Monday, November 14, 2011

Audio: Wrestling News Live Following WWE Raw 11/14/11

Tune in tonight to starting @ 11:30pm Est, 9:30pm Mst as WNL returns to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network with “The Outlaw of the IWC” The TreyDawg & “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. Tonight the boys will rundown the latest “News of the Week” sponsored by, review the 3 hour RAW from The Boston Garden featuring the returns of Mick Foley & The Rock, the build-up to Survivor Series this Sunday, plus your phonecalls to 501 588 7957 or your emails to and join the “Live” chatroom to be an interactive part of the broadcast.
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Mick Foley Returns To WWE During Raw

Mick Foley made his return to WWE TV as he appeared during Raw's Supershow. Foley returned to WWE during WWE's recent tour in Europe.
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Live Results for WWE Raw 11/14/11

Hey guys... this isn't 'The Sensation Sequel' Sean as he is busy dealing with midnight game releases at Gamestop. So it is I, ashleyismyname (yes, that is my name, you can see that by the name of the writer above) giving you all the latest on everything that is going down on tonight's 3-hour special edition of Raw from Boston.

The pyro is popping and we are getting started tonight with Michael Cole coming down the ramp and he is confirming that the Michael Cole challenge with Jim Ross is on right now. JR has to complete all three challenges to get JR back on Raw and Cole quitting. The first challenge will be an arm wrestling contest. Michael Cole doing so much gamesmanship, he must think he's Ric Flair or something. Within a split second, JR wins the first challenge. Cole says he wasn't ready and was distracted by the referee's bad breath. Loads of replays of the match for some reason.

The second competition is a dance-off. Oh Lord. Michael Cole dancing like an idiot. Lawler sums it up best by saying 'Is Cole dancing, or is he having a seizure?' JR gets his turn and he seems to be channeling some Rikishi in his dancing. The decision goes out to the live audience, who of course pick JR over Cole.

The third competition that JR has to win is a weight contest. Whoever weighs the lightest out of the two will win. Small problem at first, because Cole forgot to turn on the scale, Cole weighs 200lb and JR weighs 239lb. JR at a nice weight. But Cole wins.

CUE CM PUNK!!!! Cole is unhappy that he's here interrupting his moment. Punk says that Cole's time is up, saying that because the contest was unfair (apart of JR's dancing) the challenge was a complete waste of time. He adds that if everyone had a remote, they would fast forward through Cole's commentary.

John Laurinaitis comes out and says his 38,000 followers said they wanted the match. CM Punk retorts 'Screw you and your 38,000 followers'. Laurinaitis then informs him that tonight Punk will be teaming up with Big Show to take on Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio later on tonight. After, Cole asks for an apology from Punk and Punk provides this by giving Cole an Anaconda Vice.

Matt Striker is outside saying that 'he' is arriving to the venue to give his thoughts. A limo pulls up and out steps... MICK FOLEY!!! He says that it's great to be back and to make sure that there is no advantage held by either man going into Survivor Series on tonight's raw 'Right here, in Boston, MA!!!' The cheap pops are back!

After the break, we see a recap of the Street Fight from Smackdown 2 weeks ago with Randy Orton beating Cody Rhodes.

Sin Cara makes his entrance, and due to Cole needing 'medical treatment' it's JR and Lawler on commentary. Kofi comes out next so it looks like a tag match. Next is Cody Rhodes with new music, new titantron and the mask gimmick is gone. Finally we see Hunico come to the ring.

1. Sin Cara & Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes & Hunico
Match starts with some lucha action from Hunico and Sin Cara. Cara tags to Kofi who clears Hunico and Rhodes out of the ring. Then a double leap to the outside by the face team onto Rhodes and Hunico.

Back from the break and Sin Cara is being worked over by both Rhodes and Hunico as they are taking it in tagging turns to vent their frustration out on Sin Cara. Sin Cara manages to hit a hurricanrana on Rhodes and tags Kofi in. Kofi does the typical hot tag response until Cody catches him with the Cross Rhodes to win the match for his team.
Cody Rhodes & Sin Cara def. Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara via Cross Rhodes by Rhodes on Kingston

Santino Marella is playing WWE 12 when Zack Ryder comes to ask Santino to sign his petition to get a US title match. This segment is just asking people to buy the game it seems.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to a cacophony of boos to announce that, due to his ankle injury, Christian has been removed from the match and is being replaced by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler then comes out claiming he's the true leader of the team because he has everything. He then says that he is taking on Mason Ryan next to show how Team Barrett is going to dominate.

