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Live Results for TNA Final Resolution 2011

What's up guys, Ashley here, back once again to step into Sean's shoes (not literally of course) to cover all the results and action from TNA's final PPV of the calendar year, Final Resolution 2011.

Opening promo for the intro is showing Roode and his life since winning the World Title a few weeks back.

1. Rob Van Dam Vs. Christopher Daniels
OK for an opening match. Some basic wrestling mat skills. Finish comes with Daniels and RVD on the turnbuckle, Daniels gets pushed down, RVD hits the Five-star Frogsplash and gets the win.

WINNER - Rob Van Dam

2. TNA Television Championship - Eric Young Vs. Robbie E (c) (w/Robbie T)
As you expect, the great part of this match was filled with Eric Young antics. Interesting spot came with Robbie E distracting the ref and Robbie E putting a turnbuckle choke hold on Young. Robbie E runs in to hit Young, but instead hits Robbie T's crotch, then positions Robbie E on Robbie E's crotch so it looks... questionable. Robbie E hits a codebreaker on Young and gets the win to retain.

WINNER - Robbie E

3. TNA Tag Team Championship - Crimson & Matt Morgan (c) Vs. 'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero & Devon

Not a bad match, towards the end it became a 2-on-1 with the champs and Devon. Finish comes with Pope hitting an elbow drop on Crimson. Morgan breaks it up and soon after, both Morgan & Crimson give a double chokeslam to Devon. Crimson & Morgan retain.

WINNER - Crimson & Matt Morgan

4. TNA X-Division Championship - Kid Kash Vs. Austin Aries (c)

Very good match. One spot that was pretty cool early on with both guys trying to get pinfalls by using the ropes. Finish comes with Aries attempting to use the belt, Kash grabs it from him. Ref pulls the title away from Kid Kash. While the ref is distracted, Aries low-blows Kash and hits the Brainbuster. Aries retains.

WINNER - Austin Aries

5. TNA Knockouts Championship - Gail Kim (c) Vs. Mickie James
Good match of women's wrestling here. The finish came with Gail trying to leave the arena but was caught on the ramp by James. James then threw her first into the ringpost and then into the ring. Madison Rayne ran down and stopped Mickie from entering the ring. Mickie kicks her away but when she get in, Gail hits her with an Eat Defeat and retains the title.

WINNER - Gail Kim

6. Kurt Angle Vs. James Storm
Excellent match between these two, some great moments including a hanging DDT of the turnbuckle by Storm on Angle onto the ring apron. Towards the end, Storm attempts the Last Call but Angle reverses it into an Angle Slam. Angle goes for the pin but only gets 2. He then attempts a moonsault on Storm, but Storm moves out of the way. Then, thanks to the crowd, Storm pumps himself up and manages to hit Angle with the last call and gets the win.

WINNER - James Storm

7. Steel Cage Match - Jeff Hardy Vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Karen Jarrett) [Shame she isn't called Jeff tho]

Here comes Stipulation-mania...

(Karen Jarrett is hancuffed to Sting at ringside; If Jarrett wins, Hardy must leave TNA; If Hardy wins, Hardy become number 1 contender to the TNA World Heayweight Championship at Genesis next month AND either Jeff or Karen Jarrett must leave TNA) ... PHEW

Oh, and you can with the match by pinfall, submission or escaping the cage. That enough stipulations for you? No? Well too bad, cos that's all of them. Some very good spots in this match including an attempted Swanton Bomb from Hardy which hit the canvas as Jarrett rolled out the way. Finish came with Hardy attempting to escape through the door only for Jarrett to stop him and in turn, make the door hit Sting on the outside.

Given that Sting is out, Karen makes for the keys to the handcuffs and after she is free, closed the door on Hardy's head, Jarrett goes for a pinfall but only gets a 2. Karen then attempts to give her husband his guitar, but Sting manages to stop her. Jarrett then turns around, only to be hit with a Twist Of Fate from Hardy. Hardy pins him and gets the three count. Hardy is your new umber 1 contender and either Jeff or Karen is leaving TNA.

WINNER - JEFF!!! ... I mean Jeff Hardy.

Sting then says that one of the Jarretts will be fired on Impact Wrestling this Thursday.

