Thursday, November 3, 2011

WWE.Com Covers John Morrison's Losing Streak

John Morrison hasn’t won a match since August.

In that time, the high-flyer from California has been smashed by Cody Rhodes, squashed by Mark Henry and creamed by Wade Barrett. Tough competition, sure, but six months ago this man was the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship. Now, he’s tasting the bottom of Drew McIntyre’s boot on “WWE Superstars.”

What the hell happened?

“I’m not Superman, homie,” The Prince of Parkour cracked when approached him about his recent ring woes.

Morrison may have shrugged off our questioning with easygoing humor, but it was clear these disappointments have been eating at the talented Superstar. That’s because less than a year ago WWE fans thought JoMo was Superman. His comic book physique and out-of-this-world athleticism had the WWE Universe convinced that he was sent from another planet to change the face of sports-entertainment. But his recent stumbles have stripped him of that otherworldly mystique, leaving him looking oddly human in defeat.

“It’s true I’ve lost some matches over the last couple of months,” Morrison plainly stated. “Maybe more than some. A lot. Most.”

The Shaman of Sexy’s losing streak can be traced back to an incident in early May when a brutal attack from R-Truth put him in the hospital with a neck injury. He underwent surgery, but The Prince of Parkour was so desperate to get back in the ring that he returned before summer was even over. The competitor wasn't ready and it showed as R-Truth beat him in two consecutive bouts. Morrison eventually defeated his former friend in a Falls Count Anywhere Match on Raw, but the victory wasn’t as sweet as it should have been. (WATCH)

“I finally got some sort of comeuppance,” Morrison said. “Unfortunately, it was like a month too late.”

JoMo’s frustration with his comeback revealed what’s really been troubling him. Although his neck injury was serious, it didn’t stop him from performing dazzling maneuvers like Starship Pain and the Flying Chuck. What it did do was make the superhero question his invincibility for the first time.

“I came back a little bit too early,” he admitted. “Physically, I’m here. Spiritually, I’m out of my mind. I’ve got all these things going on in the periphery.”

This disconnect has been all too apparent in The Prince of Parkour’s worst moments, specifically a September bout against WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, which saw Morrison get dismantled by The Mexican Aristocrat in less than a minute. It was a clear sign that JoMo isn't quite ready to hang with the big dogs and needs to do something drastic if he wants to fight his way back into that spot.

“What I need to do is cut everything off and go back to square one,” Morrison asserted.

For JoMo, this doesn't mean training harder or hitting the gym more often — he’s already in tremendous physical condition. It’s about recapturing the confidence that he's detached from over the past few months.

“What was it that made me want to get into this business as a little John Morrison?" the Superstar asked himself. "I’ve lost touch with that. And for me to be a success I need to get it back.”

Maybe then John Morrison will be ready to take flight again.
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Video: Maryse Comments On WWE Releae

Note from Chris Kelly:

Sorry about the poor audio levels on the clip
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CHIKARA's JoshiMania: Training Seminar with Meiko Satomura on Dec 2

Meiko Satomura, the president of Sendai Girls Pro-Wrestling, is coming to the USA for the very first time as part of CHIKARA's massive JoshiMania event in December. And on Friday, December 2nd, we are proud to offer the chance to train with her in our ring in Philadelphia! Not only will selected wrestlers spend 90 minutes in the ring with Satomura, but they will also be observed by the acting presidents of these joshi organizations:

OZ Academy/Mayuki Ozaki
Pro Wrestling WAVE/Gami
JWP/Command Bolshoi
Sendai Girls/Meiko Satomura (obviously)

This is a tremendous opportunity, not just to learn first-hand from the most respected female trainer active in Japan today, but to also impress the heads of several joshi organizations as well! The cost for this training seminar is $120.00 for selected candidates. To be considered for this, please email your information/wrestling resume to us at:

Spaces are limited. CHIKARA and Sendai Girls will select the applicants for this training experience.

Come see our next 2 live events:

"Cibernetico: The Animated Series"
Saturday evening - 11.12.2011
Live @ The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Road
in Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

"High Noon"
Sunday afternoon - 11.13.2011
Live @ The former ECW Arena
7 W. Ritner Street
in Philadelphia, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm, Doors open @ 3:00 pm!

