Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wrestling Radio Awards Now Underway

The 2012 wrestling radio awards are under way and the SNS Radio Network as well as Running The Ropes are up for awards.

Below are the awards and the shows/interviews that we produced that are nominated:

Show of the Year: Wrestling News Live
Male interview of the year: Shawn Michaels On WNL
Media interview of the year DDP on WNL
Female interview of the year Rima Fakih on Running The Ropes
Host of the year: JJ Sexay
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Report: Undertaker Vs Triple H Booked For WrestleMania 28

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Triple H vs Undertaker has been booked for WrestleMania 28 in Miami.
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Synopsis For WWE's Triple H DVD

The following synopsis is from WWEDVDNews.com:

Triple H continues to build upon his enduring legacy.

The 13-time world champion upped his game in 2011 first taking on Undertaker in a brutal No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania XXVII and then shocking the world when he relieved his father-in-law, Vince McMahon of power to take control of Raw as the new COO. Triple H continued on even with a superstar walkout forcing him out of his position, followed by memorable bouts with CM Punk and former friend Kevin Nash.

Now the Game looks back at his storied career, as this DVD collects more than two dozen of his greatest matches, along with all-new interviews where Triple H reflects on these touchstone moments throughout the years."
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Road Dogg Comments On WWE Return

The Road Dogg wrote the following on Twitter:

It sure felt good to be out there again. These last two days have been awesome for the dogglb. #ohyoudidntknow

I wish @RealBillyGunn was on this ride with me. We have been through a lot together and it would be cool to be sharing this with him. #OUDK
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 12/15 & 12/22


For the episode to air on December 15th:

Match Number One: Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Roode versus A.J. Styles wrestled to a draw in a match with a five minute time limit to follow up on the draw from Final Resolution.

After the crowd wanted more time for the match, Sting came out to the stage and he told Roode and Styles that they would have five more minutes and the person to get the first fall wins the match.

Bobby Roode defeated A.J. Styles with a single leg crab, taking advantage of Styles’ injured leg from Final Resolution.

Match Number Two: Abyss and Scott Steiner defeated Rob Terry and Hernandez (with Rosita and Sarita) in a Wild Card Tag Tournament Match to determine the number one contenders for the Impact Wrestling Tag Titles. Steiner got the pin on Terry after Abyss gave Terry a Black Hole Slam.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring and he wants to talk to Sting. Sting comes to the ring and Angle complains about how bad things have gotten for him since Sting was put in charge of things in the Impact Zone. Angle blames Sting for losing the World Title to James Storm. Angle demands a rematch against James Storm.

Sting refuses to give Angle his rematch because Storm won the match and there is no reason to give it to Angle. When Sting tries to leave the ring, Angle tells Sting that he will go to Storm’s house if he does not get the rematch.

Match Number Three: Zema Ion defeated Tony Nese with a 450 Splash.

Match Number Four: Jesse Neal versus Gunner (with Ric Flair) was a no contest after Gunner hit the referee. After the match, Gunner attacked Neal and he gave Neal a piledriver on the floor. Neal was stretchered out of the building.

Jeff Hardy came out for an interview. Hardy mentioned that he was still in pain from the steel cage match at Final Resolution. Hardy talks about becoming the World Champion at Genesis.

Bully Ray comes out and talks about his match with Hardy in the main event. Ray insulted Hardy and went to the back.

Match Number Five: Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Robbie E and Douglas Williams in a Wild Card Tournament Match when Joe pinned Williams after hitting a muscle buster.

Match Number Six: Madison Rayne defeated Traci Brooks.

Devon came to the ring and he wanted D’Angelo Dinero to come to the ring. Dinero came to the ring with Devon’s children. Devon tells Dinero that he does not want his kids put in harm’s way. Devon is about to leave with his kids when Dinero tells Devon that Devon’s kids want to be like Dinero. Devon punches Dinero and tries to leave with his kids. Dinero kicks Devon in the groin and Devon’s kids stare at their father. Dinero attacks Devon and one of Devon’s kids put on Dinero’s sunglasses and they leave the ring.

Match Number Seven: Jeff Hardy defeated Bully Ray with the Twist of Fate.

During the match, Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Roode joined Tenay and Taz at the announce table. Roode went to the ring and attacked Hardy. Ray and Roode brought a table into the ring and set it up. Roode gave Hardy a power bomb through the table.

Sting made his way to the ring and he had something to say to Roode and Ray. Roode said something to Sting that made Sting try to hit Roode and Ray. Roode and Ray attacked Sting and then Ray put the World Title belt around Roode’s waist.

For the episode to air on December 22

Madison Rayne comes out wearing a referee shirt. She wants Tara and Brooke Tessmacher to come to the ring. Madison tells Tara and Tessmacher that they have to wrestle each other.

Match Number One: Tara versus Brooke Tessmacher with guest referee Madison Rayne goes to a no contest. Tara and Tessmacher attack Madison during the match.

Match Number Two: Eric Young and ODB defeated Shannon Moore and Anarquia (with Rosita and Sarita). During the match, Moore abandoned his tag team partner.

In Matches filmed for Xplosion

Match Number One: Christopher Daniels defeated Devon with a rollup and an assist from the ropes.

Match Number Two: Samoa Joe defeated Kazarian with a muscle buster
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Juggalo Championship Wrestling 12/30 Event Cancelled‏

Juggalo Championship Wrestling 12/30 Event Cancelled

Juggalo Championship Wrestling's December 30 iPPV scheduled for the Asylum (Former ECW) Arena has been cancelled by the new owners/management of the building.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling still has two events on the calendar for this year, and these events WILL go on AS SCHEDULED!

12.17.11 - Big Balla's Christmas Party - St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI
12.31.11 - New Year's Ninja Party - The Palladium, Worcester, MA

The new year will bring new live events and iPPVs. We look forward to 2012!

Twitter @RealJCW
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Talent For TNA's Indian Brand


*Harry Smith
*Luke Gallows
*Chris Masters
*Nick Dinsmore
*Jimmy Rave
*Joey Ryan
*Shawn Daivari
*Sonjay Dutt
*Zema Ion

Going over in administrative duties are Savio Vega, Jeff Jarrett, Dave Lagana, Rudy Charles and Dutch Mantel.
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