8. TNA World Heavyweight Championship - AJ Styles Vs. Robert Roode (c)

AJ is selling his knee like crazy so expect this to be a key feature of the match. Very back and forth with some attempted roll-ups but the first fall comes when AJ attempts the Phenomenon in the corner of the ring but Roode manages to sweep the legs away from AJ, and with AJ in pain, Roode manages to get the first pinfall. --- SCORE: Styles 0 - Roode 1

A few minutes later, Roode puts a half Boston Crab on AJ but AJ manages to get the ropes to break the hold. Roode then puts the Figure Four leglock on AJ and despite trying to get out of it, AJ has to eventually tap. --- SCORE: Styles 0 - Roode 2

Close to the 13-12 minute mark, AJ manages to lock in the crossface on Roode, Roode's own finisher and Roode taps out. --- SCORE: Styles 1 - Roode 2

At the 10 minute mark, AJ managed to get Roode in an inside cradle and get a pinfall. --- SCORE: Styles 2 - Roode 2

With around 7 minutes to go and with Roode on the canvas, AJ hits a springboard 450 off the ropes, gets a pinfall and takes the lead for the first time in the contest. --- SCORE Styles 3 - Roode 2

5 minutes to go and Roode manages to get a pinfall with some assistance from the ropes. We are all tied up again. --- SCORE: Styles 3 - Roode 3

2 minute warning and AJ attempts a Styles Clash but his knee buckles and Roode rolls out the ring. AJ dives out the ring onto Roode and with a minute left, both guys are laid out on the outside. Both manage to get in within the count, but just before the clock runs out Roode rolls back out again. The bell rings and time is up.

WINNER - NO-ONE... DRAW --- SCORE: Styles 3 - Roode 3 (Roode retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

The crowd are chanting for 5 more minutes. But the closing logo pops up and... YES, it's over and once again it seems the main event has let down the fans once again. Apparently World Title matches have to finish in a draw with no definitive winner. Ah well...

Anyway, that's all from me for this time. Hope to catch you again soon with some more recaps. Ashley out.
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DVD Review: Stone Cold Steve Austin – the Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time

DVD Review:
Stone Cold Steve Austin – the Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time

Will be honest in saying that I heard that this was coming out I was “another Austin DVD?” as there have been many done in the past. But as more information was released I decided to give it a shot, especially since there would be a biography done as well as being a four disc set instead of the usual two or three. I was fortunate in getting this couple a few days prior to its scheduled release and got to say that this has been a great watch.

Disc 1: Biography

This is perhaps the major sales point in getting this set as it went for over two and a half hours long and maybe it was just me but it felt like the biographies that you would see on A&E. Despite the length I never felt bored and didn’t really drag. Might’ve been a few things that were repeated on other DVDs but wasn’t something that took away from the enjoyment.

Perhaps like most people who became fans of wrestling, Austin came across it for the first time by flipping through the channels one Saturday and became immediately when he saw World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW). Something similar happened when learning that wrestler Chris Adams was holding training wrestling hopefuls and Mike Foley stated that even then he believed that Austin had the potential "it factor".

Before going into the more known time that Austin had in WCW and onward, we learn that while still green, he was always trying to learn as he would sit down and watch every match that went on while he was in USWA. It was there that due to mere circumstances that instead of going by his real name, due to that Dr. Death Steve Williams was in the company as well, he was given the name of Steve Austin by booker Dutch Mantel. Shows that sometimes a wrestler(s) is given something due to some other means and you have to just make the best of it.

When he entered WCW, Austin was almost immediately thrust into a feud with Bobby Eaton, a man that he greatly respects, that led to him winning the television title and is a title reign that Austin still treasures. Of course, the series of matches with Ricky Steamboat is highlighted and agree that it was how those matches went that showed that Austin could truly work a match. The whole situation with the whole team up with Brian Pillman to become the Hollywood Blondes is talked about and while there are things that might be rehashed we do get some more tidbits.

There's of course the whole getting released by WCW over the phone but Austin admits that looking back he could understand the decision. This was before his whole Stone Cold persona started to manifest and at that time, Stunning Steve Austin was mostly known to be a worker. When you could have someone basically could do the same but cost less money, wouldn't you consider doing the same thing that Eric Bischoff did? I probably would.

What came out of was Austin going to ECW and even while still recovering from an injured shoulder he was still able to captivate people by doing remarkable interviews/promos. Even to this day I would rate the interviews that he did at that time to be some of the best that were ever done. They would also be the early signs of what would become Stone Cold. But instead of continuing with what was started in ECW, when starting in WWE he was given something completely different.

