Sunday, December 18, 2011

Daniel Bryan Cashes In Money In The Bank Case And Wins Title

Daniel Bryan cashed in his Money In The Bank case at WWE TLC and defeated Big Show to become the new World Heavyhearted champion.
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New World Champion Crownd At WWE TLC

Big Show defeated Mark Henry at TLC to become the new World Heavyweight champion.
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Zack Ryder Wins The US Title

Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler to become the new WWE United States champion at WWE Table,Ladders and Chairs.
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Live Results For WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2011

What is up, Ashley here again providing you with all the action from tonight's TLC PPV. Vickie's screaming 'Merry Christmas!' so the US title match will open the show.

United States Championship - Dolph Ziggler (c) (w/Vickie Guerrero) Vs. Zack Ryder

Zack starts out strong on Dolph but Dolph manages to turn it around and is heavily on the offensive for a large portion of the match. Later on, Dolph sits in the turnbuckle corner and Ryder hits the Browski boot. Ryder goes for the pin, but Vickie puts Ziggler's boot on the ropes. The referee sees this and ejects Vickie from the match. The finish comes with Ziggler going for a running attack on Ryder on the turnbuckle. Ryder pushes him away and hits the Rough Ryder, gets the pinfall and Ryder wins the US title.

WINNER and NEW US Champion - Zack Ryder

We see Booker T backstage with Alicia Fox, but gets attacked by Cody Rhodes. WWE officials break them up, with Booker T less than happy.

Impromptu match is next...

WWE Tag Team Championships - Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) (c) Vs. Epico & Primo (w/Rosa Mendes)

After Kofi gets a few attacks on the other tag team, as soon as Bourne is tagged in and Primo & Epico are dominating the early part of the match. Kofi manages to get the hot tag off Bourne and cleans house. Towards the end Epico on the outside gets jumped on from Bourne off the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, the legal men are in action and Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise on Primo to get the win for air Boom.

WINNER and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions - Air Boom

Josh Matthews backstage outside a trainer's room saying that there's a possibility that the Booker vs. Rhodes match may be called off.

Then we see Santa Teddy Long and Hornswoggle backstage. Hornswoggle with speech is suprisingly good as when he's asked 'How are you, kid?' Hornswoggle replies that he has a beard and 'mature testes'... yes, really. The segment was poor but the only bright point was the 'Grapefruits' mention.

Tables Match - Randy Orton Vs. Wade Barrett

Pretty early into the match, Barrett gets hit in the face with a table thanks to an Orton kick, and hits him on the brow area and Barrett is cut open, but not dramatically. Later on, Orton hits his rope assisted DDT and goes for the RKO, Barrett gets out and pushed him towards the table. Orton stopped himself and ran into a Black Hole Slam from Barrett. Barrett then stands the table up on it's legs, puts Orton on the table and attempts a jump onto the table from the turnbuckle. Orton gets out the way and manages to turn it into an RKO through the table. Seems like Barrett actually put his legs through the table rater than his body. Ouch.

WINNER - Randy Orton

Backstage and Santa Teddy has the Bellas on his knees, probably looking for a kiss. of course they refuse him. Jack Swagger comes in looking for vengeance against Henry for hitting him with a steel chair. Sheamus comes in as Teddy Long asked for him, Swagger is displeased and so Teddy arranges Swagger and Sheamus for later in the night.

Beth Phoenix is making her way to the ring, so an impromptu divas match is on it's way.

WWE Divas Championship - Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

Apparently this match is just because of the Slammy incident from last Monday. Oh god...
Kelly Kelly has the upper hand for the first minute or so, but then Beth gets control of the match. The match finishes with an attempted Widow's Peak, but Kelly gets out of it. Beth then goes for a variation of an electric chair and gets the pinfall and the victory.

WINNER and STILL WWE Divas champion - Beth Phoenix

Backstage face-off between Alberto Del Rio and The Miz. Nice little mini-segment there.

