Saturday, October 15, 2011

Unplugged Archive 10-14-11

UnPlugged with JJ $exay returned to the SNS Radio Network on 10-14-11 to review the latest episode of WWE Smackdown featuring a 41 man battle royal. JJ gave his thoughts on the show and his current dislike of the deuling Sin Cara’s.With Chris Kelly stateside for TNA’s Bound for Glory JJ randown the News of the Week sponsored by including recent events on RAW involving Jim Ross’s on-air firing and Hulk Hogans latest Idiotic comments that sent JJ into a very heated Rant.After the break JJ was joined by “The Sensational Seqeul” Sean to talk gaming news and notes and even a little movie news before Charles Shane joined the show and the boys talked Gears of War 3. JJ opened the phone lines and took a few calls and an email before wrapping the show with an 80′s classic…well at least for JJ on this latest episode of UnPlugged.
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Order of elimination for the Smackdown 41 man battle royal

Theodore Long kicked off Friday's SmackDown by announcing that the first match of the night would feature 41 Superstars in the largest Battle Royal in WWE history. Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis then revealed the winner would earn a title match against the champion of his choosing.

Randy Orton won the 41-Man No. 1 Contender's Battle Royal, last eliminating The Miz. Battle Royal Elimination Order: 1. Cody Rhodes, 2. Johnny Curtis, 3. JTG, 4. Michael McGillicutty, 5. Derrick Bateman, 6. Yoshi Tatsu, 7. Titus O’Neil, 8. Matt Striker, 9. William Regal, 10. Percy Watson, 11. John Morrison, 12. Dolph Ziggler, 13. Trent Baretta, 14. Jey Uso, 15. Ted DiBiase, 16. Tyson Kidd, 17. Daniel Bryan, 18. Tyler Reks, 19. Curt Hawkins, 20. Drew McIntrye, 21. Justin Gabriel, 22. Mason Ryan, 23. Primo, 24. Santino Marella, 25. Alex Riley, 26. Kofi Kingston, 27. Zack Ryder, 28. David Otunga, 29. Jimmy Uso, 30. Ezekiel Jackson, 31. Heath Slater, 32. Sin Cara (Negro), 33. Christian, 34. R-Truth , 35. CM Punk, 36. Sheamus, 37. Wade Barrett, 38. Jack Swagger, 39. Jinder Mahal, 40. The Miz.
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Former WWE/WCW star added to FCW roster

he official website of Florida Championship Wrestling has added Jake Carter to their roster page. He is Jesse White, son of former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader. He signed a developmental contract with WWE in April following a tryout at the organization's developmental facility in Tampa, Florida.

White, 25, originally committed to the University of Oklahoma and was touted for the National Football League, but retired following a hip injury. He then followed his dad's footsteps to the world of professional wrestling.
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Gail Kim's first post WWE inteview

In her first free interview since parting ways with WWE, Gail Kim told SunSport that she has no plans on returning to the sports entertainment empire.

"I've experienced WWE twice now, and I know that I do not enjoy that place," she says. "The second time I really had optimistic hopes and dreams, but I know I would never go back there."

Kim informed WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis that she was quitting the company ten minutes before the infamous battle royal in which she eliminated herself from the match.

"It was a very controversial thing," she said. "A lot of people said that they lost respect for me because I was unprofessional. But unless anyone walks in your shoes they do not what you feel.

"I can admit that maybe it was a childish thing to do. But I would not take it back. I was disrespected many times by the company, and when you get disrespected that many times there is only so much you can take.

"I'm not one to just lay there and take it – at least not now – and they didn't even notice.

"I was fed up that day."

Now that she is free, many people believe Kim will return TNA Wrestling, where she achieved her greatest success. She feels that it is likely, but she is in no rush.

"Right now I'm on a little hiatus," Kim said, "I told myself I'd take a little break. They didn't let me quit so I was forced to take a break!

"I'm not retiring from wrestling, I can say that. I always said – I said it in my last interview with TNA on a Knockout's DVD – that I always felt like I would return there one day. I'd love to finish up my career there."