Tuesday, December 27, 2011

News On A Recent WWE Trademark

As noted yesterday, WWE has registered to trademark WrestleFest, the name of a popular WWF arcade game. WWE is not bringing back the WrestleFest title. The reason for the trademark filing is WWE got wind of an outside project that was in the works. WWE sent a cease-and-desist letter to those working on the project and filed the trademark.
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Zack Ryder & Eve Torres News

The storyline between Eve Torres and WWE United States Champion Zack Ryder is expected to continue for a few weeks at least.
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Beth Phoenix Tweets About Her Absence on RAW

WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix wrote the following on Twitter last night, teasing why she wasn't there:

"Great. to see @NatbyNature and @KiddWWE lookin' vicious on Raw...where was I? Wouldnt u all like to know ;) #secret"
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Air Boom Have Joint Twitter Account

WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston now have a joint Twitter account at @TrueAirBoom.
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Lance Storm Tweets About RAW

Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm gave some advice to WWE after watching last night's RAW Supershow. He wrote:

"Advice to RAW. Stop having everyone point out each others flaws, especially legit ones. Why is everyone burying the talent and the product?"
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News On John Laurinaitis

While it didn't happen on last night's RAW Supershow, there has actually been talk of having John Laurinaitis work a match.
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Signs Confiscated At RAW Last Night

Signs promoting Colt Cabana, Cliff Compton and Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast were confiscated by Allstate Arena personnel at Monday's Raw SuperShow in Chicago, Illinois.
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