Thursday, September 22, 2011

Minneapolis Gets Raw In February‏

The WWE Raw Supershow on Monday, February 20th, 2012 will be held at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide
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Audio: Running The Ropes 9/22/11 Archived

Running The Ropes returned to the unchained radio network as the boys broke down WWE Night Of Champions, WWE Raw, news of the week and more.
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Report:Ric Flair To Undergo Surgery

Credit: Mike Mooneyham of The Charleston Post & Courier

Sixteen-time world heavyweight pro wrestling champion Ric Flair learned Wednesday that he will have to undergo surgery next week for a torn left triceps.

Flair, 62, suffered the injury during a match with Sting last week on TNA’s weekly Impact show. Initially Flair was told that the injury was limited to a broken bursa sac in his left elbow.

“I thought it was getting better but the swelling just wouldn’t go away,” Flair said Wednesday night.

Flair, who was at Boston’s Fenway Park on Tuesday to throw out the first pitch and present Red Sox players Dustin Pedroia and Josh Reddick with replica TNA title belts, said the pain had increased in recent days. “When I threw Tuesday, the arm blew up to about twice the size of the other arm. It’s all black and blue.”

Flair amazingly has suffered few major injuries during his nearly 40 years in the ring.

“I’ve never torn anything in my life except my rotator cuff,” he said. “I just landed on it wrong. And that just comes from not working enough. But it’s no big deal. It could have been a thousand other worse things.”
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Why Kelly Kelly Retained Her Belt At Night Of Champions

Beth Phoenix was originally scheduled to win the WWE Divas Title in her hometown at Night of Champions.The decision was changed because there's a feeling that Kelly Kelly is starting to get over as champion
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TNA TV Taping Draws Well

According to PWInsider, Knoxville Coliseum officials claimed that the tapings were a sell out with 5,000 fans.
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Report: John Cena Given WWE Title Due To Poor Ratinga

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It's said that WWE putting the WWE Title on John Cena at Night of Champions was their response to the 2.71 RAW Supershow rating from the previous week.
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WWE Sign New International TV Deal

WWE has signed a deal with SIC Radical in Portugal to bring SmackDown to the network on Sunday nights at 7:45pm, right after the recap show WWE Experience. The new deal brings SmackDown to 2 million homes in Portugal
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Update On Jerry "The King" Lawler

According to PWInsider, Jerry "The King" Lawler is set to miss Raw this Monday to sell his injures from last weeks Raw. As reported before, Lawler was banged up following his segment on Raw with Mark Henry.
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Update On Vince McMahon Being Unhappy At Raw

As reported earlier, Vince McMahon was said to be irate at Raw this week when Alberto Del Rio mentioned his name on TV.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Word is that Vince felt Del Rio gave away the end result of the Kevin Nash and John Laurinaitis storyline by mentioning him. Some say that Vince was in a bad mood before Del Rio name dropped him. It's said that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H both took more of the brunt from Vince this week than others, as did the agents, mainly Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson.

The writers had to do the usual script changes this week but sources say it was worse this week than most others.

Regarding the Mark Henry and Jerry Lawler angle, they went back and forth all day on whether or not to have Henry put Lawler trough the table. Shortly before RAW started, they made the decision to put him through it. The table was supposed to be gimmicked so it would break easier but because of the late decision, somehow the table wasn't gimmicked and Lawler was put through it the hard way.

Both Henry and Lawler were upset about the angle but Vince himself was said to be furious about it. After RAW ended, Vince called the agents and writers in for a meeting. Sources say Vince went into a "full-on red faced promo" where everyone felt they were being warned.
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DGUSA Star Works WWE Taping


Johnny Gargano of Dragon Gate USA worked the Smackdown taping last night, wrestling Brodus Clay on an episode of WWE Superstars.
Gargano, who is under contract to DGUSA, worked the taping with the blessing of the promotion
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 10/13/11

AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn and Chris Daniels. Second best match of the show. Styles pinned Lynn with the Styles Clash.

