Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Matt And Jeff Hardy Heading To Mexico?

The following was posted on the Air Extreme Wrestling website:

PRESS RELEASE Mexico City, September 5, 2011 JEFF AND MATT HARDY, CLOSE TO JOIN THE RANKS OF EAW brothers Jeff and Matt Hardy, both former stars of the WWE are very close to joining the ranks of EAW International, since they have held a series of talks with the owner of the company, Mr. Eduardo Soto Ramirez. Not to overlook the series of personal conflicts that both wrestlers have drawn from his stay in the U.S. company that has driven to be a little away from the stage, have not lost their impact with fans, who are anxiously awaiting the return of Hardy. It was not easy convincing them to join EAW, however, the talks are going well and is getting closer the opportunity to have action on Mexican soil, but especially in the Ring Double Decker. "We are keen to recruit the Hardy brothers, I'm sure will be a great attraction in our programs, as both enjoy enormous popularity among the Mexican fans. Matt talks have been more intense since the break he has lived, liked, because he is reunited with the human being that exists behind the great international figure, to the extent that he has been thinking very seriously about leaving the activity luchística and engage in other fora. "said the lawyer Eduardo Soto, said. "Fortunately, we on our part to a person of great influence on the actions of Matt, Becky is Sky, her partner, who three appearances in EAW was convinced that in Mexico, can achieve many things and she also is helping us to encourage us to open the agenda and dates to be in Mexico. Unfortunately, the automobile accident a few days ago and keeps it in recovery, slow down the talks, but we insist to come in the near to our country. " As for Jeff Hardy, the situation is much clearer as this has apparently concluded its problems and this has allowed him to put his mind back on your career. A few days ago announced his return to the rings within the company TNA, a situation that opens the options for hiring. "Yes, Jeff, is keen to perform in EAW and Mexico, has had excellent feedback on how they are doing things in EAW and that has almost convinced. The talks are well advanced, some details missing that are being discussed and some days we could make the announcement of hiring a great wrestler Jeff Hardy as it is, "said the lawyer Soto Ramirez. "We are very interested in this kind of gladiatorial we want to see the Mexican fans are truly international stars and other fun option in Mexican wrestling, now we want to bring to Hardy, but we are talking with many figures and very soon will hear about it. EAW will continue to do all it promises, as it has done in bringing Paul London, Shelton Benjamin, Zach Gowen, Brian Kendrick, Charlie Haas, Miss Jackie, Becky and Kristin Astara Sky, "he said Soto Ramirez. Sincerely Press and Dissemination EAW
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Results For Next Generation Stampede Wrestling 9/9/11

ext Generation Stampede Wrestling results for Friday, September 9, 2011

TV Taping #1:

1) The Young Bucks: Matt and Nick d. Pete Wilson and Evan Adams
2) T-Bone Jack Sloan with: Scot Lee Crue and Derek Crosse d. Superfly Dan Myers
3) Hi-Risk Andrew Hawkes d. Byron Wilcott, Keishe Matsunaga and Brady Malibu
in a Fatal-4-way
4) Hot Shot Johnny Devine d. Scot Lee Crue with: T-Bone Jack Sloan and Derek Crosse
5) Ted Hart, Bruce Hart and Hal EagleTail d. DerRic Super Starlight, Wild Wyatt Beaver, Big Jess and The Inuit Warrior

TV Taping #2:

1) The Hartbreakers: Bruce Hart Jr. and Tory Hart d. The Diablos: Felicio and Dieldo
2) Hot Shot Johnny Devine, Superfly Dan Myers and Brady Malibu d. The Redneck Renegades: T-Bone Jack Sloan, Scot Lee Crue and Derek Crosse
3) Big Jess and The Inuit Warrior with: DerRic Super Starlight d. Heavy Metal and Barricade
4) Harry Smith, Ted Hart, Pete Wilson and Evan Adams d. The Young Bucks:
Matt and Nick, Hi-Risk Andrew Hawkes and Byron Wilcott

Next double TV taping is Friday, October 28th
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Matt Morgan Comments On Sarita's Facial Paralysis

Following online reports regarding Sarita's facial paralysis, fellow TNA wrestler Matt Morgan tweeted the following:

Fan asks me if Sarita "really had partial facial paralysis", I asked why would he ask this. Answer? He READ IT ONLINE it may be not true! RU serious? Let me clear THAT crap up

Not only was Sarita's face partially TEMPORARILY paralyzed, but fact she STILL didn't miss a beat makes her one if, if not THE, toughest woman wrestler (or guy) that I've ever worked with! That took so much confidence and courage, yet idiots with apparently NO REAL wrestling headlines wanna just print up unfounded fodder? And at a talent who should be commended's expense? Ugh..

Not a rant. More just defending what I first-hand watched w/MY OWN EYES, my co-worker work through. That's all.
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