Booker T makes his entrance but before he gets to the ring, Cody Rhodes attacks him again. The officials come out to stop Cody and once again the match is in limbo.

Promo package for Triple H & Nash, so they're up next.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match - Kevin Nash Vs. Triple H
(whoever gets the sledgehammer hanging over the ring, they can legally use it in the match and the winner will be decided by pinfall or submission)

As soon as the ladders begin to get involved in the match, Triple H goes after Nash's quads which are widely known to be injury prone. Huge spot with Triple H putting a figure Four Leglock with the ladder on Nash. Nash then soon gets the upper hand and whips Triple H into the ladder stood in the turnbuckle and out of the ring. Nash then gets a few shots and spots in with ladders on on HHH. HHH rolls out of the ring and Nash pulls the table apart. Nash goes for a jacknife, but HHH rolls him out of it and over the table.

HHH goes to climb the ladder but is stopped by Nash and hits the chokeslam on HHH. Nash is now pulling out a table and pulls his singlet down to go for the jacknife, but HHH gets out of it. Both guys are on the ladder but HHH uses the hanging hammer to hit Nash in the skull and knock him off the ladder and through the table. HHH acquires the sledgehammer, beats the crap out of Nash & then gets the Pedigree on Nash (on the second attempt, first time Nash collapsed). The crowd calls for 'one more time' with the hammer and, with Nash on his knees doing the Kliq sign, another sledgehammer shot from HHH gets him the victory.

WINNER - Triple H

Backstage interview with CM Punk, saying that he didn't get his Slammy. John Laurinitis appears and says the award's in the mail and wishes CM Punk good luck. CM Punk says he'll still be champ and still makes John's life hell. Laurinitis gets on he mobile texting again.

Jack Swagger (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Sheamus

Sheamus starts out on top in this match but when it moves to outside the ring for a short time, Swagger manages to get the upper hand. Swagger then gets a little cocky and Sheamus manages to get an advantage. Sheamus calls for the Brogue kick but Swagger avoids it and tackles Sheamus's leg, to weaken it for the Ankle Lock. Sheamus gets to the ropes and soon after hits the Brogue kick on Swagger to get the win.

WINNER - Sheamus

Backstage interview with Big Show on his upcoming match with Mark Henry.

World Heavyweight Championship - Chairs Match - Big Show vs. Mark Henry (c)

As soon as the bell rings, Big Show rolls outside and throws nearly 15 chairs into the ring. Big show gets in with a chair also, but Henry leaves the ring and grabs his belt to leave. Big Show dodges a belt shot from Henry and smacks him a few times with the chair. Big Show gets laid out and Henry piles a few chairs up in the ring and grabs one in a baseball swing style, Big Show dodges it and hits a Knockout Punch on Henry, and in no time Big Show gets the pinfall.

WINNER and NEW World Heavyweight Champion - Big Show

As Show is celebrating, Mark Henry hits him with a steel chair and DDT's him on the pile of chairs. Big Show is out. Crowd calls for Daniel Bryan and they get their wish. Bryan cashes in his MITB briefcase.

World Heavyweight Championship - Big Show (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan goes to the downed Big Show, pins him, gets the 3-count (just) and Daniel Bryan has won!!!

WINNER and NEW World Heavyweight Champion - Daniel Bryan

Bryan celebrates with the crowd as Show comes to terms with his short title run and leaves the ring.

Booker T interview and says that despite being not in a perfect state to compete, he wants his revenge on Cody for his attacks.

Intercontinental Championship - Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Booker T

Good little back and forth match. Finish came with Booker attempting a spinaroonie but is too exhausted to perform it, Cody hits the beautiful disaster on Booker but Booker kicks out. Another kick from Rhodes on Booker after dodging his Scissors Kick and that's enough to get the win.

WINNER and STILL Intercontinental Champion - Cody Rhodes

Now they're showing a recap of the US Title and World Heavyweight Championship matches.

