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Shawn Michaels And Sean Waltman Talk About Kevin Nash/Triple H

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Seven months before Kevin Nash savagely attacked Triple H with a sledgehammer on WWE Raw SuperShow, the two men were standing with their longtime friends Shawn Michaels and Sean Waltman on the stage of Atlanta’s Philips Arena, celebrating HBK’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. It was a defining moment for the four Superstars who, along with Scott Hall, formed “The Kliq” — the most exclusive and, perhaps, most influential group in all of sports-entertainment.

In an industry where lasting friendships are rare, their alliance had withstood doomed promotions, debilitating injuries and personal demons. After two decades, The Kliq was still united.

But all that’s changed.

“They pushed it too far,” Shawn Michaels told when asked about the war between The Game and Kevin Nash. “And it’s one of those things that, before it’s going to get better, I’m afraid it’s probably going to have to get worse.”

To understand the animosity between Kevin Nash and Triple H, you first have to appreciate the dynamics of The Kliq. Formed by Michaels and Nash in the early ’90s, the “Two Dudes with Attitudes” developed a tight bond both in and out of the ring. Soon, they became a trio with the addition of Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), Shawn’s old friend from his days in the AWA. Hall, in turn, introduced a young rookie named The 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) to the group.

“We didn’t ride with other people, we didn’t hang out with other people, we didn’t talk that much to other people,” HBK said. “We all just developed a real serious friendship.”

As four of WWE’s biggest and most talented Superstars, The Kliq quickly began to wield considerable influence with Mr. McMahon — a fact that did not endear them to the younger competitors who were looking to make a name for themselves in WWE. But there was also conflict within their group over who was the true leader of the team, something that stemmed from Nash’s ever-present need to be the center of attention.

“I think Shawn thought he was pretty much the head honcho of The Kliq, except that Kev was the biggest,” Sean Waltman remembered. “Any time we’d be driving down the road, arguing about something, we’d go ‘Who made you the boss?’ Kev would always say, ‘God, because I’m the biggest.’”

The power struggle was further complicated when a fifth member joined The Kliq in 1995. As the story goes, Triple H, upon arriving in WWE from WCW, walked right up to Shawn Michaels and told him he wanted to be a part of his crew. It was a bold move that immediately impressed HBK.

“He wasn’t going to get over with the locker room by picking us to hang out with, but he did it anyway,” Michaels said. “I thought that was cool and Kev wasn’t sure, but, because he trusted my judgment, he let him in.”

Nash may have been skeptical of The Game at first, but the two soon connected through a shared passion for sports-entertainment and a drive to attain more than just championships. While the other Kliq members goofed off, Nash and Triple H discussed the inner workings of the sports-entertainment industry, attempting to figure out how to dominate not just in the ring, but in the corporate office.

“Those two were probably the closest we could get in our little group to being the responsible ones,” Michaels said. “It was only a matter of time before it was going to come down to see who was really the one that held it all together.”

It would be years before that finally happened. Following Hall and Nash’s exodus to WCW in 1996, The Kliq split into two factions — WCW’s New World Order and WWE’s D-Generation X. Both Nash and Triple H ascended to the top of their rival organizations while remaining close friends, but Big Kev faced failure when WCW crumbled around him in 2001. He moved in and out of the sports-entertainment realm after that, including a brief stop in WWE in 2002, but Nash seemed to flounder for much of the decade.

That was until the 2011 Royal Rumble. On that January night, Nash made his long-awaited return to WWE under his original Diesel persona and received a thunderous ovation. The big man was sure it was a sign that he belonged back on top of the largest sports-entertainment company in the world, but his phone calls to WWE’s COO went unanswered.

As it turns out, Kevin Nash is not the type of man who likes to be ignored.

“Kev was always willing to go and do things that I wasn’t willing to do to get ahead,” Waltman said. “Let’s face it, to get where Kevin has gotten in the industry, you have to be ruthless.”

For Nash, that meant hitting his friend of 15 years with a sledgehammer so hard that it crushed the vertebrae in his neck. The assault put The King of Kings in the hospital, but both Michaels and Waltman can attest to the same fact — Triple H always hits back.

“We all have a hell of a mean streak, every last one of us. And those guys, their mean streaks are as big as they are,” said the competitor formerly known as X-Pac. “If Nash is willing to go to those measures, I know Hunter would be too.”

It’s a fight both Waltman and Michaels know will happen, but neither want to see. According to HBK, had the entire Kliq been together like they were on that perfect night in March of 2011, this would have never happened. But they weren’t. Now, they may never be together again.

“There were plenty of times where one of us was about to get into it with the other one and, as buddies, we always made sure it didn’t happen,” Michaels said. “Early on, somebody could have diffused this, but it’s gone too far now. It’s going to be ugly.”
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Audio: Running The Ropes With Rima Fakih 11/17/11

This week, Brian and Chris get a little honest for TNA Turning Point and WWE Raw along with some random conversation.

Our very special guest this week is none other than former Miss USA and Tough Enough competitor, Rima Fakih. Brian flies solo with this exclusive interview and talk about her life from New York, to Miss USA, then into Tough Enough. There's even exclusive news that you will only hear on this week's edition of Running The Ropes, the official podcast of the Unchained Wrestling Network.
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Knockout Comments On Missing Gauntlet Match

Jackie Moore,who has yet to be seen on Impact Wrestling since being awarded a contract by Knockouts head Karen Jarrett on the September 1 episode of Impact Wrestling, tweeted the following:

"Did they forget to book me for the big Gauntlet match? That's a shame
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Backstage News On Jesse Neal Leaving TNA


It has been confirmed that Jesse Neal is on his way out of TNA.

