Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Live results for WWE Smackdown11/29/2011

Whatsup guys and gals, and welcome to a another exciting episode of Monday Night Raw......wait I am being told its Tuesday, and its going to be Smackdown, my apoligies on that. So Smackdown, should be interesting, steel cage match between Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry, what will happen there. Stay tuned here to find out. And don't forget to join us over at SNS Radio Network for the live chat.

Jolly Ol' Saint Mick is out to say hello to the crowd and welcome everyone to the show, he says he is to Christmas, what JR is to barbecue sauce, what Ultimate Warrior is to colorful arm tassels. He starts talking about the World Title match calling Daniel Bryan Tiny Tim, and Mark Henry, The Ghost of Christmas Fear. Talks about the other matches for the night, then says that Micheal Cole will unfortunately be there tonight, but his contract didn't say what he had to be dressed as, as Cole comes out dressed up like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Josh Matthews is sitting ringside and is dressed up like a elf, and out comes Booker T who is dressed up as Santa, who gets in the ring, and does a spin-a-roonie as Santa. Out comes Cody Rhodes to interrupt the festivities as Booker tries to leave the ring. Cody says that usually he would have left the farce continue, but now that he does not have the protective face mask, and he is seeing things a little more clearly, and what he is seeing is a lowly announcer in the ring taking time away from those who still compete like Cody. Booker says he doesn't know whats going on with Cody, and he doesn't want to fight Cody, but Booker says he will take care of things if he has to. Cody says that announcer does have a beef with Cody, because he can't carry anything like the IC title. Mick Foley stops Cody and tells Cody that he is talking to a legend, and tonight Cody will take on the 5 time, 5 time WCW champion.

1st match Mistletoe on a pole match
Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella vs Natalya vs Alicia Fox vs Tamina vs AJ vs Katlyn vs Aksana
Winner: Brie Bella

Apparently instead of a title shot to the winner of the match, the winner gets to kiss any WWE superstar they want between now and Christmas.

2nd match
Justin Gabriel vs Jinder Mahal
Winner: Justin Gabriel

During the match Ted Dibiase came out and distracted Jinder Mahal by passing out gifts to people at ringside.

Backstage we see Mick Foley joking around with the Usos, we see Roddy Piper talking with NXT talent, and Hornswoggle trying to talk to Dusty Rhodes who tunrs around and says theres some freaky people at the party, who turns around right into his son, Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust who says something to Dusty before doing the breathe in and bite as Dusty tries to get away. David Otunga comes in to try and shut down the party but Mick Foley tells him that since he is there tonight he gets to face Randy Orton in a Miracle on 34th Street fight.

Backstage we see Matt Striker with Booker T asking Booker T why Cody has a problem with him, and as Booker starts to answer Cody Rhodes attacks Booker from behind and hits him in the arm with the IC belt and walks away as Booker is holding his arm.

3rd match
Kofi Kingston vs Tyson Kidd
Winner: Kofi Kingston

4th match Miracle on 34th Street Fight
Randy Orton vs David Otunga
Winner: Randy Orton

5th match All I want for Christmas Battle Royal
1st elimination: Uso
2nd elimination: JTG
3rd elimination: Curt Hawkins
4th elimination: Ezekial Jackson
5th elimination: Uso
6th elimination: Kofi Kingston
7th elimination: Yoshi Tatsu
8th elimination: Ted Dibiase
9th elimination: Tyson Kidd
10th elimination: Darren Young
11th elimination: Percy Watson
12th elimination: Johnny Curtis
13th elimination: Curt Hawkins
14th elimination: Titus O'Neil
15th elimination: Tyler Rekks
16th elimination: Hunico
17th elimination: Heath Slater
18th elimination: Justin Gabriel
19th elimination: Sheamus
Winner: Hornswoggle (Yes, Hornswoggle is the winner)

(Note: a lot of eliminations happened during commercials, most of the elimination numbers may not be correct. Sorry.)

Backstage we see Santa with Hornswoggle, and Santa tries to figure out what Hornswoggle is saying, but Sheamus walks up and says that Hornswoggle wants to talk, so Santa gives him a hug and Hornswoggle says thank you for the first time ever. He walks around the room saying different things, and says Grandma to Vickie Guerrero who begins yelling excuse me at Hornswoggle who begins yelling it back at her excuse me as Vickie runs away crying. Mick Foley shows up and everyone looks back at the chair Santa was sitting in and back at Foley, as Goldust yells out "Its a Christmas Miracle", Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes pour their eggnog back in the punch bowl and walk away saying this is too much.

6th match World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage match
Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry
Winner: Mark Henry via Worlds Strongest Slam off the top rope

Well that was Smackdown and it was interesting. Thanks for joining us here at H2H and I will see yall on Monday for Raw.
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Chris Masters Asks For Fan's Help To Get Into TNA

Former WWE superstar Chris Masters tweeted the following:

I think @tnadixie needs some encouragement. Can I rally the IWC. For all those who support me, let her know!" He wrote, "For anyone who's ever felt like an underdog, who's ever tried to make nothing into something. and worked their ass off. This is my battlecry
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Match Pulled From TLC PPV?

According to PWInsider, there was talk this weekend that Kevin Nash vs. Triple H has been moved from TLC to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view or scrapped altogether.
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Report:Raw Rewritten Again

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, last night's Raw was rewritten many times. WWE called Mae Young to the arena yesterday morning and she was backstage last night but not used on TV, because of re-writes. Brodus Clay was a victim of re-writes again as his debut was pushed back. As of yesterday afternoon, Clay was still scheduled to squash John Morrison but that was changed at the last minute.

Regarding Triple H and Kevin Nash, Triple H was at RAW as he always is but Nash reportedly was not there.
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Matt Hardy Released From Jail

Former WWE and TNA star Matt Hardy has finally been released from the Moore County detention center after his bail was apparently reduced and then posted.

Hardy has a second hearing set for this Wednesday. This relates to one of Hardy’s DWI charges from previous arrests.
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Video: Kane Resurrected Promo 11/28/11

The following was seen on Raw: