Monday, November 7, 2011

*Spoiler* Results For WWE Raw 11/7/11

From Livepool,England

John Cena came out to open the show and talked about The Rock returning next week. He said tonight should be special because its Liverpool's first taping. The Miz and R-Truth interrupted and talked about how they will beat Cena at Survivor Series and tonight in a tag match. Cena said his partner is a future Hall of Famer. Miz and Truth rushed the ring and Zack Ryder made the save.

1. John Morrison beat Dolph Ziggler in a non title match.

2. Mason Ryan beat JTG.

Zack ryder had a brief exchange with The bellas backstage.

3. Alberto Del Rio beat Kofi Kingston with the cross arm breaker. Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Del Rio. After the match, Del Rio put the arm breaker back on Kofi, which brought out C.M. Punk to a massive pop.

Standard back and forth exchange between Del Rio and Punk. Del Rio bought some cheap heat and called Punk a coward. They traded insults for a while and Del Rio asked Punk to cancel their match at Survivor Series. Punk said no and the two started to brawl, which resulted in Ricardo eating yet another GTS

*Jack Swagger beat Santino Marella.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring with a portrait set up. Kelly Kelly comes out to unveil her Maxim cover. The Divas of Doom interrupt and want her to cry. Alicia Fox and Eve Torres come out before it gets nasty and unveil the cover.

John Laurinaitis comes out to introduce Kevin Nash. Nash cuts a promo about how HHH meant nothing without him. Oh God he just said he could be world champion, I'm scared.

Brodus Clay video package.

Laurinaitis and Clarence Mason Otunga are talking backstage about how great they are. CM Punk comes along and says they don't know what the audience wants. Otunga cracks wise. Punk attacks him, Del Rio from behind puts Punk through a catering table.

Awesome Truth defeated Cena and Ryder when Miz pinned Cena as Truth held the legs from the outside. Crowd loved Ryder!

After the taping ended Cena and Ryder posed in the ring. Awesome Truth came back out. They tried to re-do the ending and R Truth screwed his timing again. Once they got it right Dolph Ziggler came out and joined Awesome Truth. This lead to a 3 on 2 beatdown until CM Punk came down and helped the faces clear the ring. They hit their signatures on Ziggler with Punk and Cena going back and forth on the GTS or AA until Punk hit the AA. The babyfaces celebrated and that's the show! No Foley for us tonight.
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New Survivor Series Matched Announced

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Announced exclusively on, WWE’s second longest-running pay-per-view event will feature one of its signature bouts when Team Orton takes on Team Barrett inside the World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, on Sunday, Nov. 20.

Orton will lead Sheamus, Mason Ryan, WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara into battle, while Barrett brings Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, Christian, Jack Swagger and Hunico.

The bout harkens back to last year’s Survivor Series showdown between Orton and Barrett, when The Viper defeated Barrett in a brutal contest to retain his WWE Championship - even though doing so temporarily forced John Cena out of WWE (FULL STORY).

Since then, outside of a three-month reign as Intercontinental Champion in 2011, Barrett has been looking for his chance to shine. WWE’s fall classic could be the very opportunity he has been waiting for. Clearly, Barrett knows how to lead. As head of the renegade group Nexus (formed in 2010), he orchestrated countless, brutal attacks on a host of Superstars. When things broke down within Nexus, Barrett found a new role within The Corre in early 2011. Although its members denied they had any leader, clearly Barrett was the driving force behind the group's actions before it disbanded. Then, when a slew of Superstars expressed their grievances about how Triple H was managing Raw last month, it was Barrett who was elected to speak first on the night they all walked out on Raw (WATCH).

However, Barrett has his work cut out for him if he thinks his team can simply overcome those guided by WWE’s Apex Predator, who also has shown he has what it takes to lead.

As head of The Legacy, The Viper guided and brought Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes into prominence in WWE. Now bitter rivals – with recent cutthroat matches – Rhodes and Orton will certai