Monday, October 3, 2011

Santino Marella Returns To WWE

Santino Marella returned to WWE during Raw tonight. Santino had been out due to injuries suffered during a car crash.
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WWE Announces The Return Of The Big Show

WWE announced during WWE Raw that Big Show would be returning to Smackdown this Friday night.
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Santino Marella Working On TV Show

Over on Twitter, Santino Marella wrote the following:

working on a great new show today it should debut in November, stay tuned for more details
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Audio: Wrestling News Live Following WWE Raw 10/3/11

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Live results for WWE Raw 10/03/2011

Whatsup guys and thanks for coming to for all your wrestling news, this is the SensationalSequel Sean here and after last nights Hell in a Cell PPV there are questions that need answers. Will Truth and Miz be at Raw tonight? Did Johnny Ace bring them back into the arena, and what will happen with HHH attacking both men after they were handcuffed. All these questions will hopefully be answered tonight with Raw. And don't forget to join us in the chat over at SNS Radio Network to talk about Raw with everyone.

1st match
Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match Orton picks McIntyre up and RKO's him once more. As Orton watches McIntyre, Mark Henry's music hits, and out he walks to the front of the ring, but does not enter. And instead of entering he holds the title up, showing that he still has the belt. Orton jumps out of the ring and attacks Mark Henry. Security runs down to seperate both men, but they break free and continue to fight until Orton gets the upper hand and throws Henry over the guard rail and backs up telling security hes done.

2nd match
Mark Henry vs John Morrison

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match Henry picks up Morrison and gives him another Worlds Strongest Slam. Henry gets the mic and tells Morrison he just got in the ring with a real man. He then tells Randy Orton that he is done with him, and was told that someone is coming to Smackdown to look for Mark Henry, that when Big Show returns on Friday at Smackdown, it will be the shortest return, because Big Show will be re-entering the Hall of Pain.

Backstage we see several superstars as John Laurinitus walks in and asks David Otunga if he knows anything about the lawsuit R-Truth and Miz placed against the WWE this morning. Otunga says he doesn't know what Ace is talking about, and Vickie Guerrero tells Johnny Laurinitus that they are going to air their grievances to the public and everyone leaves except for Laurinitus, who pulls his phone out and starts texting someone.

Back from commercial and we see Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Christian, and Alberto Del Rio in the ring to air their grievances. ADR has a mic and talks about winning the title at Hell in a Cell, and then getting jumped by Truth and Miz, and saying its HHH's fault. Saying that only one person can lower the cell, and thats HHH. Christian gets the mic, and says that HHH being the COO is fine, but since that Raw has become a hostile place, and he will not stand for it anymore. Rhodes gets the mic and says its no longer a conspiracy its a fact that HHH has a ego and he isn't doing anything to help anyone. Swagger gets the mic and says that something about his family calling him, but Vickie gets the mic and is automatically drowned out by the crowd, so David Otunga gets the mic and says that in Harvard, they studied about things like this, that they can either be alone, or band together and take action. HHH's music hits and out he comes to the stage, and asks what happened to the WWE, that at one time there were men who stood in the ring and fought, it didn't matter what happened, they picked themselves up, they fought. That they didn't act like kids, He then says tonight he doesn't want to hear them argue with anyone, he doesn't want to hear them whine, or threaten to sue, that he wants them to fight, and then walks away.

3rd match
Kelly Kelly and Eve vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart

Winner(s) ?

Kelly Kelly snaps during the match and begins attacking Beth and screaming at her and Eve pulls Kelly off.

Backstage we see John Laurinitus and HHH where Laurinitus asks HHH to apoligize for knocking him down last night, and that HHH says he should do a vote of confidence with the roster tonight. HHH says to make sure everyone is at ringside tonight, and to make sure he is at ringside also.

4th match
Jinder Mahal vs Santino Marella

Winner: Santino Marella

They show video footage of Miz and Truth from last night's Hell in a Cell ppv.

5th match 12man tag match
CM Punk, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Mason Ryan, Sheamus vs Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, David Otunga, 

Winner(s): CM Punk, John Cena, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Mason Ryan, Sheamus

We come back from video and the entire roster is coming down for the vote of confidence, the divas come out, the referees then come out. Basically everyone in the WWE seems to be coming out.