Monday, September 26, 2011

Mason Ryan Returns To WWE Raw

Former Nexus member Mason Ryan returned to WWE Raw on Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger's team to take on Zack Ryder and AirBoom.
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Cody Rhodes Retains WWE Intercontinental Title

Cody Rhodes defeated 9 other men to defend his WWE Intercontinental Title on WWE Raw Supershow. The results on WWE Raw Supershow 9/26/11 can be viewed at this link
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The Sun Interviews Stone Cold Steve Austin: I’d Pick CM Punk For My Final Match

Credit:The Sun

STEVE AUSTIN'S dream final wrestling match would be against current WWE star CM Punk.
Stone Cold retired due to injury in 2003 after battling The Rock at WrestleMania XIX but has since built a successful career as a movie star.

His latest release, Born To Fight, is out on DVD next week and the grappling legend reckons his current Twitter banter with Punk could turn into a full-blown scrap at WWE's showpiece pay-per-view event.

Austin, who was the face of the WWE's revamped Tough Enough series, told SunSport: "I think Punk is a great guy.

"I'd say he looks up to me for what I did in the ring back in the day — and I look up to him for what he is doing now. I'd say it's a case of mutual respect.

"I hear the stories and if the stars aligned and all things worked out to benefit us all — the WWE, myself and Punk — I'd say that he is the guy I'd pick to face.

"I'm sure I could get another match out of this carcass of mine."

Austin, 46, had a taste of what it would be like to step back in the ring at WrestleMania when he officiated the Michael Cole-Jerry Lawler match at this year's event — which also featured his close friend and mentor Jim Ross.

He added: "Mania was a lot of fun. If you can't be one of the guys in the ring competing, why not be the guy who is pulling the strings in there instead?

"I enjoyed the experience and it's always fun to be in a WWE ring. I really get the fans and they still appreciate what I've done and continue to do.

"WWE has changed, it was a lot edgier in my day, but things do move on and that was my time I guess.

"It's fun being closer to wrestling again. I loved Tough Enough and hear there may be a second series.

"If a few other things get ironed out in the company first, I'd say it's a good 95 per cent guaranteed. My Involvement was a lot more hands on than I expected and I enjoyed that.

"Wrestling is part of my system. I don't miss the bumps, the travel grind or the pain, but I do enjoy it w