Our homebase: - Updated daily!
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Mick Foley Comments On WWE Return

Mick Foley, who appeared last night at WWE's house show in Dublin, tweeted the following:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the incredibly positive reaction to my appearance in Dublin for @WWE. I received THOUSANDS of tweets (really, 1,000's), and ALL, but one were positive. Even that one wasn't bad. I used to have some real doubts about this whole tweeting thing, and was ready to pull the plug on it a year ago, but this address has turned into a very positive place to go to connect with, and get feedback from the people who make my livelihood possible. Very little hating here @realmickfoley but an abundance of valuable thoughts, hopes, and messages. I wish I could get back to everyone..but I do read everything, and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to follow me. Mick
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Synopsis & Front Cover for WWE's Best of King of the Ring

Credit:WWEDVD News

For more than 20 years, the King of the Ring has been a favorite tradition of the WWE Universe, a tournament to crown wrestling royalty. Past kings have included Randy Savage, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Edge, and Brock Lesnar.

But the King of the Ring’s popularity goes beyond the storied tournament, as for 10 years, King of the Ring was a wildly popular PPV event that produced a number of unforgettable moments including the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Mankind, Stone Cold’s memorable battle with Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon for control of the WWE, Austin’s debut of his revolutionary “Austin 3:16” catchphrase, the first-ever match between Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle, as well as matches for the WWE Championship.

Now all those moments are collected in The Best of the King of the Ring, a 3-DVD set packed with more than 8 hours of amazing matches, interviews, moments, and more.

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Goldust Says He Wont Miss Recently Released Diva

When asked on Twitter if he will miss the recently released Maryse, Goldust, who has been training the female talent, responded by saying "No" then tweeted : Quit asking me about maryse or get blocked
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WWE Reports 2011 Third Quarter Results‏

WWE today announced financial results for its third quarter. Full report:

Go to for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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WWE Returning To Belfast On Friday The 13th‏

WWE returns to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Friday, April 13th, 2012 at 7:30 PM. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide
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WWE To Tour Spain In June 2012‏

WWE will be touring Spain in June of 2012. Here are the dates & locations:

June 6th - Vistalegre Palace in Madrid
June 7th - San Pablo Pavilion in Seville
June 8th - Fuente De San Luis Pavilion in Valencia
June 9th - St. Jordi Palace in Barcelona

Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide
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Mick Foley Comments On WWE Return

Following his WWE return in Dublin, Ireland, Mick Foley tweeted the following:

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Thanks to all in Dublin for a great time tonight. I might be stopping by a few @WWE shows on my days off - Nov 5,7,8 on my UK comedy tour
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Hulk Hogan Being Left Off TV By TNA

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA will be keeping Hulk Hogan off TV for a few weeks as to not overshadow wrestlers TNA is trying to promote
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Backstage News On Maryse's WWE Release

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Former WWE diva Maryse was released from the company on October 28th, a move that was a surprise to many backstage.

As to whether the decision was hers or WWE, a WWE source indicates that it was mutual. Maryse was already looking beyond WWE at getting back into modeling and possibly even posing for Playboy, but it was WWE that made the call to release her. Because the company did not see any issues with her going to TNA (like Gail Kim), they did not have as much of an issue letting her go.

Prior to her getting injured (and undergoing surgery to correct an abdominal hernia), there were plans to start an angle where Hornswoggle had the hots for her.

She was medically cleared to return several weeks ago and she was telling people that she was about to be brought back to television.
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Notes On Shop

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Many of WWE's key business metrics were down in September from the year before, including attendance (down 9%) and DVD sales (down 44%).

The following are the most-shipped WWE DVDs of the year:

WrestleMania (229,000 units, down down 9.5% from 2010)
Best of WCW Nitro (135,000 units)
True Story of WrestleMania (118,000 units)
The DX DVD (109,000 units)
Best of Raw 2010 (96,000 units) had only 10.4 million unique visitors in September, which is down 10% from the year before and the lowest month in several years.

WWE Shop did 667 orders per day, down 13% from the year before. The WWE shop had a big spike in August due to CM Punk's popularity at the time and was shipping almost 1,100 orders per day that month.
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