*Kurt Angle called out Robert Roode and congratulated him on beating all of his partners. He mocked Roode and asked him how he would do without James Storm there to tag out too. He said if Roode can beat him, Angle will step aside and shake his hands. He tries to shake hands right there but Roode refuses. Roode cuts a good promo about wanting the belt and says he wants to see who the best wrestler in the world is and doesn't want anyone at ringside at the PPV. Angle agreed and headed to the back, telling Roode he had a handicap match tonight.

*Matt Morgan defeated Samoa Joe. Joe attacked Morgan and Crimson made the save. Joe challenged them to a Three-Way at the PPV.

*Mexican America challenged Ink Inc to a match. Christina Von Eerie debuted as Ink. Inc.'s valet and cleaned the house when the women got involved during a brawl.

*Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorenson defeated X-Division champion Austin Aries and Kid Kash.

*Mr. Anderson pinned Scott Steiner.

*Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Jarrett and Gunner in a handicap match.

*They had a contract signing for Sting vs. Hogan. Bischoff distracted Sting, allowing Hogan to nail him with a chair to close the taping.
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 10/6


Beer Money came to the ring to open the show. Storm said it's a good thing Hogan is retiring. Storm set up the main event vs. Roode tonight. Roode said he expected to have a good match tonight. He said Fortune is family, and was upset at Angle making this stipulation. Roode said beating AJ and Kazarian helped him to get ready for Angle. Roode asked Storm to help him get ready. Roode said Beer Money was the best tag team in history, and he needed Storm's best. Storm said he would give him a great match and said Roode will be the next champ. Storm said he is going to "bring it" and he might be better than Roode

Gunner defeated Kazarian when he locked on a cross armbreaker. He wouldn't let go so they reversed the decision and Kaz won by DQ.

Mr. Anderson came to the ring. Said he wanted to apologize to the people that mean the most to him, his assholes. He talked about how others kiss ass and get ahead, but he's never been good at it. Talked about Immortal a little and called Bully Ray a douchebag. Rays music hit. Ray said hurry up because he wanted to go to Neyland Stadium and piss on the big "T". Anderson said Ray always gets the upper hand but they're going to have one more match. Ray said Anderson is getting nothing. Anderson proposed a Bound for Glory falls count anywhere match.

Winter and Madison Rayne (w/Angelina Love) defeated Mickie James and Velvet Sky

Eric Bischoff made his way to the ring. He made fun of the fans and called out Jeff Hardy. Jeff came to the ring in street clothes. Eric talked about working with the greats. He talked about taking advantage of his opportunity and said Hardy dropped the ball. Eric said Hardy officially was done and he let everyone down. Jeff took the mic and said he wanted to say goodbye. He gave Eric the twist of fate and yelled "Screw you" before running through the crowd when Immortal hit the ring. Jarrett carried Eric backstage

Crimson defeated Samoa Joe

Bobby Roode defeated James Storm

Hogan came out to a huge pop. He said when he woke up this morning it would be the last day of his career. He said he is not going to know what to do anymore. Hulk thanked the fans for everything. He held up the old yellow and red belt and started crying at the "Thank you, Hogan" chant. He said it's time to put Hulkamania to rest.

Stings music hit and he is wearing a red suit with a Hulkamania t-shirt. Hogan said Sting is not welcome out at the ring. Sting said no one is buying the retirement. Hogan said he is officially done. Sting says he knows Hogan better than anyone. Sting said he has some footage to prove it. The video footage showed Hogan talking to Bischoff backstage making fun of the Tennessee fans and saying it was a ploy to sell merchandise. Hogan got crazy heat and went crazy on Sting. He said if Sting wants to fight him, he will and Sting accepted. Sting left the ring to end the show
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Photo Of Cody Rhodes Busted Open On Smackdowm

As reported in the Smackdown Spoilers, Cody Rhodes was busted up after his match was Randy Orton. has a picture of the bloodied wrestler at this link
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