Sunday, December 11, 2011

Live Results for TNA Final Resolution 2011

What's up guys, Ashley here, back once again to step into Sean's shoes (not literally of course) to cover all the results and action from TNA's final PPV of the calendar year, Final Resolution 2011.

Opening promo for the intro is showing Roode and his life since winning the World Title a few weeks back.

1. Rob Van Dam Vs. Christopher Daniels
OK for an opening match. Some basic wrestling mat skills. Finish comes with Daniels and RVD on the turnbuckle, Daniels gets pushed down, RVD hits the Five-star Frogsplash and gets the win.

WINNER - Rob Van Dam

2. TNA Television Championship - Eric Young Vs. Robbie E (c) (w/Robbie T)
As you expect, the great part of this match was filled with Eric Young antics. Interesting spot came with Robbie E distracting the ref and Robbie E putting a turnbuckle choke hold on Young. Robbie E runs in to hit Young, but instead hits Robbie T's crotch, then positions Robbie E on Robbie E's crotch so it looks... questionable. Robbie E hits a codebreaker on Young and gets the win to retain.

WINNER - Robbie E

3. TNA Tag Team Championship - Crimson & Matt Morgan (c) Vs. 'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero & Devon

Not a bad match, towards the end it became a 2-on-1 with the champs and Devon. Finish comes with Pope hitting an elbow drop on Crimson. Morgan breaks it up and soon after, both Morgan & Crimson give a double chokeslam to Devon. Crimson & Morgan retain.

WINNER - Crimson & Matt Morgan

4. TNA X-Division Championship - Kid Kash Vs. Austin Aries (c)

Very good match. One spot that was pretty cool early on with both guys trying to get pinfalls by using the ropes. Finish comes with Aries attempting to use the belt, Kash grabs it from him. Ref pulls the title away from Kid Kash. While the ref is distracted, Aries low-blows Kash and hits the Brainbuster. Aries retains.

WINNER - Austin Aries

5. TNA Knockouts Championship - Gail Kim (c) Vs. Mickie James
Good match of women's wrestling here. The finish came with Gail trying to leave the arena but was caught on the ramp by James. James then threw her first into the ringpost and then into the ring. Madison Rayne ran down and stopped Mickie from entering the ring. Mickie kicks her away but when she get in, Gail hits her with an Eat Defeat and retains the title.

WINNER - Gail Kim

6. Kurt Angle Vs. James Storm
Excellent match between these two, some great moments including a hanging DDT of the turnbuckle by Storm on Angle onto the ring apron. Towards the end, Storm attempts the Last Call but Angle reverses it into an Angle Slam. Angle goes for the pin but only gets 2. He then attempts a moonsault on Storm, but Storm moves out of the way. Then, thanks to the crowd, Storm pumps himself up and manages to hit Angle with the last call and gets the win.

WINNER - James Storm

7. Steel Cage Match - Jeff Hardy Vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Karen Jarrett) [Shame she isn't called Jeff tho]

Here comes Stipulation-mania...

(Karen Jarrett is hancuffed to Sting at ringside; If Jarrett wins, Hardy must leave TNA; If Hardy wins, Hardy become number 1 contender to the TNA World Heayweight Championship at Genesis next month AND either Jeff or Karen Jarrett must leave TNA) ... PHEW

Oh, and you can with the match by pinfall, submission or escaping the cage. That enough stipulations for you? No? Well too bad, cos that's all of them. Some very good spots in this match including an attempted Swanton Bomb from Hardy which hit the canvas as Jarrett rolled out the way. Finish came with Hardy attempting to escape through the door only for Jarrett to stop him and in turn, make the door hit Sting on the outside.

Given that Sting is out, Karen makes for the keys to the handcuffs and after she is free, closed the door on Hardy's head, Jarrett goes for a pinfall but only gets a 2. Karen then attempts to give her husband his guitar, but Sting manages to stop her. Jarrett then turns around, only to be hit with a Twist Of Fate from Hardy. Hardy pins him and gets the three count. Hardy is your new umber 1 contender and either Jeff or Karen is leaving TNA.

WINNER - JEFF!!! ... I mean Jeff Hardy.

Sting then says that one of the Jarretts will be fired on Impact Wrestling this Thursday.

8. TNA World Heavyweight Championship - AJ Styles Vs. Robert Roode (c)

AJ is selling his knee like crazy so expect this to be a key feature of the match. Very back and forth with some attempted roll-ups but the first fall comes when AJ attempts the Phenomenon in the corner of the ring but Roode manages to sweep the legs away from AJ, and with AJ in pain, Roode manages to get the first pinfall. --- SCORE: Styles 0 - Roode 1

A few minutes later, Roode puts a half Boston Crab on AJ but AJ manages to get the ropes to break the hold. Roode then puts the Figure Four leglock on AJ and despite trying to get out of it, AJ has to eventually tap. --- SCORE: Styles 0 - Roode 2

Close to the 13-12 minute mark, AJ manages to lock in the crossface on Roode, Roode's own finisher and Roode taps out. --- SCORE: Styles 1 - Roode 2

At the 10 minute mark, AJ managed to get Roode in an inside cradle and get a pinfall. --- SCORE: Styles 2 - Roode 2

With around 7 minutes to go and with Roode on the canvas, AJ hits a springboard 450 off the ropes, gets a pinfall and takes the lead for the first time in the contest. --- SCORE Styles 3 - Roode 2

5 minutes to go and Roode manages to get a pinfall with some assistance from the ropes. We are all tied up again. --- SCORE: Styles 3 - Roode 3

2 minute warning and AJ attempts a Styles Clash but his knee buckles and Roode rolls out the ring. AJ dives out the ring onto Roode and with a minute left, both guys are laid out on the outside. Both manage to get in within the count, but just before the clock runs out Roode rolls back out again. The bell rings and time is up.

WINNER - NO-ONE... DRAW --- SCORE: Styles 3 - Roode 3 (Roode retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

The crowd are chanting for 5 more minutes. But the closing logo pops up and... YES, it's over and once again it seems the main event has let down the fans once again. Apparently World Title matches have to finish in a draw with no definitive winner. Ah well...

Anyway, that's all from me for this time. Hope to catch you again soon with some more recaps. Ashley out.
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