Friday, October 14, 2011

Audio: Unplugged following WWE Smackdown 10/14/11

Tune in tonight to starting at 10:30pm EST, 8:30pm MST as UnPlugged with JJ $exay returns tonight on the SNS Radio Network. On tonights broadcast JJ will review the 10-14-11 edition of WWE Smackdown on the Sy Fy Network Chris Kelly is away this weekend attending the TNA Bound For Glory PPV so JJ will be flying solo for the news.In the second hour "The Sensational Sequel" Sea will be joining the show to talk gaming news. As always JJ will be opening the phone lines via the skype line sponsored by just add sundaynightshowdown to your buddy's list or simply call 501 588 7957 or send your emails to and join the "Live" chatroom to be an interactive part of the show.
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Jim Ross's next WWE project announced

Jim Ross is headed to WWE headquarters next week for another Legends Roundtable filming. Ross will be joined by Diamond Dallas Page, Michael Hayes and Roddy Piper for two episodes that will be hosted by Gene Okerlund.
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TNA Launching a New Brand in India

TNA is planning to launch a new international brand by the end of 2011 that is being spearheaded by Jeff Jarrett. The new brand will be a weekly series in India that won't be using the TNA brand name.

The current plan is to tape for a week in December with another week of tapings scheduled for January of 2012.

TNA has hired former WWE writer Dave Lagana to work on the new project. The new project for the Indian market will be separate from TNA, creatively and as far as the roster goes. Former TNA writer Dutch Mantel will be joining Jarrett and Lagana on the creative team.

Regarding the roster, former referee Rudy Charles has been involved in developing the roster. No word yet on what talents have been signed but word is that they've put together a roster of former WWE, TNA and ECW stars, as well as independent wrestlers.

We noted a few weeks back that BG James, who is now working with WWE, went to India with Sonjay Dutt to scout talents. Dutt will reportedly be a major part of the new brand. James and Dutt saw over 100 Indian talents tryout and of those, ten were chosen and will be brought to the US to work on the new show.

The new project will air in India on The Colors Network, known in the US as Aapka Colors. Colors is carried by some providers in the US including Dish Network.
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Former WWE/ROH creative writer joins TNA

Former WWE writer and Ring of Honor director Dave Lagana announced on his website today that he has signed with TNA. Here is part of his statement:

"I leave Ring of Honor Wrestling to tackle new challenges. I’ve accepted a position as Director of Creative Writing with TNA Wrestling. My duties will be to focus solely on the development of new wrestling shows beyond the Impact Wrestling show. I’m excited to see what the future holds and thank everyone for the support over not only the last nine months of this site but through my entire career."
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Update on Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio posted the following injury update on Twitter today:

"Stitches r out & therapy is going well! Slow healing procedure but want to make sure I come back strong! 1 luv! 619.."
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Next WWE Super Smackdown announced

WWE announced today the the November 29th edition of Smackdown will air live following the success of the previous live show on August 30th
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The Pro Wrestling Rewind 10/12/2011 Archive

The Power has had it with Raw and he makes his feelings known on tonight's Pro Wrestling Rewind. Did the WWE take a perfectly good storyline and flush it? What about Jim Ross? How will his firing effect the hardcore fans? The answers and your calls tonight on the Pro Wrestling Rewind exclusively on the SNS Radio Network.
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FCW star picks up an injury

FCW star Seth Rollins noted on his Formspring account that he tore his anterior deltoid, a muscle in the shoulder, a few weeks back. Rollins worked last night's FCW tapings in Orlando.
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Notes from a Hulk Hogan radio appearence

Hulk Hogan taped an appearance with The Busted Open show yesterday that will air today at 3pm on Sirius Radio. Here are some interesting quotes:

Robert Roode: “Nah, he’s not ready. He’s not the next guy. Ya’ know, they might think he is. Dixie Carter might think he is. The whole world might think he is. He’s not the next guy. If I had to bet money on anybody and really be serious about betting money on anybody, I’d say Jeff Hardy is the next guy if he keeps his act together. Um, that’s what you gotta to have, man. This is much more than being a wrestler, this is crossing barriers, medias, ya’ know media barriers, and, and entertainment barriers of all kind. Getting your character down verbally has 90% to do with getting over. I just have a very strong feeling Kurt Angle’s going to clean his clock performance wise, and carry the match, and basically remains the champion. He’s training for the Olympics. He’s had some up and down moments, and I think this is not gonna be a down moment for Kurt Angle, so I’m betting that farm on him."

