Monday, October 10, 2011

The Miz And R-Truth Reinstated

John Laurinaitis announced that The Miz and R-Truth have been reinstated to the Raw roster.

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Andre the Giant In WWE 12?

On the roster page for WWE 12 (found at, it reads "Andre the Giant ™ is a trademark of the Andre R. Roussimoff Testamentary Trust." He is yet to be announced
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John Laurinaitis Fires Jim Ross

John Laurinaitis announced on WWE Raw that due to walking out on Raw last night, Jim Ross has been fired.
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Triple H Relived Of Duties- John Laurinaitis New Interim General Manager

Vince McMahon announced that Triple H has been relived of his duties as COO.John Laurinaitis was announced as the interim General Manager.

Speaking of John Laurinaitis, he is now on Twitter @WWERawGM
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Vince McMahon Returns To WWE Raw

Vince McMahon returned to WWE Raw tonight during John Cena and Sheamus for the first time since he was replaced by Triple H as COO.
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TNA Event In Nevada Cancelled

The IMPACT WRESTLING World Tour event scheduled for Saturday, October 29 at the Lawlor Events Center in Reno, Nevada has been canceled. Refunds will be available at point of sale. Go to for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Live results for WWE Raw 10/10/2011

After last weeks walkout of almost every single member of the WWE staff, what will happen tonight? And where were John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, and Sheamus last week during the vote of confidence. Hope these questions will be answered and more tonight on Raw, so stay tuned right here for live results as they come. And of course join us over at SNS Radio Network for live chat during Raw.

We come to a live shot of Raw and no crew, no intro music, no pyro, no nothing as we see a lone cameraman in the back start going up and down the halls and the only person who we see is HHH stepping out of his office as he walks out to the gorilla position and then his music hits and out he comes to the ring, by himself. He says that he showed up and the rest of the fans showed up, that last week HHH saw something he thought he would see, all the crew, all the superstars, walked away, not on HHH, but on the fans, and now all of them that walked out are in the parking lot doing some kind of Solidarity Rally, but they all brought their gear, but won't step into the building unless HHH steps down. He asks the fans what should he do, and they chant stay. We then see the HHH from old, saying he never quits, he never gives up, and he will not be coerced. HHH says that if he has to strip down to his tighty whities and wrestle a broomstick for 2 hours he will, and we then hear John Cena's music and out he comes. Cena says theres a reason why he wasn't out there last week, that if he joined them that they would have that much more strength. Every single person of the 55 walkout have called him and talked to him personally, but HHH didn't call him. Cena then went through his list of bosses, and told HHH he will not leave. He will never leave Raw. Next we hear Sheamus's music and out he comes. First thing Sheamus says is, when he made a name of himself, he hit HHH in the back with a lead pipe, but HHH came back and gave Sheamus a arse kicking, and Sheamus has respect for HHH. Sheamus says that he will not be involved in some backstage shenaningans, and he is there to be a part of Monday Night Raw. Next CM Punk's music hits and out he comes with a mic. Punk says he is the reason of this whole walkout, that Punk made the walkout cool. That the entire walkout is not understanding that he didn't break his contract, he did it to make a statement. Punk says that he thrives on un-safe working conditions, and this is wrestling, not ballet. Punk then says that he deals with everything that he doesn't like personally. And looks at everyone and asks what do they do now? HHH then asks what do they do now, that we do what we do best on Monday night Raw, we shut up and fight. Sheamus is going to face off against John Cena, HHH is your referee, and CM Punk is pulling double duty as Ring bell, and as commentator.

1st match Special Referee HHH
John Cena vs Sheamus

During the match we hear Vince McMahons music and out he comes. He asks Cena, Punk, and Sheamus to leave so he can talk to HHH alone. He thanks all 3 men for standing up for what they believe in. He says that is a admirable quality, and that Vince believes in HHH, and he is enjoying watching Raw at home, but unfortunately there are some who don't like it, and those are outside right now.  But they do have their sympathizers, and some of those sympathizers are the board of directors, and they don't know where this walkout is going, and Vince says there could be no Wrestlemania if this walkout got out of control, and they are concerned that the results will lose them money. So Vince is there to tell HHH that his services are no longer needed. But he then states that HHH will not be running Raw, no McMahon will be running Raw, but until they find a GM for Raw, the interim GM for Raw will be John Laurinintus, who walks out on stage and stands there and smirks as the fans chant, you suck towards him.

We see John Laurinitus backstage welcoming everyone back into the arena as John Morrison stops at him and said this sucks, and Laurinitus sucks. Laurinitus tells Morrison he can go out to the ring in what hes wearing, he has a match and his opponent will be out soon. We then see Christian saying that they should just go ahead and get rid of the Interim title and he can just be GM, Laurinitus asks Christian about going out and facing Morrison as he needs a opponent, and Christian says ok, and tells the stable following him to lets go.

2nd match
Christian vs John Morrison
Winner: Christian

Christian is followed out by Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler.

After the match, Swagger, Rhodes and Ziggler attack Morrison and each hit their finisher on Morrison.

Backstage we see Laurinitus on the phone with his wife, and he cuts it short as HHH walks in, and tells HHH that he didn't want it, but he was appointed just like HHH was, and the WWE is in his blood. HHH asks Laurinitus if he has ever tried to pick up his teeth with a bunch of broken fingers, as HHH walks out.

Henry is in the ring, talking about how dominate of a World Champion he is, he fears no man, he backs down from no man, and he will take anyone on as long as they are the #1 contender, and Big Show was not. They then show a video package of Big Show on Smackdown. After the video Henry says Vengeance will be his, but Ortons voice comes over the speakers and he says No Mark, Vengeance is mine.

3rd match
Mark Henry vs Randy Orton
Winner: Randy Orton by Disqualification

During the match Cody Rhodes came out and attacked Randy Orton to cause the dq, and continued the attack on Orton. After the match Orton went for the RKO on Rhodes but Rhodes pushed him into MArk Henry who hit Orton with 2 Worlds Strongest Slams before getting out of the ring. Rhodes slides in and hits Orton with a CrossRhodes and placing a bag on Ortons head. Rhodes then asks Orton if he wants a receipt his Ortons paper bag, and starts laughing maniacally.

4th match Divas Tag Match
Kelly Kelly/Eve vs Rosa Mendes/Tamina
Winner(s): Kelly Kelly and Eve

After the match John Laurinitus comes walking out, he says that at Vengeance, Alberto Del Rio will face John Cena for the WWE Title. He said that people may not like him because he is ethical and moral, so he will do the moral and ethical thing tonight, and asks JR to come in the ring. Laurinitus then calls JR a ingrate for walking out on HHH last week, and that for all of that, Jim Ross is fired.

5th match 6 Man Tag Match
Mason Ryan/Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger/David Otunga
Winner(s): Mason Ryan and Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne)

6th match
Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk

During the match, John Laurinitus comes out and stops the match, and says that the