Almost right at the start, the whole Ringmaster gimmick was a failure. Austin already showed that he could talk on the mic but was paired up with Ted DiBiase who should've instead been paired up with someone who had trouble talking. Gratefully he had enough and told those backstage that he wanted something different and they allowed him the opportunity to come up with a new one. Much like with him noticing wrestling, the idea came when he was watched a documentary about a real life hit man and felt that cold and heartless persona was work for him. Was done over time but The Ringmaster was replaced by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While the new gimmick was getting over it wasn't until the infamous Austin 3:16 promo after winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament that the fans really started noticing Austin. Got to remember that it was around this time that fans were starting to view the whole face/heel thing differently where a usual face would be booed while a heel would be cheered. Look at the double turn that happened between him and Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13. Helped that Austin refused to submit that showed that he was a tough guy. Seeing him trying to get out of the Sharpshooter with blood pouring down his face is still a image to remember.

All that momentum came to a screeching halt when his neck was broken at SummerSlam 1997. Not wanting to lose the opportunity that he was getting, Austin risk further injury and continue through it. Was that whole incident that let to the friendship with Owen Hart to be strained and never returned to what it had been. Months later that risk proved to be a wise one as the whole feud with Vince McMahon started up.

No one can deny that the feud between Austin and McMahon wasn’t magic. It was the “Everyday Man vs. Corporate” that drew in most fans. It also helped that prior to it the MontrĂ©al Screwjob and made McMahon hated by the fans. This feud would be a major contributive in WWE regaining the momentum and winning the overall ratings war with WCW.

While delaying surgery was beneficial to him, it got to the point that in 1999 they had the whole hit and run angle happened to explain why Austin was off TV. He would return but was starting to feel that he was becoming stale and would lead to the decision on becoming heel during the WrestleMania X-Seven match. Sometimes a wrestler feels like they need to change from being heel or face and in most cases that would work but there as those who don't quite turn out like they hope. For Austin, this turn fell in the latter as it simply didn't work out in the long run.

One thing I really was looking forward to seeing was how the whole Austin "taking his ball and going home" would be handled. I knew about him feeling burnt out but I didn't know that he should've wrestled Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X8 instead of The Rock. Will admit that a match between those two would've been one to see. Then came to having a match with Brock Lesnar on RAW. I can completely agree why Austin felt that giving away such a big time match on free TV without any real build up but walking away wasn’t the best way to handle the situation. Both sides can share blame and Stone Cold has admitted that he regrets what he did.

Fortunately things would be patched up and Austin would return his active wrestling career came to an end after the third WrestleMania match with The Rock. He still remained in the company by becoming co-RAW general manager and then sheriff. Those roles helped to show the more comedic side of Austin and he admits that the spontaneous interactions with Eric Bischoff were fun and felt that the pairing ended sooner than it should have.

Getting away from wrestling he would go on to do some movies. To be honest, I think “The Condemned” was decent and was a good movie debut for him, excluding the small part in the “Longest Yard” remake. Biography ends with his induction to the WWE Hall of Fame and a few parting words from colleagues about where Austin’s impact in wrestling would be in history.

Disc 2 & 3
These two discs are filled with an assortment of matches. There are some that were in other DVD releases but they worked. Some of the better ones were:
• Stunning Steve Austin & Ric Flair vs. Sting & Ricky Steamboat [WCW Saturday Night – July 30, 1994]
• Submission Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart [WrestleMania 13 – March 23, 1997]
• WWE Championship Anything Goes Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Dude Love [Over the Edge – May 31, 1998]
• WWE Championship Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker [SummerSlam – August 30, 1998]
• WWE Championship No Disqualification Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock [WrestleMania XV – March 28, 1999]
• WWE Championship No Disqualification Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock [WrestleMania X-Seven – March 28, 1999]

Along with the matches, there are three alternative commentary tracks with Steve Austin and Jim Ross on the WrestleMania 13, XIV and X-Seven matches. Suggest that you hear what they say as they give good insight on not just the particular match but wrestling in general.

Disc 4
On the final disc it contains promos/segments throughout most of Austin’s career. As with the matches, there are some repeated things but we are still given some good ones. There are some of the classic promos from ECW, the Pillman with a gun incident, first Stunner on Mr. McMahon, encounter with Mike Tyson, the multiple times Austin used some kind of vehicle and a great face-to-face interview conducted by Jim Ross with Austin and The Rock.

Of course I have just the regular DVD set as the blu-ray has more matches and segments. Despite that this set was still great. Although can’t be a complaint but would say that I wish there were more matches included and have the interviews/segments should’ve been spread out throughout the set instead of having them all on one disc. Despite that, the biography more than makes up for whatever issues that one could have with this set. A definite buy and perhaps is one of the better wrestling DVD releases for the year.
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