Tuesday, November 8, 2011

News On TNA/OVW Link


The TNA-Ohio Valley Wrestling relationship that was announced yesterday was the brainchild of Bruce Prichard, who was very familiar with the OVW developmental system when it was associated with WWE and pitched the idea to TNA executives several months back.
Prichard's selling point to TNA was said to be that the lion's share of WWE stars that broke through as top-tier talents came through OVW's seasoning, which would be correct, although many of them were signed by WWE prior to being sent to Louisville.

A visit was arranged with several Execs, including Prichard, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett, visiting the Davis Arena so they could get a feel for the venue and the way that Danny Davis operates. That actually went down a few months back as well, so this had been in the works for some time.

The new relationship will allow TNA to send potential talents they want to evaluate as well as younger TNA talents to Louisville, where they can gain seasoning in the ring from trainers like Rip Rogers and also experience working weekly TV and house shows.

Basically, everything will come from the existing OVW camp as opposed to OVW expanding operations to include additional responsibilities for a TNA developmental program.

The deal will also allow TNA the chance to monitor the regulars working OVW TV, which will be beneficial for Ohio Valley Wrestling as they'll gain new students seeking to break into TNA, much as they did previously with a huge influx of wrestlers trying to earn WWE developmental deals. OVW is a big winner there, as it places them back on the forefront of the map in a major way as the TNA relationship provides them an immediate conduit to new potential students, which will only help their bottom line and talent pool.
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*Spoiler* Result For WWE Superstars

*Daniel Bryan defeated William Regal in a really good match. Funny moment during the introductions, they played Regal's "Real Man's Man" theme
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*Spoiler* Results For NXT 11/9/11



In ring promo with BateMax, Titus and Percy Watson. Johnny Curtis interrupts, it quickly descends into a soap opera. Watson and O'Neil Vs Curtis and Bateman later.

Tyson Kidd b. Trent Baretta.

Bateman and Maxine promo backstage promo, Curtis walks in and tries to cause dissent. Maxine with a slap to Curtis!

JTG backstage with Tamina, the Usos come along and break up the would be lovebirds. We have a match later, JTG and Jay Uso.

Jay Uso b. JTG.
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 11/11/11


Randy Orton came out and talked about leading his Survivor Series team. He said he was going to beat them one-by-one, but when he got to Wade Barrett, his music played and he came out. Barrett said he's a natural leader and said beating Orton's team at Survivor Series would show he's ready to be a World Champion for the first time.

Christian's music hit and he came out in a neck brace. He bigged up Barrett and said he inspires people. He said he and Barret should send a message and the three began to b