As we come back from break, Michael Cole has come out to replace Cole on commentary, claiming he's going to sue JR for his injuries. Mason Ryan comes down to the ring, perhaps with some new wrestling attire.

2. Dolph Ziggler vs. Mason Ryan
Pretty much as soon as the match starts, Vickie gets on the apron and slaps the hell out of Ryan, causing a disqualification.
Mason Ryan def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ

Dolph Ziggler escapes and tries to make it backstage as soon as possible, until John Morrison grabs Ziggler and throws him back into the ring, where Ryan hits him with the full nelson that evolves into a full nelson slam to get some revenge. Backstage, we see Mick Foley approached by Zack Ryder to sign his petition. Foley agrees to do so when Ryder teaches him how to do the fist pump and to get the catchphrase right. Nice little segment there. Foley is apparently appearing next.

We are back from the break and that screech of brakes can mean only one thing... Mick Foley is coming down to the ring. Big Foley chant before he starts. Starts off by saying 'There's no place like home.' Foley hyping up the 'Rock & Cena Connection' teaming up at Survivor Series. Asks John Cena to come out first and, as expected when he does come out, a lot of booing from the hometown crowd.

Cena says that he and Rock don't need to be friends to be an effective tag team and he called him to be his partner pretty much because he's the Rock. Foley says that in 2006 he personally sent a letter to Cena giving him credit for all his backstage respect to everyone and mentions his comments from Twitter. He says the WWE Universe needs to learn that Cena has done a lot for the business and sums this up by simply saying 'John Cena... THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!' Cena doesn't want it, but Foley plays it anyway. Just a video package of Cena and his life.

Foley brings out Cena's little league coach for a 'reunion' of sorts. The coach gives his story of how Cena failed in an early match of baseball. That kinda failed in all sorts of ways. Next up is Cena's first rapping parter, B-2, aka BULL BUCHANAN!!! Cena is embarassed as all hell. Bull says that Cena was his greatest tag team partner, but the team got split up, he got fired, lost his wife, his money and everything else... simply put, 'he ruined his life'. Bull storms out with Cena saying 'and I thought Shockmaster was bad'.

Next, we have John Cena's dad, John Cena Sr. come out saying to all the 'Cena sucks' fans that they suck, saying that he works hard for the company and the kids love him and all the haters are losers. Cena has had enough of this, sends his dad out and says that all that ceremony wasn't him, the ring and what he does in this is his life. Cena says that this segment is as bad as the Gobbledy Gooker. Foley says he's going to save it, until THE ROCK comes out, gets in the ring, goes to hug Foley but instead Rock Bottom's Foley and leaves straight away. I agree with Rock, that segment was nice, but SOOO tacky and needed to be ended soon.

We're now told that later, we will see a rematch between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett from Smackdown on Friday.

We are back from the break and Sheamus is coming out to the ring, WWE are running the Sheamus giving the award to Justin Bieber at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Jack Swagger is now coming out to take on Sheamus.

3. Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger
Match starts back and forth with both guys until Swagger gets clotheslined out of the ring by Sheamus.

Break is over and Sheamus is wearing out Swagger even more, until Swagger managed to get a few shots in on Sheamus. The tide has turned in this match and now Swagger has the upper hand over Sheamus. Soon after Sheamus manages to get a huge clothesline on Swagger. Swagger then attempts the Celtic Cross, Swagger reverses it into a Swagger Bomb and attempts a Ankle Lock, but Sheamus powers out of it. Then after a Irish Curse Backbreaker and a Brogue Kick, Sheamus gets the win.
Sheamus def. Jack Swagger via Brogue Kick

The Bellas are backstage signing Ryder's petition and bump into Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. The Bellas say they should party with him, with Del Rio claiming he will throw the biggest party New York has ever seen. Ryder pops up again and says he should 'hang with his L.I. crew' and hearing this Del Rio and Rodriguez walk away with Zack asking 'Was it something I said?' ... Yes it was Zack, ... yes it was.

