Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Tonight on the Rewind the Raw embargo continues. Tonight we focus on Bound for Glory and the fallout. Was TNA right in not putting the World title on Bobby Roode? How do you feel about the Velvet Sky Knockout title win? We'll be using a different call in line tonight so be sure to tune in. The Power offers his analysis about TNA's biggest PPV of the year tonight on the Pro Wrestling Rewind, 9pm est, exclusively on the SNS Radio Network.
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Rumor on Recent WWE Suspensions, Talk Regarding WWE Talents Smoking Pot

As noted before, Heath Slater has been suspended for 30 days after violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

We don't know yet if this was the reason he was suspended, but talk among some of the wrestlers is that several people have failed the test for synthetic marijuana, or "spice", over the past few months.

The belief is that people are failing tests for the fake marijuana so it's causing some of the talents to go back to smoking real marijuana. Testing positive for real marijuana just gets you a $2,500 fine with no suspension.
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Is The Rock Going For The WWE Championship ?

The Rock is featured on the cover of the December 2011 of WWE Magazine and is depicted angry and ready to fight. The magazines teases the mega-superstar possibly having his sights set on championship gold. The headline reads: "THE ROCK! IS THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP GUNNIN' FOR THE GOLD?"
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Backstage News On Bobby Roode's Reaction To Not Winning At BFG

After months of buildup to Bobby Roode's TNA World title match at Bound For Glory, plans were changed the day of the event and the decision was made for Kurt Angle to retain.

According to, Bobby Roode understandably disappointed that his planned TNA World title win was scrapped at the last minute. That said, Roode was very professional about the entire situation and did not challenge the decision when it was presented to him.

James Storm was at Bound For Glory on Sunday and was scheduled to cut a promo prior to the main event hyping the significance of Roode's title shot. That promo had to be left off the show due to TNA running short of time during the PPV.
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*Spoilers* Hogan & Bischoff Comment On The Big TNA Spoilers

As you may have already read here on the site, James Storm captured the TNA World Title at Tuesday's Impact taping, defeating Kurt Angle in the main event of the show.

TNA star Hulk Hogan has commented on the news of Storm's win - and the fallout from Bobby Roode getting the rug pulled out from under him at Bound For Glory. After reports surfaced on Monday that Hulk Hogan convinced TNA management not to put the title on Roode because he's "not ready yet" - Hogan maintains that everything is falling into place:

"Goodmorning HULKAMANIACS,can't wait for all the Rood fans that turned to haters to see the big picture,thank God we still have real marks HH"

TNA executive Eric Bischoff also commented on the decision to put the TNA World title on James Storm instead of Bobby Roode. Bischoff tweeted:

"Having a blast watching Internet marks react. Candy from a baby!"
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Reports on WWE 12' Road To WrestleMainia

- IGN has reported new details on The Road to WrestleMania mode in the new WWE '12 video game. Here are some highlights:

* Players will play as three different characters throughout the storyline. Two of the storylines are pre-determined.

* Previous games featured about 3 months of time but the new Road to WrestleMania mode covers about 18 months of time - covering two WrestleMania events.

* The new Road to WrestleMania mode isn't actually focused on the big event. It's focused on "building characters, feuds and storylines."

* The mode is split into three different acts, with each act focusing on a different Superstar. Sheamus plays a heel and Triple H plays the babyface. The third act lets you select or create a custom Superstar who will play the "outsider" role.

* THQ hired TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries, before TNA signed him, to do voice-over work for your character in the storyline, who goes by the name Jacob Cass.

* The mode is a lot more detailed than before. For example, Sheamus forms a stable with Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett and William Regal called The United Kingdom, complete with their own entrance video and theme. The re-formation of WCW is also brought up.
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*Possible Spoilers For John Cena After Vengence*

Sources report that WWE's Vengeance pay-per-view will be the event where John Cena finally breaks away from the WWE Title picture. Cena will be facing Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match for Del Rio's WWE Title.

This would indicate that Del Rio is retaining the title. After Vengeance, Cena will begin the build for Survivor Series and further his feud with The Rock. Del Rio is scheduled to go into a feud with CM Punk.
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WCW WWE12' News

THQ's Corey Ledesma wrote the following on Twitter regarding WCW arenas and content in the new WWE '12 video game:

"WCW Nitro and Clash of Champions arenas are real. Not made in Create-An-Arena. WCW portion of the story rocks as well."
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Spoiler: TNA Wrestler Comments on the Major Change at Last Night's Impact Tapings

As noted before, James Storm won the TNA World Heavyweight Title at last night's Impact Wrestling tapings, airing this Thursday on Spike. Storm defeated Kurt Angle.

He wrote the following on Twitter last night:

"One hell of a belt buckle I won tonight. Thanks to all the fans,family and friends. This is for my dad in heaven I used to watch wrestling with 20 years ago. Love you all. @IMPACTWRESTLING champion of the world. I've busted my ass for the last 15 years entertaining you fans. My time has come. Thank you god."
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