Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brock Lesnar Comments On Being In WWE 12

The following is from IGN

Brock Lesnar is returning to the WWE - in video game form. THQ has confirmed to me that Lesnar, who hasn't been seen in a wrestling ring in over seven years, will be the final character in the game's main roster.

"It's one of those things where… it's part of my history. Without the WWE, I probably wouldn't be where I am today," Lesnar told me via e-mail. "I wouldn't have the high visibility, I wouldn't have had the leverage to come into the UFC. I would have had to do it all on my own. I'm no idiot when I say that when I was with the WWE, the visibility from that company and what they did on a global network for 'Brock Lesnar' as a whole, put me on another level."

Brock Lesnar Joins WWE '12

Lesnar as a character will play very much like you expect, retaining his signature move set, including his signature finishing move, the F5. A brief hands-on with the character indicated that THQ had in fact nailed Lesnar's likeness - he moves and attacks like the monstrous tank you'd expect.

THQ is updating the star to reflect his current look (mostly that means he has more tattoos) versus his appearance seven years ago. Though he's not a gamer himself, being in a video game made perfect business sense to the former WWE champion. After being gone from wrestling television for nearly a decade, many younger fans have likely never even seen Lesnar in a squared circle.

For those keeping meticulous track, Lesnar's Overall Score in WWE '12 is 92. That's equivalent to superstar Eddie Guerrero, and below a few major names including The Rock (96), Randy Orton (95), Edge (94), CM Punk (95), 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (95), Triple H (94) and the Undertaker (97). Lesnar will be unlockable through a "brief run with the game through WWE Universe mode" according to THQ.

Of course, being in WWE '12 begs the obvious question - would Lesnar ever consider returning to WWE programming? "It would have to be under the right circumstances," Lesnar said. "I don't know if Mr. McMahon and I could come to the right circumstances. If it was good for me and good for him I think that we could do something. At the end of the day, my life, my character and my profession - I take them very seriously. At the end of the day, if it doesn't help me or my family out, and it doesn't make sense for me to do, then I don't do it. Everything would have to fall in the right place, but would I consider it? Absolutely."

Lesnar noted there is one former WWE superstar who could easily lure him back to the ring - 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. "[Austin] chicken-sh**ted out on me and walked away and didn't want to participate because he thought that I was getting something too fast too soon and he felt threatened by me." Lesnar also noted there is "a guy that's been on a winning streak for a long time that somebody needs to step up to the plate and finish the winning streak." A suggestion of a match with Cena or the Undertaker, perhaps?
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Video: WWE 12 Advert Featuring Brock Lesnar

The following advert was posted on YoutTube by Paul Heyman confirming UFC star Brock Lesnar for WWE 12

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Report: Jim Ross "Blind sided" By Firing Segment On WWE Raw

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the segment which saw John Laurinaitis fire Jim Ross on Raw was not in the final script and most people backstage had no idea that it was going to happen.

It's also believed Ross didn't know about the angle either. It was noted that JR's wife could be seen at ringside, looking excited as he entered the ring for the segment.

On Twitter, Jim Ross replied to a fan: "“@ManosCK: @JRsBBQ Your wife was front row and they tried to take your dignity.... It was embarrassing for her as we were blindsided. No...

@Tembo4Real ... Hey, Einstein... I obviously wasn't aware I was being canned. I agree, it was embarrassing. So were many things on Raw.

Regarding last night's show, it's said that what ended up airing was almost nowhere near what was originally wrote. Everything on last night's show was re-written more than once.
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WWE Returning To Baton Rouge In January‏

WWE returns to the River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on January 8th, 2012 at 5 PM. Go to http://wherewrestlinghappens.tk or http://prowrestlingevents.webs.com for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Mexican Legend To Appear On Smackdown

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Mexican wrestling legend Mil Mascaras is scheduled to appear on the October 21st episode of WWE's Friday Night SmackDown. That episode will tape this coming Sunday in Mexico City.
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Zack Ryder Comments On WWE Raw

Zack Ryder tweeted the following:

"Pinned the US Champ @HEELZiggler 2 weeks in a row...& now I've been off Raw for 2 weeks in a row. #doesntmakesense

At least @LaRosaMendes was booked tonight... #RyderOrRiot
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Report: John Morrison Set To Leave WWE

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are strong talks within WWE that John Morrison won't be re-signed by the company when his contract expires soon.
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Video: WWE.Com Captures Jim Ross Following WWE Firing

WWE.com has posted a video on WWE.com with Jim Ross leaving the building after being fired from Raw. The video can be viewed at this link

Jim Ross tweeted:

In case you haven't seen it the WWE.com, ambush interview w/ me after embarrassingly getting relieved of my post is a bad joke. Actually sad
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Melina Comments On WWE Raw

Former WWE diva Melina wrote the following on Twitter:

I don't watch the show but this is my take, I would have walked out on the people who tell lies to the WWE Universe who say they fight for them and that they are trying to make a change but they aren't trying at all.

"That "1%" who are only out for themselves and don't care who they step on to get there do not have my respect. I'd walk out on those hypocrites but that has nothing to do with the fans. I would walk out on the people strangling the art of wrestling because The Fans DESERVE to see the talent they love get opportunities! The WWE Universe DESERVES to see The BEST in sports entertainment which is not being provided. I would walk out on those who are keeping the Fans from getting that.

"As I said before, I do not watch so I don't know what the story lines are or what's going on. I'm just pretending what I would do in an imaginary scenario that has lots of truth behind it.

I don't watch because I know that everyone is kept from what they are capable of. There's so much talent being held back," she wrote to a fan. "I used to watch as a fan. Knowing what I know, it hurts to watch my friends not be able to do what they are capable of doing
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Paul Heyman Confirms Brock Lesnar In WWE 12