WWE Championship - Triple Threat TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) Match - Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz vs. CM Punk (c)

Some good back and forth action from all three guys, a big bit with CM Punk swinging the chair on both Del Rio & Miz. Punk gets the ladder and goes for the belt but Ricardo stops him by handcuffing him to the ladder. Del Rio tries to capitalize but Punk manages to break the ladder to get out. Another nice spot comes with Miz & Punk on the turnbuckle, Del Rio hits a double Enziguri putting Miz down to the mat and Punk through a table. Then Del Rio puts a Cross Arm Breaker with a mini-ladder on Miz and soon after with a chair on Punk. Del Rio goes for the ladder but gets dropped down onto the ring ropes by both Miz & Punk. They go at it now and take each other out with double clotheslines. Ricardo Rodriguez goes up but gets thrown off by both Miz & Punk through a table on the outside.

Miz then takes advantage of the handcuffs and cuffs Punk to the turnbuckle. Miz taunts him, but gets a kick from Punk for doing so. Punk then gets working on the turnbuckle and loosens the middle rope to loosen himself from it. All 3 guys are now battling at the top of ladders. del Rio gets thrown off and Punk goes for the belt, Miz stops him and goes for the belt himself only for punk to bring him off the ladder and hit the GTS. Punk climbs the ladder and gets the belt to retain.

WINNER and STILL WWE Champion - CM Punk

With that TLC is over and it's seemingly time for me to get ROH gear what with the major champs being former ROH talents. But given that it's Christmas and thanks to Hornswoggle's reminder, I've got to check that my testes have matured enough to see if they're vintage yet. Ashley OUT!!!
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JCW Results from 12/17; Returns 12/31 to Worcester, MA‏

JCW Results from 12/17; Returns 12/31 to Worcester, MA

Juggalo Championship Wrestling saw action this past Saturday, December 17 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI in front of a sold out crowd!

Prior to the first match, The Voice of JCW, "KG" Kevin Gill, entered the ring to welcome the sold out crowd and introduce JCW Heavyweight champion Corporal Robinson.

In an emotional interview, Corp acknowledged he is not cleared to compete by doctors and after an unprecedented four championship reigns, an untold number of concussions, serious back and neck injuries, Corporal Robinson would be retiring as JCW champion, effective immediately.

He then surrendered the JCW belt and stepped out of the six-man tag team main event!

Corporal Robinson said he wouldn't change a thing and that with the love of his Juggalo family he rose to the top of the wrestling world. He vowed to focus 100% on physical rehabilitation and healing.

KG raised Corps hand in the center of the ring and Robinson soaked up the cheers, daps, hugs, and love from the ninjas in attendance - A true unprecedented moment in JCW history.

Everyone at JCW would like to thank Corporal Robinson for giving 100 percent in the ring and send nothing but positive Karma. Thank you, Champ! We love you!

The night’s action saw:
* Bull Pain w/ Isabella Smothers defeated The Weedman
* Headbangers defeated Madman Pondo and Necro Butcher in a Hardcore match
* Zach Gowen defeated Isabella Smothers W/ Bull Pain
* 2 Tuff Tony and Butler Geeves defeated Richie Boy Bryer Wellington (w/ Miss Geeves), Kongo Kong (w/ Truth Martini) and "The Submissionary” Rob Conway in a Handicapped Match following the shocking retirement of Corporal Robinson. The numbers game proved too much for the Louisville Town Drunk and the breakout star Geeves, but old Friend Corporal Robinson brought a steel chair to the ring and evened the odds, brutally intervening on a Bryer Wellington Moonsault and allowing Tony to set up for his patented flaming fist.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling returns for the ‘New Year’s Ninja Party’ on Saturday, December 31 for a live crowd at The Palladium, 261 Main Street in Worcester, MA.

‘New Year’s Ninja Party’ - LIVE Event Only
Saturday, December 31, 2011
The Palladium, 261 Main ST, Worcester, MA