Friday, June 15, 2012

Audio: Running The Ropes With Rima Fakih & Kevin Nash Interview

Running The Ropes returned to the SNS and Unchained Radio Networks for a very special show. Crelly starts the show with Rima Fakih but before they can get into an interview, Rima's mother calls in and wrestling goes out the window. After Rima and her mother leave, Crelly runs down TNA Slammiversary and Raw before handing the show over to WNL's Trey Dawg and our guest Kevin Nash.

In the interview, Kevin and Trey spoke about the following:
why there was no Punk Nash payoff match.
Why his last WWE run was so short
jokes about him killing WCW
How Russo gets way too much heat
How the finish to a match is created and how its out of the Writers hands
The Creative Process at TNA and when it was at its best The NEW creative team at TNA
Why he would rather have a Legends Contract at WWE vs a Contract with TNA
Why he was mad and his thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame and much more!
The interview with Kevin begins at the 24:31 minute mark


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