Wrestling Sting at Bound for Glory: "The main event is Kurt Angle, thank god! And uh, Bobby Roode stepped up, and he’s definitely become a presence, so I’m betting the farm on Kurt Angle, and uh, I guess I’m kind of like the icing on the cake, Sting and I have a crazy track record with Pay-Per-View buy numbers, and it just made sense to give everybody a little extra, and let everybody know, and, that it’s not a performance orientated match. Of course none of em’ were for me, anyway. But it’s a situation where I think there’s gonna’ be some interest to see what happens out there with Sting and I, and if I can roll my walker down the ramp, I’ll be good to go. I don’t even want to think about it. It’s just going to happen like everything else. I’m not into talking about diving off something or falling off something. I never have really talked about a match. There’s really nothing to talk about. You gotta’ go out there and listen to what the people want. They want a car crash, they’ll get one. I’m not looking for back surgery #9 or anything like that. I mean I’m not out of my mind, and crazy. I don’t think Sting’s ever really had anything broken on his face. My nose and teeth are, have been so beat up, it doesn’t matter, but Sting? I don’t know if he can take one straight in. Even as of last week, it was there. I just stood in the ring with him, and it’s electric. I mean it’s there. You just follow that energy man, and we could end up in the middle of the ring, we could end up at the top of the building, I mean you just don’t know. It could go 5 seconds, it could go 50 minutes, I don’t know. I mean, if it’s there, it’s there, and right now, standing in the ring with him, it’s there. I’ve stood in the ring with a lot of people that it hasn’t been there. But I’m not worried about this one because it’s there. The feeling and the energy’s there from the people. They want to see something crazy happen. Well, I had my last match a long time ago, so we definitely didn’t attempt to build this as a match. It’s kind of like, almost a grey area again. The crazier Sting gets, the more over his character gets, but then the down side should have been me getting booed more, but it’s kind of like the N.W.O. feel all of a sudden. The more aggressive I get, the more people cheer me out of loyalty, out of love, out of compassion, whatever it is. I think the people might’ve farted at me turning good guy, shaking hands, and going you know what? One last fight, and I’m gonna’ fade off into the sunset. I don’t think they would’ve bought that. The timing doesn’t feel right for that."

James Storm: "I’d go with James Storm all day long. Mainstream brotha’! Cowboy hat, beer drinking, middle America, Nascar, Walmart, Country Western. I mean all day long, it’s a no brainer. That’s me. That’s my opinion. So, I mean, Bobby Roode’s a tremendous athlete. I would change. I’d build him from Venice Beach, California or Omaha, Nebraska instead of, I dunno, Canada, eh’? I love him to death. He’s a great kid. When he looked down at me from the ring, and we had an argument one day, and he goes, “What the hell have you ever done?” I said man, this guy’d be a great heel, but yeah he has a lot of potential there for him to, but if you ask me to choose who to run with’, and you gave me those two choices? That’s my opinion."

Jeff Hardy: "If I had to bet money on anybody, and really be serious about betting money on anybody, I’d say Jeff Hardy’s the next guy if he keeps his act together. Well, I think he’s got a lot of shine to him, I mean he just doesn’t have 5-star matches. He shines outside the ring. He walks through the mall, and people know who he is. He’s got a look, he’s got an air about him. He’s got the “IT” factor. That’s what you gotta’ have, man. This is much more than being a wrestler. This is crossing barriers, medias,, media barriers, and, and entertainment barriers of all kind. And I think the kid, Jeff Hardy has the potential to really be the guy."

AJ Styles: "It’s never too late. I mean, I just don’t know. I, when I first came in all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a couple of years ago, I had a ton of suggestions which I was kind of pushing real hard, which I thought would take him to a crazy, crazy level, and nobody responded. So, I don’t know at this point. I have my ideas, but a lot of things that I believe in, and what I feel from the crowd, and what I know. The little I know about this business. Sometimes, it’s either taken and used, or used and it doesn’t work, or it’s not used at all. So, it’s’s my opinion. I don’t know at this point."
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Notes from the recent FCW tapings

Some spoiler notes from last night's Florida Championship Wrestling TV tapings in Orlando, Florida:

* For the November 6th episode, William Regal defeated Dean Ambrose (the former Jon Moxley) in the main event. The match was anticipated by many and Regal had been hyping it up on Twitter all week.

* Mr. Antonio Cesaro (the former Claudio Castagnoli) picked up a win on the November 6th show, defeating one-half of the FCW Tag Team Champions CJ Parker.

* Cesaro attacked Seth Rollins (the former Tyler Black) on the November 13th episode before his FCW 15 Championship rematch against Damien Sandow. After Rollins and Sandow went to a draw, Cesaro re-surfaced and challenged Rollins.

* WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes was on commentary for the November 20th episode. William Regal did not do any announcing this week.

* The November 20th episode featured a big six-man match that saw FCW 15 Champion Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose and Mr. Antonio Cesaro defeat the team of Seth Rollins and WWE Superstars Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis. The finish came when Ambrose made Bateman tap out to the Regal Stretch after a Knee Trembler. Regal had used the Knee Trembler to defeat Ambrose in their singles match on the November 6th tapings.
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Changes at Spike causing tension within TNA

There is said to be some tension within TNA right now after they have lost a big supporter at Spike TV. Brian Diamond has been fired from Spike after working as the Senior VP of Sports and Special Programming. Diamond was said to be a big backer of TNA.

Spike has hired Jon Slusser to the new position of Senior VP of Sports & Multi-Platform Programming. The Sports Business Journal Daily reports that Slusser will be pursuing "non-traditional events that fall into four categories: fighting (MMA), motorsports (like Motocross and Rallycross), lifestyle sports (like rugby, beach volleyball, rodeo and extreme skiing) and event sports (like New Year's Eve specials and stunts)" but does not mention TNA.
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Evan Bourne injured on RAW this Monday

Evan Bourne missed this week's WWE SmackDown tapings because it's believed he suffered a stinger after the stiff powerbomb from Jack Swagger on Monday's RAW Supershow. Bourne resumed working at the RAW live events in Mexico on Wednesday and Thursday so it appears he's doing better.
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