWE Returning To Puerto Rico In March‏

WWE returns to the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday, March 24th, 2012 at 8 PM. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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News On Why Kane/John Cena Segment Ended Raw


The angle with Kane coming from under the ring was written about a week ago but officials didn't know how they would get to it until the day of the show. The six-man elimination match was put together at the last minute.

Officials wanted John Cena in the closing segment so there would be an "Indiana Jones-like" cliffhanger to end the show. The feeling was that the CM Punk segment wouldn't be exciting enough and Chris Jericho's return wouldn't be a good way to end the show.
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Update On Chris Jericho Being In WWE 12


One WWE source says there was never a problem between WWE and Chris Jericho for Jericho not being included in the WWE '12 video game. Jericho played it up online but the whole thing was part of trying to hide his return. From the start, WWE had planned for Jericho to be the one behind the cryptic videos from the beginning.
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Report: CM Punk Hurt Following Raw

According to PWInsider, CM Punk was hurting when he returned backstage after the match against Dolph Ziggler at Monday's RAW Supershow in Memphis. Punk is said to be banged up but there is on talk of him taking time off. Punk was shaken up after taking the bad slam from Ziggler in the match
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Update On Brodus Clay Debuting On Raw

Brodus Clay was backstage at Monday's RAW Supershow from Memphis and was scheduled to debut on TV, squashing a local wrestler. As plans changed through the day, once again Clay was bumped from the script.

WWE will be going with the storyline of Brodus being pissed at being pushed back so many times that he's even angrier than before. Officials do want to get Clay on TV as soon as possible to establish him as a monster. They wanted him to go into the Royal Rumble as one of the top big guys but it remains to be seen if he will debut before then.
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Update On Chris Jericho On Raw Next Week


There was talk at RAW of having Chris Jericho do something similar to what he did this week on next week's RAW Supershow where he didn't speak. The idea is to get fans to keep watching to see what Jericho will do next. WWE officials are worried that RAW will get killed in the ratings on Monday, January 9th with the big Alabama vs. LSU football game.
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Report: Road Dogg Praised Backstage

According to PWInsider,WWE producer "Road Dogg" Brian James has been getting high marks within WWE since returning in late 2011. James has been very helpful with a lot of the younger WWE talents as far as putting matches and other angles together go
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TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 12/30/11


The 12/30 edition of Smackdown did a 1.93 rating with 2,822,000 viewers.
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Superstars 1/5/12


*Yoshi Tatsu over Tyson Kidd. Kidd missed a moonsault and was then kicked in the head by Tatsu who then got the pinfall.

*Jinder Mahal over Ezekiel Jackson with the camel clutch.
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 1/6/12


SmackDown! opens with a video package on the Wade Barrett/Randy Orton situation from last week.
Opener was the WWE Intercontinental Title bout between Champion Cody Rhodes and Booker T. Arena was really smoke filled due to the opening fireworks. Fans are on to clear the air and it is getting cold in the Verizon Arena!

Solid back and forth. Good near fall sequence ends when Rhodes catches Booker in the face with his springboard kick off the ropes and gets the pin to retain IC Title.

Commercial airs for RAW showcasing Chris Jericho's return and asking what Y2J will have to say this Monday night.

*Backstage Cody Rhodes runs into his brother Dustin. Cody tells Dustin that he has accomplished more than the former Goldust ever did and that he is about to surpass their father Dusty.

*Zack Ryder is shown in Teddy Long's office talking about being Teddy's assistant general manager. Teddy corrected Zack and said he was the assistant to the GM. Zack said as United States Champion he is too busy and mentioned recommending a replacement as Drew McIntyre walked in. Teddy questioned the recommendation and Zack said he does not recommend Drew as Santino Marella comes in. Dialogue back and forth with Santino reminding Teddy he was supposed to fire Drew for losing last week. Out of this a match is set up with Drew vs Santino. If Santino wins he will be the assistant and Drew is fired. If Drew wins Teddy will consider not firing him. Aksana enters as the others exit.

*In another vignette, AJ is talking to Alicia Fox as Daniel Bryan walks in. The divas were discussing Bryan's World Title defense against Big Show. Bryan seemed confident and asked AJ why she is friends with Fox.

*Hornswoggle beat Heath Slater in an over the top rope challenge. Slater attacked afterward and Justin Gabriel made the save.

*Hunico defeated Ted DiBiase.

*Wade Barrett comes out to give an update on Randy Orton's condition. He says Orton has a herniated disk in his back and will have to miss the Royal Rumble in Orton's hometown of St. Louis. Barrett talks about how he will win the 30 man Rumble and this brings out Sheamus. After a verbal exchange, Jinder Mahal comes out. Barrett leaves and it is Mahal and Sheamis face to face. Mahal slaps Sheamus. A brawl ensues and it ends up two on one with Barrett and Mahal against Sheamus. Sheamus gets the edge briefly before Barrett takes over and leaves. Mahal then put the camel clutch on Sheamus.

*A tale of the tape between Daniel Bryan and Big Show is shown.

*Santino Marella over Drew McIntyre with the Cobra.

*A video is shown of the WWE '12 video game with Michael Cole beating up Daniel Bryan and winning the World Title.

*Drew McIntyre is in Teddy Long's office asking for another chance. Teddy says tonight was strike two. (Note: I either misunderstood the stipulation or Long says strike two instead of the actual firing.) Next week could be strike three for Drew according to Long.

* In a non-title bout, Epico and Primo defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. Finishing sequence had Epico pull Primo out of the way of Bourne's shooting star press and then Primo got the pin.

* Big Show was being interviewed when Daniel Bryan. Animosity starts to show a little more in this one.

* A video advertises Sheamus vs Jinder Mahal for next week's SmackDown on the heels of the angle from earlier.

* Tamina defeated Natalya with the Superfly Splash.

* Mark Henry comes out to do commentary for the main event.

* In the main event, after Big Show broke up submission attempts Daniel Bryan went to the floor and talked smack to Mark Henry. Henry pushed Bryan to cause a disqualification. Bryan wins by DQ and retains the World Title to end the show with the champion kissing his title on the ramp
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Update On Randy Orton's Injury

Randy Orton tweeted the following:

I'm getting alot of q's bout my back. What happened is I herniated a disc (leaked disc fluid) between my L4-L5 in my lower back.

"Had som estrength loss in my left lower leg. Time off is to let the inflammation go down, and try and strengthen the muscles int lower back
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Why WWE Didnt Fly Chris Jericho To Raw Secretly

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE officials ultimately decided not to fly Chris Jericho on a private jet to Memphis, Tennessee—the site of Monday's Raw SuperShow—because they felt the plan they had devised to keep his return from being spoiled was infallible.

WWE decided to have Jericho fly into Nashville International Airport on Sunday instead of Memphis on Sunday or Monday, have a limousine pick him up and hide him until showtime

Dave Meltzer wrote the following on the F4W message board:

They didn't figure somebody would take a photo of him at an airport 220 miles away,"
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