As part of TNA's new relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling, they have been approaching talents who don't regularly appear on TV and asking them to relocate to Kentucky to train at OVW.

Neal turned down the request and will be leaving soon.
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The Sun UK Interviews Gail Kim

TNA KNOCKOUTS Champion Gail Kim will be coming to the UK in January, SunSport can exclusively reveal.
Our previous interview with the Canadian – who only returned to Impact Wrestling four weeks ago – made headlines around the world when she criticised her former employer, the WWE, for watering down their Divas division.

And Gail called the office once again late last night to excitedly reveal the news that she will now be coming to Britain as part of the TNA 2012 Tour.

Gail told SunSport: "I'm so excited. I haven't been to the UK with Impact Wrestling in almost four years.

"I remember it being an incredible experience last time and I'm sure this is going to be just as good.

"In fact, it will be probably be better as Sting will be making his first appearance in the UK in almost a decade.

"That's going to be a special treat for the wrestlers as much as the fans. We're all really excited."

Kim started her second stint with TNA by attacking Velvet Sky and aligning with heel authority figure Karen Jarrett – winning both the Knockouts Title and Tag Titles, alongside Madison Rayne.

This heel turn came as a surprise to many, since she had been exclusively a babyface during the most successful part of her career.

Gail, though, took this in her stride, and is enjoying her time as a bad girl once again.

She said: "My first half of my career I was a heel. I then stayed a babyface for a long time, five or six years, and you always want to be refreshing, to have a change. I wanted to explore that.

"Vince Russo talked to me about it, and I said I was on the same wavelength."

Many felt that it was inevitable that Gail would return to TNA, where she had the best matches and most critical success of her career.

Unsurprisingly, she feels the decision she made was a simple one.

She added: "It was easy because I had such a great experience the first time.

"The way the woman's division is portrayed here – this is what I love to do. Be in the ring, and show what I can do in that ring.

"The division over here is so strong, and the girls are so talented. There is a great group of women here and I just wanted to be part of it and contribute."
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TNA Cancels Entire South America Tour‏

TNA posted the following statement on their website:

TNA Wrestling regrets to inform our fans who bought tickets to the shows this weekend in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina that the shows have been canceled. The Event Organizer did not fulfill their contractual obligations to TNA, thus canceling the shows. Please apply for ticket refunds at the point of purchase. We sincerely regret the inconvenience.

Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Breakdown Of TV Rating For WWE Raw 11/14/11

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported before, this week's WWE RAW Supershow with The Rock did a 3.23 cable rating with 4.74 million viewers.

The show opened at a 3.08 rating with the Jim Ross and Michael Cole segment. The Sin Cara and Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes and Hunico match lost 582,000 viewers while Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler gained 108,000 viewers back. The segment with Mick Foley and John Cena gained 1,351,000 viewers to start for the 9pm timeslot, when a lot of normal viewers would have tuned in. The Foley-Cena segment did great but lost steam because by the time The Rock came out, the segment had dipped from a 3.71 rating to a 3.26 and lost 660,000 viewers. This decline also includes the Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger match.

The backstage segments and Natalya vs. Kelly Kelly gained 9,000 viewers while the other backstage segments, The Miz & R-Truth's interview and Alberto Del Rio attacking CM Punk lost 133,000 viewers. Punk and Big Show vs. Del Rio and Mark Henry gained 601,000 viewers - a better increase than usual for that time slot.

The segment with Kevin Nash and Santino Marella lost 696,000 viewers while Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton lost 128,000 more. The Rock's segment with The Miz, R-Truth and John Cena gained 1,434,000 viewers - one of the biggest gains for any segment this year. The segment finished the show with a 4.00 overrun rating.
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The Rock Vs John Cena Not For WWE Title

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the current plan is for neither John Cena or The Rock to win the WWE Title heading into Wrestlemania
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Attedance For WWE's European Tour

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

RAW on November 8th in Newcastle, England drew 7,000 fans for $370,000.
* RAW on November 9th in Nottingham, England drew 5,000 fans for $265,000.
* SmackDown on November 9th in Brussels, Belgium drew a sellout of 7,000 fans for $520,000.
* RAW on November 10th in Glasgow drew a sellout of 5,200 fans for $357,000.
* SmackDown on November 10th in Zurich did 4,400 fans for $445,000.
* RAW on November 11th in London did 15,500 fans for $920,000.
* SmackDown on November 11th in Gdansk, Poland drew 10,500 fans for $385,000.
* RAW on November 12th in Minehead, England drew 5,200 fans for $280,000.
* SmackDown on November 12th in Frankfort, Germany drew 5,000 fans for $390,000.
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Former TNA Knockout Turns Down Offer To Return To TNA

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Current OVW Women's Champion and former TNA Knockout Sojo Bolt said she recently turned down an offer to return to the company and doesn't even watch Impact on TV anymore
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Goldust Wants To Face Cody At WrestleMania

Over on Twitter, Goldust tweeted the following:

With your voices heard to @WWE, goldust vs cody at wm28.....ic title versus career. For the haters can hope i lose to cody and retire, teamgoldie can hope for an ass whoopin for the ages and new ic champ

Here's the deal.....the fire in me is too strong to lose to my move stealing lemmule of a brother....experience everytime.

"His ic title career.....i would whoop him, take back My ic title and shatter all his dreams. Only teamgoldie can make this happen...u know how much it means to me
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Update On Undertaker's WWE Return

According to,The Undertaker's name has been brought up a lot backstage as of late in regards to him returning for WrestleMania 28. A source points out that recent mentions of Taker on WWE TV and videos on their websites are being done to get people to start talking about The Deadman again
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