Monday, December 26, 2011

Audio: Running The Ropes 12/26/11 Archived

Merry Christmas folks! This week, Brian "Maveric" Bertrand brings you a great gift of a BIG interview with former member of the TNA roster, Jesse Neal! Find out the truth about why he left TNA and what the possible near future holds for him. All this and much much more on Running The Ropes, the official podcast of the Unchained Wrestling Network.
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Superstars 12/29/11

Dark Match
Skip Sheffield defeats Michael Mcgillicutty

JTG vs. Alex Riley.

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks vs Air Boom
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Live results for WWE Raw 12/26/2011

Whatsup guys and gals, and its the day after Christmas, so what are we all here for? WWE Raw, and its set to be a good show tonight. So stay tuned right here for all the results as they come, and don't forget to join us over at SNS Radio Network for live chat during the show.

John Laurinitus comes out to CM Punks music and even with his shirt on, and talks about being in Punks hometown and how John Laurinitus brought in the golden age of wrestling, as he said that Punks music hits and out he comes. Punk asks if John is poking the bear right now, and CM Punk asks the question that Chicago is wondering, why doesn't Punk kick Laurinitus face in. Laurinitus tells Punk hes going to give him something fun to do tonight, Punk has off tonight which illicits a chorus of boo's. Laurintus then says he is unpredictable, and Laurinitus says that tonight Punk will be in a match, then a 2nd match, then possibly a 3rd match. Punk will be in a gauntlet match, and if any of his opponents pin Punk, that person gets a future title match at next weeks Raw. Punk asks what happens when Punk wins the gauntlet match, what would happen? Laurinitus says he hadn't thought about that, but Punk said he has an idea, and asked if the WWE Universe wanted a 4th match and they said yes. Punk then goes to Laurinitus and says that if Punk wins, then tonight it will be Laurinitus vs Punk at the end of the night. But Laurinitus then goes through a list of reasons why they can't happen, and the Chicago crowd starts chanting, "You can't wrestle." Laurinitus then tells Punk that he leaves him with no other choice and says he is on, and walks out of the ring.

1st match
Cody Rhodes vs Booker T
Winner: Booker T

Backstage we see Zach Ryder talking to John Cena. Ryder tells Cena he owes him for everything, but Cena tells him he doesn't owe him nothing, he did it all himself. Ryder asks Cena about Kane and whats going on, and Cena says tonight will go off with a bang.

Opponents for CM Punk tonight
Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry
If CM Punk can defeat all of them, he gets a match with John Laurinitus.

Backstage we see John Laurinitus, and Big Show walks in, John Laurinitus asks Show to explain the punch to Otunga. But Otunga starts saying stuff to Show and Show says that any day of the week, he can beat Otunga with 1 arm tied behind his back. And Laurinitus made that match tonight.

2nd match Mixed Tag Match
Eve/Zach Ryder vs Natalya/Tyson Kidd
Winner: Eve and Zach Ryder

Out comes John Cena to some very loud boo's. Cena talks about the history of Chicago, telling Chicago to let  the world know and remember them as the end of 2011. That right now Cena is probably signing his own death warrant by calling out the devils favorite demon, Kane. Instead of Kane coming out, Miz comes out. Miz says right now, he wants to see one thing, Miz vs Cena, because they have some loose ends to tie up. Miz says his win at Wrestlemania was a little tainted because of the Rock, and Miz will not let 2011 end with a tainted win.

3rd match
John Cena vs The Miz
No Contest

During the match Miz slides out of the ring and says that the crowd is chanting the wrong persons name (They were doing the dueling chants, Cena sucks/Let's go Cena) Miz talks about walking out of the city, because hes the Miz and he's.....The Truth shall set me free. Out comes R-Truth and him and the Miz