Loads of divas in the ring (Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox, Eve & Kelly Kelly) for a singles match it seems. Before the match starts though, a package is shown with Kelly Kelly's photo shoot for the latest US Maxim magazine. Wow is all I can say.

4. Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya
Natalya starts with attacking Kelly Kelly and asking her to cry again in the corner, Kelly then puts Natalya in the corner and gives her a stinkface. Natalya then reverses it into an attempted Boston Crab until Kelly Kelly reverses it into a roll-up and gets the win.
Kelly Kelly def. Natalya via roll-up from reversal of Boston crab.

Kelly Kelly gets out of the ring quick with Alicia & Eve before Beth & Natalya can attack her. And yes, typing of this match result took longer than the actual match and the segment. Hopefully we actually see a decent Divas match this Sunday.

Smackdown promo promoting a match between Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes taking on Randy Orton & Sheamus.

John Laurinaitis is on the phone with Brodus Clay, saying that he should make his debut next week so all eyes are on him rather than the Rock. Del Rio comes in with Rodriguez and says that CM may not even make it to Survivor Series.

Backstage segment with Awesome Truth, but they refuse to answer any of Matt Striker's questions. We then see CM Punk backstage walking to the ring, but is attacked from behind by both Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Referees manage to break them apart before they go to break.

We come back from break and Rodriguez is in the ring so that means ADR is on his way. The car this week is a $125,000 Mercedes SLK apparently. Sweet ride man, sweet ride. ADR is also apparently on the cover of 'Hombre' magazine... thankfully he isn't wearing a bikini though. Next out is Mark Henry, followed by Big Show and CM Punk.

5. Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry vs. Big Show & CM Punk
Match starts with Big Show overpowering ADR, then tags in CM Punk to beat down on Del Rio in retalliation for the backstage attack. Punk tags Show back in and makes ADR tag to Henry so they can face off. Some power moves between the two until Big Show's bodyslam on Henry reversed into a body splash. ADR gets tagged in for a quick attack before Henry is tagged back in. Some more test of strength stuff from both guys until Big show hits Henry with a big shoulder press from the ropes. As Show readies his Knockout punch, Henry tags in ADR, which made him less than happy as they went to break.

We are back and CM Punk and ADR are down on the mat but Del Rio manages to reach out to tag Henry who beats down of Punk a bit more before tagging Del Rio back in. After a failed pinfall attempt, Del Rio tags back to Henry to do some more ground n' pound on Punk's arm. ADR tags back in and goes for an armbar. Punk escapes, Henry runs in buts gets a kick from Punk and a clothesline from Show. CM Punk goes top rope to jump onto ADR, but Henry intervenes by slamming Punk down, Show goes after Henry while ADR sneaks in to get a pinfall and the victory for his team.
Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry def. CM Punk & Big Show via slam from Henry and pinfall from ADR.

After the match, ADR puts the Cross Arm Breaker on Punk, adding insult to injury, and injury to injury. Next, we see a replay of Rock's arrival on Raw tonight, Rock Bottoming Foley and leaving immediately.

After the break, and Santino is coming out to the ring. He says that he was one man away from winning in the Royal Rumble in Boston earlier this year. He says the next time he's in Boston he will be champion again. Cue the nWo music, and Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring, the crowd has gone nuts. Nash asks Santino how to do the trombone thing and Nash uses this to give the Big Boot to Santino. Nash says he got the biggest pop at the Rumble and he should have been signed then. To send another message to HHH, he gives the Jacknife Powerbomb to Santino. Nash then leaves the ring. We next see Randy Orton warming up backstage with the news that his match is next.

OH NO!!! Next week, more guest stars and this time it's Jonah Hill from Superbad and Get Him to the Greek and all that.

WWE 12 promo section. I don't need to tell you to buy it, do I?

Wade Barrett comes out accompanied by the rest of his Survivor Series team, as they show a replay of Wade beating Orton on Smackdown with a thumb to the eye. Wade proclaiming the 'Barrett Barrage' will take out Orton once and for all in front of his team. Cue Orton's music and accompanying him is his Survivor Series team also.

We are back from the break and we are underway.

6. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
Wade manages to get an early advantage and attempts a pinfall which Orton kicks out of. Barrett now applying a headlock on Orton, which Orton eventually powers out of it and manages to hit a Scoop Slam on Wade. He then does the middle rope DDT and fires himself up for the RKO but barrett's team interferes causing the DQ.
Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett via DQ

All 10 guys are attacking each other into the ring until Orton's team manage to push the majority of Barrett's guys out of the ring apart from Hunico, who receives a RKO from Orton and then thrown clean out of the ring onto the rest of Team Barrett by Mason Ryan.

We get another replay of the Rock Bottom on Foley from earlier and then we are told that next Raw will actually get rocked... I guess this means the Rock is going to come out and cut his promo ahead of the PPV, in person for a change.

We are back and... IF YA SMELL!!!!!! ... yep, Rock is actually coming out, who knew? Looks like the new Rock shirt that Rock is wearing is using the Fast & Furious font for the letters. Crowd is really hot for Rocky, at least 2 minutes lost to the crowd chanting for Rock. Rock says that at 3:15 he was awake, 3:30 he had breakfast 3:45 was tweeting, 4:30 was in the gym, 6:am was filming GI Joe 2, 3pm he couldn't wait for tonight, 6pm landed in Boston 7pm security guard said 'Rock, ya big pisser' which pleased Rock cos he did have good aim, 7:30 smelt some good food in the local area and now can say 'Finally, The Rock HAS COME BACK to Boston!!!'

Says that given that it isn't Sunday, he and Cena are not on the same team yet, fans say tahank you to rock, and Rock says 'You're welcome'. Rock comments on the tweets of 'Boots To Asses' trending worldwide, leading to a 'Boots To Asses' chant from the crowd. Rock wants to face off against Awesome Truth right now to give them an awesome beating.

Awesome Truth come out and Miz asks Rock 'Really?' and Truth says Rock shouldn't even try to do anything because when they are on Raw, Raw gets AWESOME... R-Truth wants to get physical but Miz holds him back and says not right now because they do what they want and they're saving it until Sunday.

John Cena's music hits and he comes down the ramp to the ring. Cena doing a shoot on both Awesome Truth and Rock saying all Rock has done 'is brought messages via satellite' and Rock says Cena has never 'had support from someone who hit puberty'. Rock says he's gonna take a boot to 'Cena's lady parts' which will trend on Twitter right now. Cena then says Rock should be ready to see 'Cena bitchslaps Rock' with or without Cena's 'mangina'. Miz says who cares cos no one will forget when Awesome Truth beats Rock & Cena. R-Truth adds 'Little Johnny and Little Rocky should be ready'. Another 'Boots To Asses' chant from the crowd so Rock and Cena oblige the crowd, Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Truth, then interrupts Cena's Attitude Adjustment on The Miz to give a Rock Bottom to Miz as well. Raw ends with Rock on the entrance ramp giving the 'you can't see me' hand gesture to Cena in the ring.

And with that, the 3-hour Raw is over.

Right, I'm off to buy some Rock T-Shirts for myself and some Cena T-Shirts for Sean to wear... This is Ashley signing out for now.
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*Spoiler* Title Change At TNA Impact Taping For 11/17/11


Crimson and Matt Morgan just won the TNA Tag Team titles from Mexican America.
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Christian Removed From Survivor Series Tag Match Due To Injury

WWE posted the following on their website: has learned from WWE medical personnel that Christian suffered a severe high ankle sprain while competing on WWE's recent overseas tour throughout Europe. The severity of the sprain has made it impossible for him to compete as a member of Team Barrett against Team Orton at Survivor Series this Sunday. (MATCH PREVIEW)

Christian's ankle injury is further compounded by what transpired a week prior on SmackDown, during which Christian claimed to have suffered a neck injury as the result of a chokeslam at the massive hands of Big Show.

At this point in time, no replacement has been named, nor has it been determined whether or not Team Captain Wade Barrett will be leading a four-man team into Survivor Series this Sunday.
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Former WWE Talent Backstage At Impact Taping

According to PWInsider,Former WWE star Michael Tarver is backstage at the TNA Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida.
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Update On Christian's Injured Ankle


SmackDown superstar Christian left WWE's recent European tour early due to injury. Upon returning home from the states and visiting doctors, he's been diagnosed with a severe high ankle sprain.

At this time, it's unknown how long he'll be out of action, but he's been pulled from the "Team Orton vs. Team Barrett" elimination match at Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view.