Monday, October 17, 2011

Live results for WWE Raw 10/17/2011

Whatsup guys, its the Sensational Sequel Sean here, and tonight, its time for Raw from Mexico, I wonder how tonight will go, and of course join us over at SNS Radio Network for live chat during Raw.

We see John Laurinitus in the ring, who announces that Rey Mysterio would be back tonight, in rehab after his doctor asked for him to go back. He then says that the Mexican crowd doesn't have a sense of humor. He says he made a mistake last week after firing Jim Ross, he says that as the GM he listened to the crowd, that tonight Jim Ross is back, and out he comes to his famous music and goes over to the announce table, but Laurinitus stops him and said that he is going to give JR a public apology. JR gets in the ring, and Laurinitus gives him a hug, and says that he should not have fired him last week, and he apologizes tonight for that. Laurinitus says that he didn't ask JR back to be at the announce booth, and they go to a video of Micheal Cole in the ring from last week singing, "NANANA, Hey, Hey, Hey Goodbye." Laurinitus says that he doesn't know what the deal between Jim Ross and Micheal Cole, but tonight they will help them out, by teaming Micheal Cole and Alberto Del Rio up, and John Cena teaming up with Jim Ross for the main event tonight.

1st match 6 man tag
Randy Orton, Sheamus, and John Morrison vs Christian, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry
Winner(s): Christian, Cody Rhodes, and Mark Henrry

During the match Cody Rhodes attacked Randy Orton and ran with Orton giving chase. Then Christian attacked Sheamus and jumped over the barricade as Sheamus caught up to him and they fought out of the arena, leaving Mark Henry and John Morrison in the ring.

Backstage we see John Laurinitus on the phone, as the Bella Twins walk up and start hugging on his arm, and kiss him on the cheek and both walk out. Laurinitus pulls his phone back out and makes the call again, and Ricardo Rodriguez walks in and tells Laurinitus that Alberto Del Rio is here, and Laurinitus pushes him off as ADR walks in, and starts talking to him in spanish, but Laurinitus looks at him and says that the winner for tonight will get to choose the stipulation to Cena vs ADR at Vengeance.

2nd match
Natalya vs Eve
Winner: Eve

3rd match
CM Punk vs Miz
Winner: CM Punk

Before this match started, Miz and Truth cut promos on CM Punk saying he talked too much, and that they don't like people who talk too much. The entire time they are saying this, Punk is smiling, and we find out why, HHH's music hits and out he comes.

During the match, Truth smashes a bottle of water in Punks face on the outside, and as HHH is going after Truth, they start running up the the ramp and John Laurinitus walks out saying to stop the match, and he tells HHH they have a immigration problem, and shows HHH some paperwork, and HHH starts to leave, as he looks at Truth who is pointing towards the exit, HHH decks him and walks out.

The match continued after HHH was escorted out, and CM Punk got the win, but after the match Miz and Truth attacked Punk and kept the beat down until the officials came out, and Miz and truth put their hands in the air, until the officials weren't paying attention to Truth who runs back in and hits the Lie detector on Punk. While the officials were dealing with Truth, Miz runs up and hits the skull crushing finale and then slides out of the ring to walk up the rampway with truth.

4th match
Jack Swagger vs Zach Ryder
Winner: Zach Ryder (match may have lasted a minute or maybe 2?)

After the match, Swagger and Ziggler surround Ryder and go after him when Mason Ryans music hits, and out he comes to make the save for Ryder. Ziggler and Swagger then start to leave but Ryan grabs a mic and informs Ziggler they have a match next, so he needs to come on back.

5th match